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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing a tape recorder according
to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are enlarged side sectional views of the main part. 1
is a casing, 2 is a microcassette, 3 is an operation unit, 4 is a microphone, 5 is a sound collector,
7 is a stepladder.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an improvement in
rounding for tape recorders. Conventionally, there are various types of tape recorders #i of this
type, but any of the sound pickup states 1-,. There was a problem with 4j7-// V'2 '. That is,
recently, using a micro cassette tube as in an ultra-small cassette tape recorder, a speech such as
a conference, a performance, etc. In the case of a cloudy sound, the sound source was made to
meet in the direction of the sound field in the far field, and the tape recorder was held by ten to
be turned to take fingering ability. However, in such a method, it is very inconvenient to keep the
tape recorder in hand, and it is also difficult to make a voice and brass sound in a state of VC. The
present invention aims at providing a very suitable means 1 m for quickly removing the above
drawbacks, and in accordance with TIA-in accordance with the present invention, a tape recorder
according to the present invention will be described in detail in Il @ What is indicated by
reference numeral 1 is a casing of a micro cassette tape recorder having a microcassette 2thaving a microcassette 2. The microcassette 2 is freely provided in the casing 1 in a flexible
manner. On one side 0IIilI of the casing 1, there is provided an operation member 3 consisting of
a recording button, 2-stop-tan, and volume control, and on the other side of the stone casingwhich is opposite to the operation member 3, fixed on A microphone 4 is provided. The shaft
portion 6 of the # 'i parabola-like sound collector 5 is provided in the first mounting portion of
the casing 11 and the other 1111 portion of this casing, and since the shaft portion 6 is screwtype, it is detachable. Is configured. Further, a step 7 is provided at the bottom of the casing 9,
and an attaching portion 8 of this step is detachably attached to the second attaching portion of
the casing in a screw-in manner. As shown in FIG. Second mounting body 9. lO is made up],
pedestal mounting body 9. A 1-roll positioning means consisting of a ball 11 and a recess) is
provided between the lOs, and the Chi 7 recorder itself can be positioned in any direction K111
for a tube. Since the Chie Pre Coater according to the present invention has the above-described
configuration and operation and Yt, even the direction of the tape recorder is selected, the sound
reflected by the sound collector is all reflected in the microphone-phone. Because it has a clear
Ka sound and one leg is attached, it can also be used on a desk, etc. KII can be made to ring any
sound without any acquisition.
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