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Description 1, title of the invention
Sound generator for watch
3. Detailed description of the invention Recently, a sounding body for a clock has come to be
used with a simple melody, and has a different taste from the emission of an alarm sound of a
single frequency component using conventional resonance. It is getting worse. In this case, even
in the case of a simple melody, it is necessary to have a band of 1 to 1.5 octaves and a center
primary resonance frequency of 1 to 2 KHz as a characteristic of the sound generator. The size of
the sounding body for a wristwatch is required to be reduced in size and thickness, and it is
desirable that the size of the sounding body is 10 or less, 2.5 or less. If it is attempted to realize a
sounding body of this size with a normal electromagnetic type, the -next resonance frequency
becomes around 4 KH2. If the resonance frequency is to be lowered excessively, the thickness of
the diaphragm must be made extremely thin, in principle the strength of the bias magnet must be
reduced, the electromechanical coupling coefficient is lowered, and the conversion efficiency is
improved. Decrease and power consumption increases. The present invention has been made to
eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and relates to the structure of a miniature
electromagnetic sound generator. The invention will be described in the following on the basis of
the drawings. FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of the main structure of the sounding body of
the present invention, and 1 is a circular thin plate acoustic diaphragm made of a magnetic
material, preferably iron, nickel, or cobalt amorphous. Good material. For example, amorphous
materials of iron and nickel type have a Young's modulus of 1.28 × ICf′kyEndPage: 1 /,,! ,
Density 7.4, saturation magnetic flux density 13.000 [Gaves 3, the effective permeability is about
400-1000. This characteristic is stable up to about A magnetic material 2 is fixed to
the central portion of the acoustic diaphragm and may be pure iron or an amorphous material. 3
is a spacer of a hollow disk of nonmagnetic material. 4 is a central yoke made of a magnetic
material and screwed around the outer periphery of the end, 13 is a cup-like yoke made of a
magnetic material, 6 is a permanent magnet and is a hollow disk or a plurality of fan-shaped
permanent magnets circumferentially reduced The portions of the magnetic poles facing the
central portion have the same polarity, and all the outer peripheral portions have different
magnetic poles. A hollow circular thin plate 7 is used to hold the acoustic diaphragm 1, 8 is a
waterproof O-ring, 11 is an outer peripheral portion, and may be a part of the exterior of the
watch move. 5 is an excitation winding, and 9.10 is its input terminal. The central yoke 4 is
screwed to the central portion of the cup-shaped yoke 13 so as to adjust the gap with the
acoustic diaphragm 1. The excitation winding 5 is fixed to the bottom of the cup-shaped yoke 13
so as not to move in the axial direction with respect to the central yoke. The permanent magnet 6
is fixed to the cup-shaped yoke 13 via the spacer 3.
The acoustic diaphragm 1 is fixed to a cup-like yoke 13 with a diaphragm holding 7.0 ring 8.
When the excitation voltage is not applied to the input terminal 9.10, the magnetic flux 12 by the
permanent magnet 6 is generated as follows. It becomes like magnetic path 12cL and magnetic
path 12h. The magnetic path 12cL is wasted by brazing magnetic flux, and the magnetic path
12b is effective because it is closed via the acoustic diaphragm 1-central yoke 4-cup yoke 13. On
the other hand, the magnetic flux 12 generated by the excitation winding 5. Is completely closed
like a cup-like yoke-acoustic diaphragm 1-center yoke 4-cup-like yoke 13 and so on. When trying
to reduce the resonance frequency, the permanent magnet can not be too strong (the acoustic
diaphragm will be attracted to the central yoke if it is too strong). When the magnetic path of the
magnetic flux created by the wire is closed, the conversion efficiency is improved and the power
consumption is reduced. The primary resonance frequency may be about 20 to 30 μ 'of ironnickel based amorphous material 8φ, and may be about IKEZ. As a result, it is possible to obtain
a band of 1 to 1.5 octaves and a sound pressure of about 70 to 73 [tin] as large as several mW.
According to the present invention, it is possible to realize a sound generator for a watch with
less power consumption in a band of 1 to 1.5 octaves and a bandwidth of 1 to 1.5 octaves and
less than 10φ and 2.5rrLrILt, less number of articles, and mass productivity The cost is low and
the practical effect is remarkable.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of the main structure of
the sound generator for a watch according to the present invention. 1 Amorphous acoustic
diaphragm 3 Nonmagnetic spacer 4 Central yoke 5 Excitation winding 6 Hollow disc permanent
magnet 7 Acoustic vibration Board pick-up, 8 ... QIJ song 9.10 ... input terminal, 12 ... magnetic
flux. Patent Applicant Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Figure 1 EndPage: 2
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