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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a hat having a conventional
microphone and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the microphone portion, and FIG. 3 is a front
view of the hat having a microphone of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of
the microphone and the soft buffer portion, and FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing another
embodiment of the microphone and the soft buffer portion used in the present invention. In the
figure, 3 is a vibration pick-up type ear microphone, 4 is a supporting rod, 5 is a hat main body,
and 6 is a soft buffer.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a hat having a
microphone. Here, [the 11th child is a helmet, a steel hammer, a helmet or a semi-circular (7)
machine crowned on the head of a person, such as a 6th item-conventionally, such a hat tcrowned It may be necessary to transmit in a state where it is necessary, as shown in the
example of a so-called white police officer, it is known that the helmet is attached with a round
attachment by a supporting rod so that the artificial O microphone is placed just in front of the
lips. . But like this 1- /? ? The microphones used in paired lips are not only inconvenient in
handling the microphones, as in the case of airfield controllers, pilots, etc. in addition to the
example of the white police officer mentioned above, but also the outside world. There is a limit
in noise removal, and there is a drawback that it is difficult to transmit clear voices under a
severe noise environment. Ten thousand known hats with vibration pickup type ear microphones
developed to eliminate this drawback. That is, as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, gu <, and leads the
output current of the vibration pickup element 1 for closing the bone conduction sound signal
(vibration) of the wearer 1 who is attached to the ear canal and transmits it to the wall of the ear
canal. It is known that a vibration pickup type ear microphone 3 transmitted to the outside as an
audio signal by a line 2 is deposited on a hat main body 5 by a support rod 4 such as a plate
spring. This fi movement pick-up type ear microphone t-The action of the hats on the shoulders,
the effect is the following A! l+である。 The hat main body 5 is inserted into the crown 9 of
the lll 5 and the ear microphone 3 attached to the main body 5 via the supporting rod 4-2 is
inserted into the external ear canal. When the wearer speaks, the vocalization signal (vibration) is
transduced to bone and transmitted to the wall of the ear canal. Then, the element 1 picks up this
bone conduction sound signal, and the lead wire 2 transmits the output current to the outside as
an electric signal. Therefore, external noise (air conduction noise) is removed, and the effect is
that only the wearer's own bone conduction sound signal is detected as clear sound. However,
hats having a vibration pick-up type ear microphone having such a feature also have an arrowlike defect. That is, this type of ear microphone is characterized by picking up vibration, and
mechanical vibration is applied to the hat main body 5 covered by the wearer (for example, when
the wearer is a white police officer or the like, the body is The mechanical vibration will be
transmitted to the main cap body 5 by gold holding, and also the field main body, the wearer of
which is a worker at a coal mining site or a quick construction site, and the main cap body 5
collide with other objects I am shocked.
Also, the ear microphone itself is subjected to the 3-mechanical vibration, and has a drawback of
picking up the noise. Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to provide a cap having a
microphone, which can eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks found in a cap having a
conventional vibration pickup type ear microphone. The present invention, which achieves the
other objects described above, will be described based on the illustrated exemplary embodiments.
FIG. 3 is a front view of a hat having a microphone according to the present invention, and FIG.
10 is a cross-sectional view showing the connection between the microphone and the support
rod. In the present invention, the vibration pickup type ear microphone 3 according to the
present invention is used as the hat main body 5 (in the definition of the hats) When attaching to
the main body of the nine hats by the support rod 4, it is characterized in that the soft buffer 6 is
interposed. According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the proximal end of
the earpiece insert 80 has a sensing 11s7 for sensing the wearer's own bone-conducted speech
signal, which is inserted into the external four ear canal and transmitted to the ear canal wall
according to the invention. Provided integrally with the earpiece base 119 located outside the
external ear canal (the vibration pickup element l is provided in the above-mentioned earpiece
insertion portion 8), the earpiece base 9 is embedded in the soft shock absorber 6, and the soft
shock absorber 6 is supported. It is to be attached to the hat body 5 by means of the support rod
4 via the body 10. As the soft buffer 6 used in the present invention, a soft, flexible synthetic
resin, natural or synthetic rubber, etc., which is soft and which absorbs or buffers the
transmission of mechanical impulses, is used. Further, it is desirable that the soft buffer 6 be
formed to have a diameter larger than the diameter of the earpiece insertion portion 8 so that the
front surface abuts on the ear canal portion. Alternatively, as shown in FIG. 5, it is preferable that
the auto-peripheral portion 11A of the soft buffer 6 abuts on the entrance to the ear canal, while
the front inner portion 11B is configured to be inserted for 6 minutes . In FIG. 5, reference
numeral 12 denotes a sound pipe made of a rubber pipe or the like 5-, and 13 denotes a sound
path provided on the front side of the base 9 and the buffer 6. However, it is not necessary to
provide this sound path in the buffer body 6 when the buffer body 6 is formed of a breathable
material such as an open-cell sponge. Further, in the present invention, it is preferable that the
microphone 3 be configured to be able to position t'fi with respect to the hat main body 5.
For example, it is desirable that the mounting portion gold film formed in the cap body 5 have a
fitting hole 14i% and that the support rod 4 be slidably fitted in the fitting hole 14 in the vertical
direction. Book ', JI! The use of the hat with the microphone ftft according to the proposal and its
action t must be in the next imminent. When the cap body 5 is inserted in the head into the
crown 9 and the micro i-n 3 earpiece insertion s8 is inserted in the external auditory canal, the
last of the soft buffer 6 abuts on the external ear passage body, and the sensing s7 detects the
external ear canal & C As in the case of the hats having the conventional fiIIJ pink end knob type
ear microphone-J phone here, it is possible to externally output the value of the user's eyelid's
eyelid conduction voice value as an electric signal. In the case of the present invention * O hat 1
Ii 1, the one-way communication of the big b-up of the voice signal or the transmission is
particularly considered. For hats for police officers, security guards, etc., two-way communication
of transmission and reception must be considered, in which case ordinary sight-type speakers
(including earphones), ear canal closures, sneakers, bones, bones, etc. Conductor-type sneakers
etc. 使 い properly used, it is good to use together. Further, as to the transmission system,
whether or not to carry out a power supply, an amplifier, a transmitter, an antenna, etc. to the hat
body is selected depending on the use purpose of the hats. The hats having the microphone
according to the present invention have the above-described configuration and action t, so that
not only can clear voice detection be possible even in a noisy environment, but the hat body has
a mechanical bag * ' Even if it is received, its vibration is absorbed or buffered by the soft buffer,
so that it is possible to prevent the ear microphone from picking up the noise altogether. Even in
the case of a radically received person, the effect is clear detection of voice or not, and since K
uses soft IiL property iIk 僑 坏, the wearing feeling of the ear microphone is good and it takes a
long time It is possible to demonstrate the effect of not feeling discomfort even when worn
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