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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a power switch in
combination with a conventional reed relay and magnet held by a magnetic field, and FIG. 2 is a
self-retaining reed relay and display FIG. 2 is a view showing an embodiment of the present
invention in which a power switch is configured using a light (light emitting diode). 1 ......
movable magnet, 2 ...... magnet mounting screws, 3 ...... batteries, 4 ...... reed relay, 5 ...... load, 6 ииииии
Watertight mold, 7 иии и и и Self-holding reed relay, ? и и и и Resistor, 9 и и и-Light emitting diode, 10 и и
и Display Window, 11 ..... Magnet piece.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a power switch
for use in an underwater sounding device. In conventional power switches for underwater
sounding devices, magnets are externally attached to open and close reed relays. For this reason,
the structure of the magnet part is purchased, and the operability is not as good as that of the
present invention. As shown in the figure, the switch using the conventional reed relay which is
not of the holding type has the magnet installed outside the chassis near the reed relay and
performs the disconnection operation of the reed relay due to the strength of the magnetic field
due to the distance between the magnets. ing. In this case, the structure is complicated because a
magnet for holding the disconnection of the reed relay terminal 0.1041 / ii7 is provided outside.
In addition, the parts where the magnet is movable and the parts where it is mounted are
corroded and water-solubility problems have occurred. The present invention aims at providing a
high water tightness, high reliability switch used in the underwater sounding device to enhance
operability. The present invention 4111 uses a holding type reed relay, removes the magnet from
the conventional structure to make the structure watertight, and excludes the 1 '? where the
movable part is exposed to the outside. The switch is opened and closed with a separate magnet
from the main unit. A lamp (light emitting diode) for display is provided beside the holding type
reed relay embedded portion, and the internal circuit is operated by a switch so that the presence
or absence of an output signal can be confirmed with one eye It is FIG. 2 shows an embodiment
of the present invention in FIG. 2 in which the power of the battery 3 is supplied as a power
source of the signal output circuit 5: i, j, '3% "" RMIIIt-It-7-,, ;; "?" 1 o 42 field 6 is applied. The
self-retaining reed relay 7 and the light emitting diode 9 are mounted close to each other on the
inner substrate. The display portion of the light emitting diode 9 is a display window 10 using a
transparent molding material so as to be seen from the outside. The open / close confirmation of
the self-retaining reed relay can be performed by the light emitting diode 9. In the operation
method of the power supply switch using the self-retaining reed relay, first, when the holding
reed relay 7 is opened, the magnet piece 11 has the polarity (N-8) of the magnet piece and the
reed relay main body is It will close if it approaches the reed relay in parallel. Next, in the case of
opening the circuit which is closed, when the magnet piece 11 is brought close to the reed relay
in a state where the polarity (N-8) of the magnet piece is orthogonal to the reed relay main body,
the circuit opens. The confirmation of the switch can be performed by a light emitting diode that
displays a signal output state. Therefore, the open / close operation can be operated from the
outside of the completely sealed case.
In order to open and close the reed relay, it was necessary to attach a magnet 043l to the place
of the magnet effect outside the main body 0 in the prior art. Therefore, (1) the magnet is
screwed. It is feared to be corroded by (2) It is necessary to prevent the magnet from moving by
vibration, impact, etc., so the structure becomes complicated and the shape becomes thick. (3)
The presence or absence of the signal output could not be confirmed with the sound producing
device alone. There is a problem with the adoption of the present invention using a holding type
reed relay and a display 1 'lamp (light emitting diode), (1) Reed relay open / close magnet piece
11, can be separated from the whole body. (2) The condition of the internal signal output circuit
can be visually confirmed by mounting the lamp (light emitting diode) close to 1 ░. Therefore,
the device adopting the present invention can be miniaturized, and the operability and water
tightness can be enhanced to facilitate the handling. In addition, since the structure is simple, it is
possible to provide an inexpensive product by 1 ░ -71044-4.
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