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1. A cylindrical underwater acoustic wave receiver housed in a single row connected state in a
cylindrical underwater acoustic wave receiver hose-like jacket and towed in water, in an internal
space of a cylindrical piezoelectric transducer A cylindrical underwater acoustic wave receiver
comprising a fixed strength member for connection of the underwater acoustic wave receiver
and a tube into which a bundle of electric wires is inserted.
2. Claim scope
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cylindrical
underwater acoustic wave receiver, and more particularly to a structure that is advantageous
when connecting to a multi-row for towing. In order to listen to underwater acoustics, several
dozen cylindrical underwater acoustic wave receivers may be housed in a flexible plastic hoseshaped jacket and towed. This jacket is used for the protection of electrical wires and underwater
acoustical receivers and for covering oil filled with specific gravity adjustment oil or other
material to maintain the desired tow depth. In this case, if the strength member or the electric
wire which bears the tension at the time of towing is constructed so as to surround the outside of
the underwater acoustic wave receiver, the diameter of the jacket is large, which causes problems
of handling 1 each time. An object of the present invention is to propose a cylindrical underwater
acoustic wave receiver that solves such problems. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present
invention will be described with reference to the drawings. The submersible acoustic wave
receiver l of the present invention comprises an aluminum end 1 and a plate 3 made of a thinwalled cylindrical piezoelectric transducer element and an aluminum tube, and is concentrically
sealingly connected with the end plate q, It has a structure in which a central hole S having the
same diameter as the inner diameter of the pipe 3 is opened. In the tube 3, a rope-like bundle 7
obtained by bundling the receiver 1 and the electric wire for the preamplifier and the strength
member is inserted through one piece of dairy and connected to the multiple receivers 1 in the
form of beads. The water is towed in the direction of the arrow by housing a hose-like jacket
made of a flexible plastic inside. The space defined by the piezoelectric transducer element co,
the tube 3 and the end plate ix и EndPage: 1 is an airtight chamber 9 so that the piezoelectric
transducer element C vibrates faithfully according to the change in sound pressure. According to
the present invention, the piezoelectric conversion element has a cylindrical shape, and the pipe
is fixedly supported in the inner space thereof, and the tow strength member and the electric
wire are penetrated in bundle form in the limb pipe. All effectively serve as a receiving surface,
and the electric wires can be compactly arranged in the center, and there is no need to increase
the inner diameter of the hose-like jacket that entirely houses the piezoelectric transducer for the
electric wires and the like. There is an effect such as becoming convenient.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings The drawings show an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a perspective view with a part cut away, and FIG. 2 is a partial perspective view in a use
state. l иии Cylindrical underwater acoustic wave receiver, co и и и Cylindrical piezoelectric
transducer, 3 и и и tube, 7 и и и bundle body. Attorney Attorneys Attorney Minoru Takigawa-One
other person Figure 1 Figure 2 EndPage: ?
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