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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
conventional microphone, FIG. 2 is a diagram for explaining the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a
cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention microphone. is there. 1 is a
yoke, 1a is a P / I, lc, 2a, 3c and 3d are through holes, 2 is a magnet, 3 is a center pole, 4 is a
diaphragm, 5 is a voice coil, 6 is a gap, 12 and 13 Each is a resistance paper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a moving coil type
microphone, and more particularly to improving the flux distribution of the gear lugs to the voice
coil and improving the acoustic circuit to improve the characteristics & KL. Conventionally, a
moving film type microphone has been configured, for example, as shown in FIG. That is, in FIG.
1, (1) indicates a yoke, (1a) indicates a plate provided continuously with the yoke (1), and this
yoke (1 (, grate (Ia), magnet (2) and center ball) A magnetic circuit is configured of (3). Then, the
voice coil (5) is attached to the diaphragm (4), and (1) 651 '. + L. The gap (6) K in the magnetic
circuit is just arranged. Further, (7) shows an inertance ring, and a through hole (7a) is formed in
the inertance ring f7 +. These through holes (7a) form a desired acoustic impedance such as
inertance. Resistive paper (8) is attached to the upper end of these through holes (7a).
Furthermore, through holes (1b) are also formed in the bottom wall of the yoke (1), and these
through holes (lb) tl-resistance paper (9) is provided so as to cover from below. As such
conventional microphones are well known, it will not be necessary to explain their effects. In
addition, in FIG. 1, ill is a screw and Uυ is an attachment member. By the way, the voice coil of
the microphone 1 as shown in FIG. 1 (1) (the voice coil in the gap (6) portion of the magnetic
circuit in which the 5 is arranged (5) In the upper part of this gap (6) part, the upper part of the
gap 161 Ym forms a play (la) and the upper side of the ball (3) are not flush with each other. )
1nc ';-The ball (3) continues even if the play (la) is lost under the center gap (6) part, and since
the magnetic flux is generated from this continuous part, this magnetic flux distribution 2- As
shown by the solid line a, it was asymmetric. This asymmetry of the magnetic flux distribution
causes waveform distortion and causes deterioration of frequency characteristics. The present
invention is intended to improve the magnetic flux distribution on the upper and lower sides of
the gap (6) of the magnetic circuit with such a point K11i and to improve the characteristics of
the microphone. An embodiment of the microphone according to the invention will now be
described with reference to FIG. In FIG. 3, the parts corresponding to those in FIG.
In this example, the thickness of the plate (la) and the thickness of the plate (la) are projected 1
(3a) from the upper end face of the center ball i31 in the direction of the plate (la) of the upper
leakage of the center ball (3). Lower, forming a circumferential foot depth fill (3b). The center
ball 3 is provided with a through hole 3C which penetrates to the left and right of the center ball
3's Korean ball 3 'and the middle position of the through hole 3C. (3) 1 ( 1 、 1, voice magnet
(2) and yoke (1 (through holes (3 d), (2 a) and (IC) passing through the central axes of 1 An
acoustic circuit is constituted by (3c), (3d), (2a) and (lc) K. In this case, the left and right openings
of the through hole (3C) are respectively provided with resistance paper fi21, and the opening of
the through hole (lc) of the yoke ill is provided with the resistance paper 0. In WJ 3, I is a fixing
ring. Others are configured in the same manner as in the prior art. Since the present invention is
configured as described above, the magnetic flux distribution on the upper and lower sides of the
gap (6) in the moving direction of the voice coil (5) in the gap (6) of the magnetic path is the gap
16). The upper part of # is the same as in the case of the first i% l, and the corresponding part of
the center pole (three plates (1 m) on the lower side of the gap is the protrusion (3a). Because the
protrusion (3a) forms 1 K of the main Km air circuit and the lower portion of the sled is 4 ml
(3b), the magnetic flux from the recess (3b) is small, and this magnetic flux distribution 21 break
mbK as shown. Accordingly, the magnetic flux distribution of the gap (the upper part of the gap
61) and the positive magnetic flux distribution are improved, the symmetry is improved, the
distortion of the waveform of the output audio signal is improved, and the frequency
characteristics are improved. Further, in the present invention, the sound supplied to the
diaphragm (4) K is led to the outside through the resistance paper Q'lJ, the through holes (ac) +
(adL (2a), (lc) and the resistance paper α4. In particular, the low frequency sound is guided
through this passage, and the low frequency characteristics are taught. Of course, the present
invention is not limited to the above-described embodiment, and various other configurations can
be taken without departing from the spirit of the present invention.
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