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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The non-invention relates to a vacuum sensor piezoelectric vibrator
used as a vacuum sensor for measuring the degree of vacuum. In particular, the present
invention relates to the electrode arrangement of a bending mode piezoelectric vibrator fixed at
both ends. [Summary of the invention] The present invention is a winding metal which uses a
piezoelectric image pickup device of fixed both ends type as an odor sensor for measuring
vacuum degree, and provides an optimum electrode layout filit of a vibrator capable of widening
the vacuum degree measuring range. . [Prior Art] Vacuum gauges have been used for a long time
in various fields of equipment. Among them, especially, a villany vacuum gauge is frequently
used. [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] However, recently, with the miniaturization of the
apparatus and @quantification, the miniaturization and weight reduction of the vacuum gauge
are also required. The reality is that the above-mentioned villany vacuum gauge is large in size
and can not fully answer the recent demands. In addition, using the conventional X-collision
sensor, it was not possible to measure the degree of vacuum in the apparatus generated by a
high-level research site such as a nuclear reactor with the ninth vacuum gauge. Therefore, the
present invention proposes a new sensor for a vacuum gauge which ameliorates the abovementioned drawbacks, and in particular, an electrode arrangement which excites a piezoelectric
vibrator in which two piezoelectric vibrators are connected to both ends fixed type vibrator '1. ,
Provide the structure. In other words, the present invention provides a small, compact, shockresistant, highly reliable piezoelectric transducer for an ?r?, x vacuum sensor having an
equivalent series resistance R1. [Means for Solving the Problem] FIG. 8 shows the relationship
between the degree of vacuum in the both-end fixed bending mode second harmonic vibration of
the present invention and the equivalent five-row resistance R1 of the piezoelectric vibrator, the
abscissa axis The degree of vacuum (CTor) is taken on the vertical axis as R, () to 1-. For example,
in the case of quartz as a piezoelectric material, according to experiments, R, continues to rise as
the degree of vacuum deteriorates. And, if the degree of vacuum Q, lTo de de ~ IT o de de
changes, it causes the rise of R, along with the n, that is, the present invention pays attention to
the degree of vacuum dependency of R ?, and the vacuum degree is accurately It measures.
Actually, changing the R weight of the vibrator is equivalent to changing the current flowing to
the piezoelectric vibrator, and an actual vacuum gauge converts the current flowing to a vacuum
degree and displays it . Further, in order to make the vibrator of the present invention resistant
to impact, the both ends fixed type is adopted unlike the cantilever type. More specifically, the
piezoelectric vibrator is set on a support pedestal made of a material such as ceramics and
supported and fixed by an adhesive or the like at supporting portions provided at both ends of
the piezoelectric vibrator. . Therefore, the piezoelectric vibrator of the present invention has the
feature t7 of being strong against disturbance, in particular, against a strong impact force.
Next, the relationship between the degree of vacuum and the equivalent series resistance R is
shown. The sensitivity date of the piezoelectric vibrator with respect to the vacuum degree is
represented by the following equation when assuming that the equivalent series resistance R8 at
high simmering (10 ? ? ? To?rr or more) and n e Ro at large pressure. However, it is ?R ==
R heavy ?R 0. In order to increase the sensitivity date, it is sufficient to decrease R1 of the
piezoelectric vibrator and increase 1?R1't-n to increase the sensitivity date. Here, 1?R 1 is
determined by the shape and size of the vibrator, and assuming the rod width W and length L, it
is inversely proportional to @W and proportional to the length ?. Thus, to increase 1?R1, I?R1
increases as the rod length increases. However, when the excitation electrode is arranged on the
piezoelectric vibrator so as to make the bending mode vibration of the elongated rod 2g, R1
becomes large and the substantial sensitivity S does not stagnate. Therefore, the present
invention can make the R section smaller even with the same size by arranging the excitation
electrode 'lt easily causing the second harmonic vibration of the bending mode to the
aforementioned long and thin rod, so that the sensitivity date can be significantly increased. is
there. FIG. 2 b) j) shows displacements of the vibrators of the fixed rods at both ends of the
present invention and their vibration at second harmonic vibration. Here, the length of the
transducer. Width W, thickness t. As is apparent from FIG. 2), there are eight places where the
displacement is zero. That is, both ends and the position 50.5? from the end. In addition, since
the eight places where the displacement becomes zero are places where the distortion occurs
most, it is sufficient to arrange the electrodes so that the distortion occurs in any of the eight
places. This conclusion. As a result, the equivalent medical resistance R1 in the second harmonic
vibration of the bending mode can be reduced, and the sensitivity B can be increased even with a
vibrator of the same size. [Operation] Thus, the present invention takes into consideration the
order of the peristaltic mode of the pressure 'WL oscillator, and more specifically, the
displacement distribution of the second harmonic vibration of the bending moment and the
moment at that time. By providing an excitation electrode which is optimum on the piezoelectric
vibrator from the distortion distribution to be generated, second harmonic vibration can be easily
caused and made smaller to Ro. Embodiments of the present invention will be described below
with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 b), (6) is an embodiment of the both-end fixed type mode
piezoelectric vibrator of the present invention, and Fig. 1) is a front view of the piezoelectric
vibrator fixing, Fig. 1) is Fig. 1) Side view of FIG. The piezoelectric vibrator 1 is set on a support
pedestal 2 made of a ceramic material or the like, n is supported and fixed at an end of the
support portion 3 of the vibrator by an adhesive 4 or the like.
The excitation electrodes are disposed on four sides of each arm, the number of electrodes being
two each on each side, and the adjacent electrodes being disposed so as to have different
polarities. That is, the electrodes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 910 are disposed on one of the arms n. The
hatched electrodes 6s 8-10 are connected to the same polarity, and the electrodes 5 and 7.9
shown with fear are connected to the same polarity (not shown). And, it has a two-terminal
structure. In the same way, similar electrodes are arranged on the other arm n but arranged to be
opposite in polarity. Therefore, the electrodes 5, 7, 9, 11, 11, 13, 15 have the same polarity, and
the electrodes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 have the same polarity. By this, both-end fixed bending mode
second harmonic vibration can be easily extracted, and R1 can be reduced completely. As
described above, according to the present invention, in order to obtain the sensitivity 5t-i with
respect to the degree of vacuum, it is sufficient to reduce the equivalent dynamic resistance R1 of
the piezoelectric vibrator. And this invention makes R1 small by arrangement of the excitation
electrode which easily causes the second harmonic manual operation to the elongated rod which
makes 1?R1 large, as a result, it is possible to increase sensitivity 8'f and widen vacuum
measurement range. Have an effect. Furthermore, since the piezoelectric fence moving element tvacuum sensor is used, the size and weight can be greatly reduced, and since the piezoelectric
vibrator is mounted on the support base, it is effective against shock etc. Do. At the same time,
pressure 1! Since the oscillator is strong against a high magnetic field, it also has the effect of
being able to measure the degree of vacuum even in a high @ field generator such as a reactor.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 (c) shows a front view of the piezoelectric vibrator fixing of the present invention, Fig. 1 (b)
is a 91st view of Fig. 6), and Fig. 2 both ends of the ninth to explain the present invention. FIG. 8
is a view showing a fixed piezoelectric vibrator and displacement (6) t, and FIG. 8 is a view
showing the relationship between the degree of vacuum of the piezoelectric vibrator of the
present invention and the equivalent series resistance.
??? Pressure 1! Pliers 20. , Support pedestal 8 иии Crossing portion 4 и и и Adhesives 5 to 16,,, or
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