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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
bolster, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a bolster according to the present invention, and FIG. 3
is a cross-sectional view of another embodiment. 7 иии-iron core, 9, 9 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и 10 и и и и и и diaphragm. Correction 53.10. ??
[Detailed description of the invention] The original plan is to make a gold ^ swing board 1 * z @
the interaction of paternity-world and direct world-world! It relates to the processing of
generating the kI movement noise. As a conventional bouza of this ridge, one shown in Fig. 5 is
known. The traditional bouza has a core 17 with a coil 17 and a core 2 on a disc-shaped yoke 3
in a small square, and a cylindrical jugite 4 on the outer periphery of the lii] E yoke 3 It was a
recumbent that was made to absorb @ layering temporarily, and further this free end 2-6 stone 4
through the open end $ 4 aKs ring-shaped spacer ink of this permanent 2-6 rock 4 to be
adsorbed The advantage of Buzzer is that since the permanent magnet 4 applies ii [fia air bias t
to the diaphragm 6, a sufficiently large peristaltic sound can be generated by flowing a small
5tftr to the coil-, and the diaphragm 6 is The vibration sound is not generated by another
member KII, but generated by generating vibration sound by relying only on the vibration of ?
? ? 6 itself. It is fLb that temple. However, the required +14 part of this Buza, circular 6-piece
permanent stone 4, yoke 3, etc., must be backed with Lih ? ? ? material with electric power,
and it must be fL, and inevitably at least The shape is getting bigger and there is a long time ago.
This building's Buz tyu, pager and l'r etc. are to be used by incorporating them into the house. ?
? ? ?]] & & ? ? ? ? ? L 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 Therefore, the conventional Pusa can
not sufficiently respond to the request for ktization. In the case of lla: as described above, each
component company must be individually machined and manufactured, and the number of parts
and the number of man-hours are increased, and the cost is also increased. Furthermore, because
it is a structure supported by a permanent magnet, yoke, etc. that has no rigid cushioning, a rigid
permanent magnet that can not be said to be part of the heart of this Buza, or elastic cushioning
property, four shock plates are made of gold by external impact. It was easy to deform and there
was also a possibility that the performance might be lost. The present invention, while
maintaining the above-mentioned advantages t ? ? of the buzzer of this kite, is a remarkably
lightweight and durable, yet easy-to-use buzzer that is easy to produce! The purpose is to
provide. Another object of the present invention is to allow gold jlii ? t III J Ms. The purpose is
to provide a Buzzer of i% trustworthiness. Yet another object of the invention is to provide a
buzzer which can absorb particularly high gie * distortion and the like and generate a whistling
noise of the eyebrows when sounding. The above object of the present invention is to oscillate
the gold JIII & moving plate by the interaction between the alternating siding and the DC
magnetic field to generate the vibration noise ? around the coil core which generates the AC
magnetic field. The ring-shaped rubber magnet t-c is provided to generate the straight Ra field,
and the rubber magnet is supported by a metal supporting plate to support the metal magnet.
Attached figure which is the following example # Jts Fish I will copy the contents of the present
invention #. Fig. IK8 is a cross-sectional view of the bouza according to the present invention. In
1, 7 is a coil 711 spring-loaded iron core. The lower of this iron :) 7 11! In one part, the male
screw 7t + ta, the screw 7b, and the base 80 of the flat plate about the center of axis Kr! ! F and
the iron core 7 are erected on the pace 8 by screwing with the female screw portion 8 provided.
