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Description 1 Title of Invention
Sound coupler
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
coupler that forms a directional angle of a transducer at an appropriate directional angle when
transmitting and receiving a sound wave in water. The transducer used for transmitting and
receiving ultrasonic waves in water is most often a flat type. In addition, in the case of
transmitting ultrasonic waves into water, if the excitation output per unit area is increased more
than necessary, cavitation occurs in the water, and the transmission and reception efficiency of
sound waves is significantly reduced. Therefore, conventionally, when exciting the vibrator with
high output, it has been considered to use as wide as possible the stationary surface of the
vibrator. However, when the vibration plane of the vibrator is enlarged, the directivity of the
sound wave tends to be sharp. This tendency becomes remarkable as the excitation frequency of
the sound wave increases. On the other hand, when using a vibrator on the bottom of the ship to
embark on underwater detection, if the radiation angle of the radiated sound wave becomes
sharper, it takes time to detect the desired area as a result of the lack of knowledge. In addition, it
is very susceptible to the effects of rolling and pissotinking of the ship. Therefore, in the case of
exciting the vibrator with high output, it is conceivable to form it in a spherical shell shape or a
cylindrical shape on the peristaltic surface, but there are various technical problems, and there is
a defect that the father becomes expensive. This invention adds an acoustic coupler to an
ordinary flat plate type imaging element to equivalently form a spherical shell or a cylindrical
oscillator and a one-man-like wave front so that the directivity angle of the sound wave is not
sharpened more than necessary. . An embodiment of the present invention will be described
below. EndPage: FIG. 1 is an embodiment of a coupler for producing an arc equivalent phase
surface, and the hatched portion indicated by 0ABO in the figure indicates the coupler. When the
bottom surface OB of the coupler is subjected to plane wave starvation and sound waves are
radiated from the cylindrical surface AB, an equal phase wavefront of an arc AB 'is formed. The
radiation surface AB in this case is coated as follows. Among the plane wave oscillators applied to
the OB surface, the vibration at the zero point reaches the point A at a propagation velocity V in
the coupler after t1 time, and is radiated into water from here. At this time, the oscillator at point
B reaches the stop point at the speed of sound V 'in water. Similarly, the oscillation of the child
point PO point on OB shall partially pass through the coupler, partially pass through the water
and reach P 'point. Then, assuming that AP′B ′ is an equiphase wavefront of an arc, the radius
R of the provisional arc is OB−r. Then, next, P, if the time when the sound wave of point reaches
P is to, then PoP = vt. PT / -V '(t + -to),', Z'-Po1F '= pop + p'p "" (v "') to + v't1. Let it be a positive 0r, R2- (O" P'o) 2+ (P'P10) 2-r2 + (Z '+ R-vtl) 2,', z'-7i; J '= r'-(R-vtl) {circle over (1)}, 0 from equation
t, x , Z, -co-"-R-1-vt1) tj). 0z: vtO.
Equation 0 represents an ellipse centered at (VtI-4) on the z-axis, with the major axis (-÷ τR)
and the minor axis R, and the point P (r, z) is on this ellipse I understand that there is. Therefore,
if the radiation surface APB of the coupler is formed along an ellipse represented by {circle
around (1)} C, it is possible to obtain an arc equal phase wavefront AP'B '. As a result of the
above, since the required directivity angle can be predicted by the arc angle AB ', the length OA
in the two axial directions is determined from the arc AB'. Then, the elliptic surface APB can be
determined from the OA. As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to
set the radiation angle of the radiation wave to an optimum angle by using an acoustic coupler.
Therefore, the shape of the vibrator does not have to be a complicated curved surface, and a
conventional flat vibrator can be used. Also, since the acoustic coupler does not use a
complicated refraction theory like an acoustic lens, and is formed utilizing the sound velocity
ratio of the material, it can be relatively easily formed by machining. Also, the acoustic coupler
can be made independent of frequency. Note that although the embodiment in FIG. 1 has been
described using the elliptical surface APB, the elliptical surfaces APB may be provided
symmetrically about two axes. The acoustic coupler may also rotate the ellipse APB about two
axes at radius ro to form a spheroid. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS IJ FIG. 1 shows an
embodiment of the present invention. Patent Assignee Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. EndPage: 2
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