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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are an exploded perspective view and an
assembled perspective view of an embodiment of a close-up type electroacoustic transducer
according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an electroacoustic transducer according to the
present invention. (A perspective view showing a state in which a holding arm is extended when
using a transducer 1 ...... holding arm support, 3a, 3b ...... supporting wall, 4 ...... protrusions, 5a,
5b ...... holding arms, 6a, 6b и ----- Semmimi portion, 7a, 7b ...... rotating portion, 7a ', 7b' ......
corners, 8 ...... uneven portion, 9a, 9b и иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Grooves.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present document is a fitting-type area air conditioner
document converter device, a large-sized C-shaped rotation unit 1Z14 shaped asperities at the
ends of a pair of holding arms, By supporting the cough turning capital freely in a state in which
the uneven portion is engaged, in the case of the moon, the opening angle position of the favor is
surely V by holding of the uneven portion. @ The purpose is to provide a moth-ear-shaped #L
psychoacoustic transducing device that can be held by fireflies. A conventional bifurcated
earphone having a pair of holding IIIIIs provided at the large end of an earring to convey a soup
bowl to the ear, (1) / Cy "arbitrarily adjusts the opening angle of the holding wind Although the
configuration and the configuration are to be obtained, there is a defect that it is easy to shift
during use and difficult to use because the mechanism is not provided by securely holding the
peripheral arm at a certain open angle position. The present invention eliminates the abovementioned drawbacks, and one embodiment will be described below with reference to the
drawings. FIGS. 1 and 2 show an exploded perspective view of one embodiment of a large
earpiece wharf wf No. and a 7j + view at the time of its assembly. In FIG. 1, ?l? is a synthetic
resin-made, i-arrest support with a built-in ??? conversion unit, and its 11il [II] has a
protruding hole for taking out the weir to the outside. 2 is provided. Reference numerals 3a and
3b denote support walls, which are integrally provided next to each other in the upper 11] group
of the supporting body 1, and a circular convex portion 4 is provided in each of their insides 111.
5a, 5b are towns a! ?? ??? It is a room-like holding storm made of members, and strict ear
cities 6a and 6b are provided at one end of the seven, and the other end 0 is an example of the U
movement portion 7a of the side C of the side. 7b is provided. The upper surfaces of the rotating
portions 7a and 7b are ten-sided, and the peripheral portions 7a 'and 7b' are 2 (2)-) respectively.
Each one is provided. A convex curve s8 formed by continuously forming a triangular convex
portion in the circumferential direction is integrally provided on the inner side of the rotating
portions 7a and 7b, and two or seven convex bodies are also formed at the center of the outer
side. Recesses 9a and 9b of a size to be filled are accommodated in the convex portion 4 of the
second embodiment. Further, in the outside ml of IgIm 7a, 7b, 1,000 arc-shaped wedges 10a,
10b are formed continuously to the convex portions 9a, 9b, and they are formed over the rollingdown side. Rui is not a circle of these monuments 10a and lOb-there is no IXT, and as shown in
FIG. Also, 5b is also a snarl, and Ig punished by Igl punishment. ???? 11b is provided at the
other end of the holding arms 5a and 5b.
46, at the other end the capital city 6a, 6b. The holding arm 5a provided with the pivoting
portions 7a and 7b at the other end and the spear storm 5b have the same shape G and are
formed 4t and 5 respectively, which makes it possible to lose mourning without any number of
parts and is easy to manage 0 In the case of swimming #iI 5a, 5bf X 414 11F, in FIG. 2, C ? 10a
of holding arms 5a, 5b. (3)-Hold the M5ar 5bf-large female so that the direction of the one 10b is
a downward glance, and put the large uneven portion 8 together to threaten one thread. In this
form j salt, 1 g 1111 I ? 7 a. 7b is inserted into the support walls 3a and 3b of the support 1
from above with the wedges 10a and 10b facing east until the recesses 9a and 9b of the
wholesale shipping capital 7a and 7b are engaged with the projections 4 of the support 1. Wait
for the beam, the circular parts 7a 'and 7b' of the rotating capitals 7a and 7b, and turn the
If5mFfJ 7a and 7b to the opposite force direction (large l: 11 thousand times). Use condition). J)
Inconvenient usage In the use state of use and description, the direction of the ridges 10a and
1Ob is extremely aggressive, and the r1 concave parts 9a and 9b are rested on the convex part 4
f and 01 rotary parts 7a and 7b It is impossible to treat the illusionary state to the second cause,
to the infeasible state, or to treat it in the upper direction or the lateral direction. In addition,
since the circumferential portions 7a 'and 7b' are provided for the circularly decorated 7a and
7b, it is easy for the fingers to be in the field and easy to rotate. In case of Kono, 1. When the
rotational force is 711 I 7 L in the direction opposite to each other in the A-constraint to the gl @
parts 7 a and 7 b, the concavo-convex part 8 rotates while repeating holding and separation M to
the concavo-convex part 8 facing (4). In this [gl motion, the support walls 3a and 3b of the
support 1 are synthetic resin-dressed, and the outer cover 1010j, JLj from this, the rotating
portion 7a, 7bi concave ta9a 9b can move smoothly around Igl. -Even though the convex part of
the concavo-convex part 8 is joined to the four parts of the winding f /) the concavo-convex part
s8, the holding arms 5a, 5b must be rotated if the turning power is forced to force 1 Not 1. gll
parts 7a 7b are rested on the support walls 3a, 3b of the support l 4 l. The physician makes each
of the pipes 12a and 12b of the COM commissioner be a part of the body 1 of the doctor's body
(? 2 and ward) temples # [l5a and 5b, respectively]. Here, it is quotient to C1 flight, and vI has
the corner portions 7a 'and 7b' of the pivoting portions 7a and 7b as shown in FIG. ! I make the
phantom holding arms 5a and 5b, and put the earlobe 6a and 6b on the ear canal (1 point) so
that the optimum pressure can be applied to the third floor of the ear-1 .
This alignment, 1. The uneven part 8 is II in glII 7a and 7b. Since the concave and convex
portions hold each other, the pivoting portions 7a and 7b do not work at once, and the holding
arms 5a and 5b can obtain an optimum shadow pressure (5) \ 7 \ The open angle position (this
can be held securely. Further, since the holding tags 5a and 5b are formed of the gJis injection
member, the ringing pressure of the bill can be received. t, yo, in this husband example (и и ? (?
? 5-5! i: Body 1? It may be incorporated into E / # 'and may be incorporated into E /%' interface
parts 5a and 5b. In addition, electric power is not sleepy in 6 of the above-mentioned 9th row of
mouths and 6 o'clock of Buddha's earhono, but they are made into headphones and pass 1 town.
As mentioned above, the ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The l moving part is sb freely supported by the literary capital in
a state in which the l moving part is freely pivoted in a state where the lapping part is provided
with a large number of rotating parts integrally formed while sitting on the seat.? ? ? ? ? ?
? (? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? FM FM FM FM ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?) In addition, there is no possibility that the conventional position will be adjusted
to 4 "or not, and it is easy to counteract this problem. Have.
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