The base a # 'i may be composed of n, which is either a magnetic material or a nonmagnetic
material. The rubber magnet is an 'a #' ring-shaped rubber magnet, which is disposed around the
iron core 7 in the form of a KX1 axis. When the base 8 is made of a magnetic material, the
rubber magnet 9 # 'i base HcLIB is air-sucked, so it is not necessary to separately connect aS. On
the other hand, when the base 8 is made of a non-magnetic material such as plastic, the rubber
magnet 9 can be attached to the base 8 by tc MM for use as a shaking gauze or the like. The
rubber magnet 11 forms magnetic poles N or S at both ends in the direction of the axis JLj, as
shown in the figure. Reference numeral 10 denotes an outgoing gold-wind diaphragm, which is
supported on the above-mentioned rubber magnet-by 111111Kd) air suction. The rubber magnet
9 is iron IL? Since it is made to project upward 4 s ? of ?, the gap G of the projection length of r
& tl of the gold W4 sliding board 10 and the iron core 1 is formed. In this gap G, the iron core 7
can be rotated to the right or left, and the screwing amount can be adjusted by adjusting K. In the
bouza of the present invention configured as described above, when the coil 7aK alternating
current flows, the interaction KLv between the father's external world generated at the iron core
7 at this time and the FkR bias magnetic field generated by the rubber magnet 9; In the up and
down direction c)) K ? work and generate vibration noise. Before the peristalsis at this time, it
depends on only the gold m peristaltic plate 10L: D peristalsis, and the collision sound is not
included. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a good whistling sound with a low degree of
distortion. 16) ? Furthermore, since the bushes according to the present invention are
constituted by the magnet t rubber magnet 9 for the l [R magnetic field, the conventional bush
shown in Fig. 1 is to be north walled to wear or reduce its weight. Can. The production cost can
be reduced because it is possible to make a container JmK by punching at the time of lii'1.
Furthermore, since the metal strip plate 10 is supported by 1 rubber stone IIK, the rubber
magnet 9 is made to act as a shock absorbing material against external force such as an impact
force applied to the metal swing plate 10, The rubber magnet 9 can be made to act as an acoustic
damper material at the same time as it can be effectively shared by external force such as impact,
and it can absorb harmonic distortion and the like contained in the vibration sound and emit a
high quality work sound. .
FIG. 3 shows a cross-sectional view 1 of another embodiment of the busher according to the
present invention. In the figure, the same symbol as that in the figure, and also the Fi-like
Satsurukama number indicates a component 1-or a fist-like component. The feature of the
present embodiment is that the rubber magnet V is (ii) axially [ljlc thrown around the tip of the
iron r07 '. Reference numeral l denotes a 7.0 cylindrical bottomed cylinder supporting the rubber
magnet 9 '. The bottomed cylindrical body 8I has an iron core 7 'screwed on the axial center of
its bottom portion da, while a% lateral step 81b is formed on the inner peripheral portion located
around the tip 1 of the iron core Y The step mB'bK is made to fit the rubber magnet 9 'on which
the gold Is sliding plate 10'l is adsorbed. There is no need for the bottomed cylindrical body 8 'to
function as a yoke. Therefore, it is possible to use a nonmagnetic material such as plastic to make
a unity. In the case of an integral number of dollars, it is possible to thin-quantify in a circular
layer considering only the mechanical strength, and b012 'is a saponified body which has a
peeped acoustic member. The # tightening body 13 'is screwed to the screw portion provided on
the inner periphery of the upper S opening of the cylindrical lower end St bottomed cylindrical
body 8'. It is 1 1 K to press hard. In this case, since the rubber magnet 1 'acts as a packing, while
maintaining the metal member vibration 4110' from one pressing force, the pressure is installed
inside the bottomed cylindrical body 8 'within ISKM, and the sound pressure level of the full-time
sound , Can stabilize the frequency. As described above, the buzzer according to the present
invention is used to generate magnetic pre-suspension by making the magnetic metal ($) and the
imperial board vibrate by interaction between the AC magnetic field and the DC magnetic field. A
ring-shaped rubber magnet for generating one forward line RH1 field is disposed on the
periphery 9 of the coiled core which generates a field Rm field III, and the gold magnet sliding
plate is supported via the rubber magnet If you reduce the amount of current as much as
possible without taking advantage of generating a small current in the coil without a current
alone and without prejudice, it is possible to Operation, while protecting the metal sliding board
from external impact, stabilizing its sound pressure level and frequency, and absorbing
allIW411LN1 etc., a low i1b and 1% M-axis that emits rattling noise It can be provided sexually
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