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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a microphone cover, and FIG. 3
is an exploded perspective view of a microphone group according to an embodiment of the
present invention. 11 ииииии Microphone cover, 14, 15 ииииииии Contact piece, 16 иииииииии Terminal.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone
device comprising a microphone and a microphone cover that covers the front surface of the
microphone device, in which the microphone directional display can be visually realized. In
general, it is convenient for a person who uses the microphone to visually discriminate 7'-1 how
the conversion characteristics affect when the microphone is separated from the microphone in
any direction. Microphone 7 '1' / :, / ', invite,? As a 220 phone, as shown in FIG. 1 or FIG. 2, a
display Li r2 is provided on a part of the microphone cover 1 so that if the element 2 can be
seen, it can be determined to be within the directivity range Is considered. In this microphone,
the position of the speaking can be regulated by the display of the element 2. In addition to
directional display, it is also possible to simultaneously give instructions such as utterance OK
and utterance stop by configuring the womb 2 with a lamp or the like and performing the
blinking control. Due to the provision of the display element 2 on the microphone cover 1 at the
toe opening, current must be supplied to the element 2. In addition, it is desirable that the wire is
not exposed on the outside of the microphone cover 1 and the microphone 1 attached to the
microphone 1 when the current is supplied, and also in terms of handling and use of the
microphone. The present invention takes such points into consideration, and will be described
with reference to an embodiment shown in FIG. 11 is a microphone cover corresponding to 1 in
FIG. 1 and FIG. 2. If a front cover (not shown) corresponding to an element fl 2 is used, the
mounting hole 13 in which the microphone 12 or 3 is mounted is And a contact piece 14.19
which is electrically coupled by the element 7 in a part of. A power supply (+ or-) terminal 16 is
provided on a part of the outer periphery of the microphone 12 and corresponds to one of the
contact pieces 14.15. In this case, if the terminal 16 or 1+ ? ?, the microphone 12 becomes 1?
? ?. Also, the terminals 16 may be independent of + and-, and each may correspond to the
contact piece 14.15. As described above, the contact holes 1-1, 16 of the mounting hole 13 of the
microphone cover 11 and the terminals 16 corresponding to the contact pieces 14. 15 are
provided at parts of the microphone 12 corresponding to the holes 13. E flow can be easily
supplied from the microphone 12 to the display element provided in the microphone case 11. As
a power source for supplying a current to the element, a battery in the microphone 12 may be
used, or a cable connected to the microphone 12 may be externally supplied in a 7 * '-'-'.
As is apparent from the above-described embodiment, according to the present invention, the
user can not only display directivity for the user in use, but also can display both utterance OK
and utterance stop. It is also easy to attach and detach the microphone and the microphone.
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