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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
bushing, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the bushing according to the present invention 1.
7 ...... cylinder, 8 ...... core, 9 ...... coil, 10 ...... diaphragm, 11 ...... open end 12 ииииииии Permanent
magnet 1 stone.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is known as a conventional
buzzer of this type related to a buzzer which generates a pregnancy noise by the interaction of an
electromagnet and a permanent magnet, as shown in FIG. That is, in the conventional sleeve, the
coil l [wound iron core = stands on the yoke 3 and the outer peripheral edge of the yoke 1] 1
permanent magnet 4 I? Make it magnetically adsorbed, and further add K to this cylinder fall
water-stone 4 'end 4'! The magnetic metal strip moving plate 6 is structured to be adsorbed via a
ring-shaped space 5. The advantage of Buzzer O in this kite is the peristaltic plate 6 Ki air bias by
the permanent magnet 4 [Because only small amount of current flow to the coil l can generate
sufficient noise from work. Since there is no O-C where the plate S collides with other members
to generate peristaltic noise and it depends on only the riot of the 6th body of the peristaltic
plate to generate t & pulsative noise, it is simple without distortion. Tang, it is that you can have
four quality chopsticks. However, the cylindrical ice, S-ku magnet 4, yoke 3 and vibration & 6 etc.
which are necessary for this Buzzer must all be made of a heavy magnetic material, and the
weight of the entire Buzzer will inevitably be There is a drawback of getting bigger. In particular,
since the seed of bouza is used by being incorporated in a pager, a watch, etc., it has the destiny
that it has to be improved as much as possible. ! I can not fully respond to a petition. Moreover,
according to the configuration of II [I], each component 1 has to be separately manufactured as a
single component separately, so the number of components and the number of man-hours
increase and the cost rises. There are also disadvantages. The object of the present invention is to
provide an inexpensive buzzer which can be worn and lightened and which can be easily molded
while having a cutting-off advantage t of this type of zipper. Below is an example of an attached
drawing t # content of a draft 'iI' draft [Details will be described. The aiPLt diagram shows a
cross-sectional view of a tub according to the present invention. In the figure, reference numeral
7 denotes a cylinder having a bottom with t, which is formed of a nonmagnetic material which is
easy to form such as plastic. The reference numeral 8 denotes an iron ring wound with a coil 9,
which is erected on the bottom of the cylindrical body 7 by the method of screwing or the like on
the shaft lL7 of the soil. A reference numeral 10 denotes a thin diaphragm mounted on the
opening end s11 of the circle w. The diaphragm 1G may be made of either a magnetic material or
a nonmagnetic material. ?? ij the peristaltic plate 10 (a position t facing the iron core 8 on the
DP1 surface 1Ga)! It is a permanent magnet attached. The relationship between the permanent
magnet 1z and the iron) 8 is that the permanent magnet 12 does not collide with the iron core 8
even if the work plate 10 moves.
The interval of the gap G is adjusted to rotate the iron core alti 7t to the left. The directions of the
magnetic poles N and S of the permanent magnet 18 are made to coincide with the direction a of
the core 8 with the core. Therefore, the leakage flux q from the permanent magnet 1g is
concentrated in the vicinity of the preselected portion 8a of the iron r08. In addition, as the
permanent magnet 12, a ferrite magnet, a rare earth cobalt magnet, or the like is preferable as
W1. The reference numeral 13 denotes a lid which is crowned on the outside 8 of the open end
11 of the cylindrical body 7 so as to form one end between the bustling & 10 and the outer
peripheral edge t1 of the cylindrical body yo. In the present invention Buza of the above II [8
configuration, the AC excitation current to the coil 9 [R, iron lt? Magnetic attraction and repulsive
force are generated between @ and the permanent magnets 12 and 0, whereby the peristaltic
plate 50 oscillates to generate a peristaltic noise. The peristaltic noise at this time depends only
on the peristaltic plate ioo * movement and does not include the collision noise. As a result, it is
possible to obtain a good pregnancy movement noise with low distortion and low ear feel.
Moreover, since the bolster according to the present invention is formed of a non-magnetic
material, for example, a plastic, etc., with a bottomed cylindrical body 7 corresponding to a
conventional yoke or cylindrical magnet, the conventional buzzer includes a weight and is dosed
and pocketed While making it easy to install tW on a bell or the like, integral molding is enabled,
the number of parts and the number of steps are reduced, and there is an effect of cost reduction.
In the case of housing 7tf, cylindrical magnets, yokes, etc., must have a certain thickness t-due to
the construction of the magnetic path [The relationship between the construction, there is a limit
to the miniaturization, but the bottom of the present invention There is no need for the
cylindrical body 7 to have 4N in length for mt * g during such a magnetic circuit, and it can be
made small and thin to the limit circle of mechanical strength, so it has an advantage that As
described in detail above, the bolster according to the present invention has an iron core in
which one coil is wound on the bottom of a bottomed cylinder made of nonmagnetic material,
and an open end KSllI of the bottomed cylinder. Lifting plate attached to permanent magnet
facing opposite to iron core and hollow space [Mounting 1 * image, good coiling noise of ear 9
can be generated with less coil excitation current Not to lose the advantage, make a big reduction
and squeeze a bouza, and to a pager or watch etc. Wear can effect t4 Rukoto was Yu n to
facilitate. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional busher, and FIG. 11 is a cross-sectional
view of a tub according to the present invention. 7 и и Cylinder 10 и и и a1 plate 8 iron core 11 и и и
open end 9-и coil 18 permanent magnet utility model registration founder Tokyo Electric
Chemical Company S, Ltd. Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorneys S Kiyoshi Figure 1 650 Ding]
23f / 52m8a121311 ? 1 и 13 ", S" и 1 this for model registration applicant Tokyo Denki Kagaku
Kogyo Co., Ltd. representative patent attorney Abe Yoshi?? ??????????? Address
change notification 3 I May 1965 Ma 2 Sun t Ju Patent Office General Secretary Yuichi Kumagai
1 thing I life.
Indication 18-pa 0 ░ 'no' b 8 phrase 8 doo-r "Q + 'day bridge number missing entry proposal
registration original ?) day 1 ?-knee,-name of the d rf 1 correction 2 idea? ? Relationship
with people who changed the address 6 Practical model registered applicant Former address
Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Uchikanda 2-chome 14-6 New address Tokyo Chuo-ku Japan at chome 11161st / letter t "positive (306) Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Representative Mr. Hino
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