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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
ultrasonic ceramic microphone, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the
ultrasonic ceramic microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. It is a figure which
shows the sensitivity-frequency characteristic example in a conventional product. 5 · · · Case, 6 · ·
· Piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, 7 · · · Terminal plate, 9 · · · Elastic body, 11 · · · Outer case.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an outdoor
ultrasonic ceramic microphone for use in an automatic detection system for aft detection and
parking meters, a conventional microphone of this type is cut as shown in FIG. The piezoelectric
ceramic vibrator 2 is bonded to the central portion of the bottom inner surface of the aluminum
case 1 fabricated by processing, and the bottom thickness and the side thickness of the
aluminum case 1 are side to increase the vibration damping effect. The thickness of the portion is
twice or more the thickness yc of the bottom thickness, and the step setting 1 · · · · · · · · "f (, '2 is.
Reference numeral 3 denotes a terminal plate, which is configured by being added through an
opening 4 of the case 1 and an elastic adhesive 4. Since this sleeve joint, the bimorph vibrating
portion 1a where the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 2 is bonded to the bottom surface of the case
1 is configured as-厖 o, this means that the side portion of the case 1 and the vibrating portion 1)
moving portion (bottom surface) In vibration damping measures due to thickness differences, it
is not possible to completely block the side to the side. For this reason, the variation of the
resonance characteristics of the vibrating portion 1a becomes large depending on the way of
holding the case 1 and 3. When the load on the vibrating portion 1a becomes large or large, the
vibration Qm of the simultaneous IIC aluminum case 1 becomes high, so that the resonance
characteristic of the sensitivity-frequency characteristic or the sharp narrow narrow range
becomes, ie, ( In the conventional ultrasonic ceramic microphone, the six devices that had
problems with conventional ultrasonic ceramic microphones reduce the characteristic change
due to the incorporation (attachment) to the set, which is the conventional problem. , Stable
sensitivity- Providing an ultrasonic ceramic microphone having a wave number characteristics,
iodine and a to-shall., An embodiment of the present invention the second structure diagram
shown in FIG. And Yuji, / 'Sawa 3r This will be described .. 5 is a metal case having a "1" portion
and a bottom, and the thickness thereof being identical and integrally configured, 16 is a
piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, which is attached to the central portion of the inner surface of the
bottom of the case 5 A terminal plate 7 is attached to the other end opening of the case 5 by
means of an extensible adhesive 8. Here, since the thickness of the case 5 is constant, it is
compact The shape and dimensions of three, for example, 40 KHz microphones, which can
constitute a lightweight vibration unit, are as shown in the following table in comparison with
conventional products. Conventional product The present invention case outer diameter 24φ 15
15 靭 tough 'I-screw 18 mm 1.6am 0.26'am (bottom surface)' T-λ 峠 t C part) 3.0 '' IO, 25t I 11
outer diameter 16φ familiar 8φ sugar piezoelectric ceramic The vibrator 1 has a thickness of
0.3 m 0.3 m 4 still, and 9 is an elastic body having a bottom and a side, and the bottom has holes
for passing the terminals 10 a and 10 b implanted in the terminal plate 7. It is flowered so as to
cover the bottom of the terminal plate 7 and the side of the case 5.
Next, a metal (or resin) outer case 11 is inserted in close contact with the outer periphery r of the
elastic body 9. The bottom portion V of the outer case 11 is provided with holes 11a and 11b for
passing the terminals 10a and 10b. Furthermore, the opening portion of the metal outer case 11
is curled to hold the case 5 via the extensible body 9 so that the whole is configured. According
to the present invention (if it is configured according to the present invention (if the shape of the
vibrating portion is small or lightweight), the load quality to the imaging portion is small, the
vibrating portion of the case 5 (bottom surface Because the thickness of) can be reduced, the
resonance Q of the vibration is smaller than that of the conventional product. Therefore, as
shown in FIG. 3, the sensitivity-frequency characteristics show a wide band and high sensitivity.
In FIG. 3, A is the characteristic of the present invention and B is the conventional characteristic.
Furthermore, the fixing of the case 5 having the vibration portion is performed between the
terminal plate 17 and the outer case 11 through the elastic body [this is attached, noise due to
external vibration is buffered by the elastic body 9, Vibration (or vibration damping due to the
elastic body 9 being absorbed by the elastic body 9). It is possible to provide an ultrasonic
ceramic microphone having a stable performance with extremely suppressed variations in
sensitivity-frequency characteristics and impedance characteristics. According to the present
invention, it is possible to apply to a device of which reliability is the most important such as an
automobile, a copying machine, etc., and to make it easy to attach to a unit.
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