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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional
example, FIG. 2 is an embodiment of a buzzer using a diaphragm according to the present
invention, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are other embodiments of the diaphragm. It is explanatory drawing
which shows an example. 1 иии Diaphragm, 2 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Electromagnetic
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The magnetostriction relates to a diaphragm for a
buzzer. Conventionally, the vibrator for the Q-Guza is formed in a flat-concave shape with a
hammer, and as shown in FIG. Fixed, this mag non) aI'i wire coil bKm ? ?, wire coil bK
alternating current charging or intermittent current flow to generate a magnetic flux to attract
and repel red snapper a Thus, the diaphragm C is vibrated in the vertical direction so as to be a
sound trap. According to this, i * & c has a magnet a (i-attachment m; -1 = \ ba / k zpf), the
attachment process of the contact layer etc is inward-rendering, since both attachments are
different shells, 17 'I: The magnet will be used to make a special order for custom made
diaphragms. In order to eliminate such a disadvantage, the magnet is attached to a diaphragm or
a hammer that can be used for the attachment, and only the suction of the electromagnetic coil is
performed by the purchase of the diaphragm. The / X light is one of the self recovery of the
diaphragm, or the vibration of the diaphragm is irregular due to the self recovery, and a
satisfactory result is not necessarily obtained. These four articles are regarded as the
conventional situation of Gero, and it is thought that it is a madder, anxious, and the low cutting
for the buzzer which makes the gnaf dept properly by the electromagnetic coil 7 What you are
trying to do-C. For this reason, in this buzzer, the buzzer is used to form a diaphragm with a
water squeeze system in a buzzer with a ? coil and a ? vibration, and at the same time, the
concave portion of the ? ?In the peripheral wall of the above-mentioned, it is affirmed that a
fireflies has been made so that the electrode is contained. At the same time, if this 4th is
illustrated as a concrete 2- according to the illustrated embodiment, in FIG. 2, 1 is a diaphragm
integrally formed of a permanent magnetic material, and concaved in the central portion. If the
peripheral wall of this depression 2 is magnetized in the direction of vibration of the diaphragm,
that is, in the up and down direction, the magnetic flux is covered with wax ?. The vibration
wedge 1 is rigidly attached to a circumferential line or mounting s3 so that the recessed portion
2 is hooked to the wax wax coil 4. Then, when the coil # 4 is passed through the alternating
current #C or the current deficient flow, the sound is made to sound by following the vibration ?
1. FIGS. 3 and 4 show the other top side relits of the four vessels, and the third of the lifts is the
peripheral area of the diaphragm 1 'for the purpose of increasing the oscillation of the vibration
m & 1'. In the case of the fourth failure, the concave part 2 of the diaphragm 1 is deeply formed,
and this depression g 2 or the false coil of the heavy coil 4 is faked There are ten.
According to this article, since the diaphragm is made of a material with water damping
properties and a sister pole is provided in the vibration direction, the magnet conventionally
attached to the diaphragm becomes uneasy, and it is possible to reduce the cost by eliminating
the bonding process It is possible to eliminate the negative effects on the diaphragm 3 due to the
combination of the foreign materials of the vibrating rod and the magnet, and to obtain excellent
effects such as obtaining a buzzer with good sound quality. Furthermore, since suction and
repulsion of the diaphragm are accurately performed by the coil, unlike the conventional selfrestoring method, the grandson power of the diaphragm, the movement of the female to nil, and
the same wave of crushing The chopsticks can be set to the current value of the current V 'and
the power supplied to the turtle wax coil.
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