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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, a part of which is a general perspective view, and FIG. 1 иии Cylindrical
piezoelectric conversion element-2 и и и End plate, 3 и и и pre-scream element
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the structure of an
underwater acoustic wave receiver. When listening to underwater sound, the underwater sound
is converted to an electric signal by the wave receiver l and analyzed and then analyzed because
the pronuclear electric signal is weak and the transmission distance to the analyzer increases.
While many amplifiers need to be used while the underwater acoustic wave receiver and
preamplifier are suspended in water, the entire combination is convenient for operation and not
affected by water pressure. If it is necessary to simplify the structure, or if a large number of
deliverers are connected in a bead to form an array, the deliverers will be required to be
particularly small and lightweight Ia, sixth number? Therefore, the objective of the present
invention is to provide an underwater acoustic reception amount that can satisfy the above
requirements. In the following, an embodiment of the present invention will be described. In a
thin-walled inner cylindrical piezoelectric conversion element portion, an aluminum end plate is
fixed to the end face of the cylinder to make the inside a closed hollow chamber / A pre-amplifier
J (the figure shows the one housed in a cylindrical case) to be combined with the interior. Both
ends of the preamp 3 are fixedly connected to the end plate so that the airtight chamber is
interposed therebetween without connecting the preamp 3 to the inner surface of the
piezoelectric conversion element portion l. The electric wire S passes through the end plate and is
drawn to the outside. The airtight chamber has the function of vibrating the piezoelectric
transducer l faithfully according to the change in sound pressure, and it is not necessary to make
a big deal, so the piezoelectric transducer portion I has a large hollow cylindrical shape and an
internal The empty space can be effectively used to store the pre-amplifier J, and the whole
receiver becomes small and light for sensitivity. The present invention has the above
configuration, and the combination of the piezoelectric transducer element and the front (a)custom amplifier is small, and the amount of spit In addition, the effect of water pressure is small.
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