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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a rear oblique view of a car suitable for
applying the mounting device for a car-mounted speaker according to the present invention, and
FIG. 2 is the same oblique view. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ииииии Bracket, 11
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Speaker ----- hook, 16 ...... speaker cabin, 17 ...... hook
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a jaw mounted
device for an on-vehicle speaker. More specifically, a mounting device Kll for a speaker mounted
on a speaker suitable for use in an open-back type C-type hatchback type) or an automatic
umbrella which is in communication with a trunk room and a cabin without a +1 jar parcel tray.
Among the audio devices of the automatic umbrella, the speaker unit is provided in the portion
from the rear of the rear seat to the rear window or the rear bar tray C rear + book -1- и-?l? , 2
tPa window decking, attached to the left and right channel speakers in the lower part of the tray
to form a sound field, bo from the convenience of using the car recently. There is an open-back
type that can be opened in a flip-up type (also known as a hatchback type) or a type in which the
trunk room and the cabin part are in communication 11 and is now available. The convenience in
loading has improved, but problems with the formation of sound fields have come to an issue,
that is, there is no tray for installing a speaker unit in a hunchback type car, and it is difficult to
distract the installation position. It is a reality. Therefore, this device is a self-contained e-x> in
the form of a hatchback type, or a type of communication state between a trunk and a cabin, so
that the speaker unit which is an audio device can be easily installed. A bracket can be fixed to
one vehicle body or a fixed interior material, and the speaker unit can be engaged regardless of
its size k with an elastic fastener such as an elastic band whose one end is fixed to the bracket
The thing that makes K11f5i be organic. In the following, the details of this invention will be
described with reference to the attached drawings. In Fig. 60 Kb, reference numeral l indicates a
back-to-back type passenger car, the rear door is in the form of a flip up so that it can be opened
upward. The interior of the cabin '3 that has a door U is a space having a function of a trunk
room, so that luggage can be loaded on the deck w. Among the opening edges of the cabin 3, in
particular, the rear opening edge 3a is fixed to the pair of brackets to6 along the width direction
of the automatic rod with screws tno, and this bracket IO is a rear opening edge It is constituted
by a warm-up edge / piece similar to 3a, and a speaker receiving piece / JK extending from 1iil
14 of this attachment edge 12 along the rear wall 3bK of the cabin 3 of the automatic umbrella.
In each of the speaker receiving pieces Dk, one end of a two-piece crimp band / 4L is fixed at the
upper and lower sides, and the hook 15 is fixed to the other end to constitute an elastic fastener.
': +-3-1-1 In addition, on both sides of the speaker cabin l', hook receivers 17 are quantified
corresponding to the vertical distance of the spinning telescopic band / I.
Next, an operation for leaving the speaker from the throat attachment RIC of the on-vehicle
speaker according to the present invention will be described. First, the rear door is opened, and
the bracket 10 is disposed and measured in a symmetrical manner with the rear opening edge sb
<left-right symmetrical shape, and the rear face of the speaker receiving piece / 31 speaker
carabin 14 of this bracket 10 is used. Then, the expansion and contraction band 14I-, one end of
which is fixed to #, is fixed to the speaker receiving piece 13. The hook 3 is locked to the hook
receiver 17 of the speaker cabinet 11 and drawn to the bracket 10 to be stabilized by utilizing
the elasticity of the crimp band / paddle, and the weight of the speaker itself supports the
deckwow 1 of the cabin 3. Depending on the size of the speaker cabin 14 and the shape of the
spare unit, even if the tension of the telescopic band 1 changes, the powerful speaker can be
warmed. More preferably, if it is K so that the length of the stretchable band / grip can be
adjusted, it is clear from the explanation on the line that it is possible to spare any thing in the
range of the Ll mounted speaker, Since the jaw-mounted device of the vehicle-mounted speaker
according to this invention is configured to fix the bracket to the rear wall of the rear cabin of the
automobile and to engage the speaker cabinet with the compression attachment with this
bracket, the speaker cabinet Certainly get with Kil without being overwhelmed by large and
small. It is convenient for the speaker breakage in the automatic LIC of the form without a tray.
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