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Description 1, title of the invention
Suppression pickup for video disc
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of
suppression pickups for video discs. Usually, in a video disc player, a disc as a signal record
carrier is rotated at a high speed by 150 Or, p, m or 1800 r, p, rn-j, resulting in viscosity of air,
EndPage: 1 The disc is stably rotated by the air cushion in between, and the signal groove
recorded in a spiral shape is suppressed and scanned by a scanning member such as a diamond
needle in the pick-up, and the pressure fluctuation on the scanning member is detected. It is used
to detect and reproduce the signal recorded on the disc. However, as shown in FIG. 5, this video
disc suppression pickup is cantilevered with respect to the scanning member (1) such as a
diamond needle or the like for scanning the disk surface and the piezoelectric or other support
(4) against the pickup main body (5). One side is mounted swingably, and an annular elastic body
(6) is mounted on the back side of the rocking side of the support (4). However, this structure is
essentially the same as a general audio pick-up in that the scanning member (1) is held by the
cantilevered support (4). Here, in the case of an audio pickup, in the case of an audio pickup, a
cantilever faithfully traces horizontal and vertical fluctuations of a few 貞 micron sound groove
carved in an audio record through a scanning member. It is required that the movement or
vibration of the cantilever caused by this be an electromotive force based on the fluctuation of
the flux 狸 and the degree generated by the movement of the moving coil or moving magnet
supported by the Cantereharni, for example ( It plays back the audio signal recorded in the
record. However, in the case of a video disc, the amplitude of the signal groove incised on the
disc is so small that the height of the peaks and valleys is as small as about 0.5 microns, and the
peak is very light with several tens of milligrams. Because the diamond needle and the cantilever
do not require fluctuation or vibration for signal reproduction in order to be easily deformed
within the range, in other words, of a disc that elastically deforms by pressing and scanning while
it is almost stationary. The change in pressure of the signal mountain is reproduced as an
electrical signal by the pressure sensitive element. From this, it is easy to find the next
conclusion. That is, in the suppression pickup for a video disc, the cantilever-like support (4) does
not move in the back and forth direction of scanning with respect to the video disc, but merely in
the lateral direction caused by surface bevel of the disc in the vertical direction and disc
eccentricity. In order to follow the movement, the dimensional accuracy is required and the
manufacturing process is complicated in the vertical and horizontal directions of scanning
together with the above-mentioned annular elastic body (6), and the cantilever There is a risk of
breakage such as bending, etc.
The present invention will now be described based on an embodiment shown in the drawings. In
FIG. 1, (1) is a scanning member, (2) is a pressure-sensitive element, and the pressure-sensitive
element (2) is a pickup. Provide the required damper (7) to be supported on the body. In this
case, a mountain-shaped damper (7) is formed in the longitudinal direction along the longitudinal
direction of the scanning of the scanning member (1), but the damper (7) may be semi-cylindrical
as shown in FIG. Good. According to the configuration, the movement of the scanning member (1)
in the front and back direction is hardly moved, but the movement in the vertical and horizontal
directions is free. Compared with the vertical and horizontal compliance, it is possible to provide
a fi-property that increases the compliance in the front and rear direction. The compliance
characteristic of this kind of damper (7) is, in addition to the above-mentioned geometrical
element, the same damper (7) by using, for example, synthetic rubber of anisotropic compliance
characteristic and utilizing the characteristic of the material, The compliance characteristics can
be further improved. 0 Furthermore, the compliance characteristics of the same damper (7)
include two synthetic rubbers different in compliance characteristics as shown in FIG. 3 or 4, in
addition to the characteristics of the above-mentioned material. . The components (a) may be
combined in layers in parallel or in the form of a spreading wedge so as to obtain the required
combination characteristics as described above. 6-EndPage: 2 Also, the compliance property of
the damper (7) is to form a metal coating on the surface in the longitudinal direction by
electroless plating etc. or form it hard or mix wires etc. along the longitudinal direction. In this
case, one direction can be formed to be rigid and configured to obtain the required compliance
characteristics. The present invention corresponds to the compliance characteristics of the
conventional cantilever-like support (4) and the annular elastic body (6) in the damper (7) itself
supporting the pressure-sensitive element (2) as described above. By providing the following
characteristics, the support (4) and the elastic body (6) can be eliminated and the structure can
be simplified. 4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an essential part
of a suppression pickup for video disc according to an embodiment of the present invention, and
FIGS. 2 to 4 are perspective views of an essential part of a pressure pickup according to another
embodiment. FIG. 5 is a cutaway side view of the main part of a conventional suppression pickup.
In the same figure, (1) is a scanning member, (2) is a pressure-sensitive element, (3) is a buffer,
(4) is a support, (5) is a main body, (6) is an annular elastic body, patent application People Inc.
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