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The present invention relates to a non-directional portable loudspeaker. When giving a verbal
explanation to a large number of people as a guide such as a tourist spot or a vacation spot, the
explanation can be heard well by some people centered on the person facing the person, but the
people behind it It is hard to hear enough to It is not a good idea because there is a directionality
in the natural voice. In the past, when trying to make the explanation and the like thorough to
many people, the conventional way was to use a hand microphone for loud voice, but in that case
there was a similar defect due to the directivity of the hand microphone. In addition, at least one
hand is restrained for 71 minutes to hold the hand microphone. The present invention solves the
above problems. Embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. The reflector 8 has a conical top at the top, but has a hat-like shape as a whole and can
also serve as a hat. The drive coil of the speaker is fixed to the reflection plate 8 and the voice
cone 7 is driven. The voice of the presenter (user) is input to the amplifier 4 through the
microphone 2 and the code 3. The output from the amplifier 4 passes through the cord 5 and
enters the drive coil 6 of the speaker and drives the voice cone 7 to be voiced, and the voice is
broadcasted through the reflector 8 over the four zones of the presenter (user) as well. Be done.
In the case of this type, similar effects can be obtained even if the vertical positions of the voice
cone and the reflector are reversed. The powered microphone and / or amplifier, either integral
with or separate from the hat portion, does not affect the expected effect of the present
invention. The same effect can be obtained by using a plurality of loudspeakers that are held at
places other than overhead or have directivity. With the portable loudspeaker according to the
present invention, it is possible to listen equally to the explanation regardless of where the
presenter is facing, regardless of where the crowd is located in front of the presenter or
anywhere around Because they are able to do so, the presenter is equally inclined to thoroughly
explain to the audience in four circles, while facing in any direction. Further, if the microphone 2
is fixed to the reflection plate 8, both hands can be used freely.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows the gist of the present invention, and the main part is shown in elevation (partially
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