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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ......... ?, 2 ..... Magnet ... 2 .....
Locking part, 3 ..... Coil, 5 ..... Diaphragm, T ииииии Iron core, 8 и и и Casing, 8b иии и и и Resonance
chamber, 10 и и и Coil bobbin, 10at 10b и и и и и и и и и и и и и.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
generation attachment which generates an "alarmful sound" in, for example, an alarm clock. In
this type of sound generator of this type, although the iron core is fixed, if the gap between the
iron core and the moving plate is not kept constant, it is difficult to efficiently drive the imaging
moving plate. The machining end of each part needs to be raised or additional machining is
required to keep the gap constant. Also, conventionally, in the process of joining and assembling
the parts, the force of an adhesive or the like is used, or caulking is performed, and the assembly
and parts configuration has become complicated. The present invention is intended to eliminate
the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art, and an embodiment thereof will hereinafter be
described with reference to the entire drawings. 1. A yoke of magnetic material such as iron, 2
are six annular magnets provided on the upper surface of the yoke, and 3 are annular coils
concentrically disposed inside the magnet. A thin film-like diaphragm 5 is disposed on the top of
the magnet 2 with the entire spacer 4 of the ring-like magnetic material interposed
therebetween. Then, on the upper surface of the diaphragm 5, an attachment 77 [+ mass, which
is thicker than the moving plate 5 and approximately equal in size to the inner diameter of the
magnet 2, is fixed by spot welding or any other method. Diaphragm 5F! It has a predetermined
spring constant, and in this embodiment, it is formed of magnetic-containing stainless steel. The
additional sound bone 6 is a magnetic material (in this embodiment, spa ?? It is used. The mass
of the vibration system is made to be a predetermined value by setting this diaphragm to
appropriate dimensions. In the case where the imaging plate 5 is formed of the magnetic material
of the large embodiment, it is sufficient to use only the imaging plate 5 if the diaphragm is
thickened to reduce the magnetic resistance. By the way, the yoke 1, the magnet 2, the spacer 4
and the moving plate 5 are simply magnetically attracted to each other by the magnetic
attraction force of the magnet 2 and there is a three-n-hour. An iron core 7 is inserted at the
center of the coil 6 and is screwed to the entire yoke 1 of the core 6 to make the gap ? between
the front end surface of this iron core and the lower surface of the diaphragm 5 a free value
Make it easy to hold. In a casing fixed to the upper surface of the yoke yoke 1, a hole 11flS 8a is
opened at the center of the upper surface, and further, at the upper portion of the moving plate
5, the image pickup rod? A resonance chamber 8b is formed to resonate and expand. .. 8c are a
plurality of ribs projectingly formed on the inner wall of the casing 8, and the lower end face
thereof is positioned slightly above the outer peripheral edge of the moving plate 5. The casing 8
has its leg 8d snap-connected to the hole 1C of the yoke 1. The reference numeral 9 designates a
circuit board to which the above-mentioned sound generator is attached, and the bent portions
1b and 1'b at both ends of the yoke 1 are fixed to the circuit board.
The yoke 1 and the circuit board 9 are respectively small holes 1a. 9a is formed in
communication, and the coil 11 is drawn out of the small hole 11M5a and connected to the
circuit board 9 by means of a solder or the like. The small holes 1a and 9a are filled with an
adhesive after the connection of the lead wire 3a and sealed to prevent internal air from being
completely absorbed. ?????????? It is a bobbin made of a synthetic resin wound and
held by utilizing the magnetic attraction force of the magnet 2. That is, the outer diameter of the
lower flange i [la is larger than the outer diameter of the upper flange 7b, which is substantially
equal to the outer diameter of the coil, and is smaller than the outer diameter of the magnet 2.
On the lower surface inner peripheral portion of the magnet 2, a locking portion 2a with which
the outer peripheral portion of the flange 10a engages is formed. The locking portion 2a is
formed of an annular groove whose depth is approximately equal to the thickness of the seven
rungs 10a and whose outer diameter is approximately equal to the outer diameter of the seven
runs 10a. Therefore, the bobbin 10 is folded on the yoke 1 and the magnet 2 is engaged with the
magnet 2 so that the engaging portion 2a of the magnet is engaged with the outer peripheral
portion of the lower 7 runge 10a of the bobbin. The magnetic attraction force between the
magnet 2 and the yoke 1 holds the bobbin 10, and the upward movement of the bobbin is
restricted. Therefore, it is not necessary to fully open the adhesive or the like when the bobbin
10 is attached. By the way, when the drive pulse signal is supplied to the coil 3 by inversion of a
predetermined cycle, a loop-like magnetic path is formed which passes through the iron core 7,
the moving plate 5, the additional material 1 = 5-6, the spacer 4, the magnet 2 and the yoke 1
However, the magnetic flux 1 degree changes due to the reversal of the magnetic property of the
yoke 1, and the change of the magnet density causes the diaphragm 5 and the additional material
6 to move. Then, this vibration noise is resonantly expanded by the resonance chamber 8b to
generate an output sound on a large scale. Alternatively, the spacer 4 may be integrally formed
of the corresponding ridge portion 2. As described above, the large device 1 is designed to attract
and hold the yoke, the magnet, and the moving plate tube by the magnetic attraction force of the
magnets, and to increase the diameter of the lower flange of the bobbin to make the magnet
locking portion The bobbin is formed by holding a coil by engaging it with bobbins so that the
coil is wound on the yoke during assembly. Everything can be held by magnetic attraction only
by looking at magnets, spacers, and moving plates 5f @, and there is no need to completely fix
the coils because of the use of adhesives, assembly is extremely easy, and cost is low. The effect
is enormous, for example. ??
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