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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
electromagnetic electro-acoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a gap between diaphragms. The top views and
FIGS. 4 and 5 are explanatory views of the flow of magnetic flux with and without the magnetic
yoke of the conventional electromagnetic electroacoustic transducer. 1 pole piece, 2 plate, 3
excitation coil, 5 permanent magnet, 6 case, 7 diaphragm, 8 suspension, 11 ... Protrusions
(magnetic yokes).
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to -ta shield 1 effect
conversion report, and provides 1% [with] (and a converter with good assembly workability). FIG.
1 shows one packing of a conventional type Ia type pneumatic acoustic transducer using a
magnetic yoke for reduction of AC magnetic resistance, a top view (? ?) 1114 / le bath 2 /
arrest. +1) around the pole piece e1 to V) provided at the center of the plate (2): iili mikoiru 3) is
laid, 4 air relay irons (4) are placed on its outside, and further D4 One permanent stone (5) is
placed in the key, and these are housed in the case (6). (7) A diaphragm C1 made of a magnetic
material, a permanent magnet (5) and a pole piece (1) are disposed opposite each other at a
distance of 11 and are fixed by a suspension (8) fixed to the case (6). It is supported. Figures 41
and 6 show the flow of the main magnetic flux in the case where there is a magnetic connection,
iron (4) is present, and in the case where it is present. First of all, magnetic flux at the time of
crawling of magnetic yokes: /) The flow is permanent DC (d) ? 7 ?) l) C and SEN ии 4 coil (3) AC
The magnetic flux ACAC flows into a flow, and becomes a flow of permanent-stone (5), curved (7)
? pole piece (1) ? permanent d-stone (5). This combined Q alternating current magnetic
resistance is permanent-stone (5) и и и 1 resistance R1g, permanent: magnetic resistance ? O1, ?
и auxiliary between the core 6 (5) and the curse plate (1) The sum of the magnetic resistance BgO
between the plate (7) and the pole piece (1), i1 SQv of the pole piece (1) and the plate (2), and the
air flow resistance Ry, R-? Ig + 21 go) le y-= RMg + 2 Rg. (2) 111,) It becomes ?. Since the
permeability of the permanent magnet is equal to or less than the permeability of the permanent
magnet, the magnetic resistance of one part of the permanent magnet can not be ignored
compared to the magnetic resistance of the empty house. And was one factor of low conversion
efficiency. In order to improve this, 0 is a method of a magnetic shunt, and as shown in FIG. 5,
this is an alternating current flux passing through a permanent stone in a magnetic junction # (4)
provided inward of the permanent magnet 017 m- By bypassing like C ', the AC reluctance is
reduced, and it is attempted to turn one degree. Naturally, the direct current flux-DC generated
from the permanent magnet (5) also partially flows ?? 2 to the I4 gap (4), but the direct
current flux decreases as ? DC-?-D (+, but Since there is extra-ordinaryness in the direction of
flow magnet construction, it is possible to increase the amount of magnetization given to the
permanent magnet 5) and make it possible to generate a constant DC flux which temporarily
However, there is a disadvantage that the number of parts is increased by one in order to attach
the magnetic yoke as described above, and the number of steps for attaching the same increases,
resulting in an increase in cost. The present invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks,
and in the following, (3) 11b-ci (tf и и и key) will be described with reference to the drawings. In
FIGS. 2 and 8, (1) to (3) and .5) to (8) J) I. The test and function are the same as in the
conventional row of FIG. Feature the part of the club. r, that is, 811! of the plate (2), for example,
at the plate (2) corresponding to the magnetic and body iron parts. ! Place a plate, a pole piece, a
squeeze, a squeeze, J, 19 at the place, and use this as ? 'KJ iron e; As an outer diameter guide of
the coil (3), and as an inner-sea guide of k Kuseki (5), it is possible 1 -C. According to the above
proposal, the plate is provided with 9 + press ridges at the time of press molding, and this plate is
used as a magnetic yoke, and the height is 1 degree without causing loss of 10 parts and
assembly man-hours. It is also useful for positioning of permanent magnets and exciting coils, so
that their positioning can be a jig or crush, even if it is a joint, it can be broken into bankruptcy. It
is a habit, and it is extremely large C power.
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