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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
gasket used in various acoustic devices and a speaker provided with the gasket.
2. Description of the Related Art Generally, when fixing the edge of a diaphragm to a frame, the
laminated cardboard, cork, synthetic rubber, etc. may be stamped or punched so that the edge
fixed by vibration of the diaphragm does not easily separate from the frame , Molded gaskets are
At that time, in addition to the shape maintenance and protection of the outer peripheral portion
of the diaphragm, in order to contact the cabinet which is a mounting board to improve the
appearance, a base portion formed of spiral paper or laminated paper, A configuration is known
in which a cushion portion made of a cushion material such as ethylene / vinyl acetate
copolymer) is bonded with an adhesive or the like to suppress generation of abnormal noise.
As one of such techniques, for example, in JP-A-4-223699, a gasket made of a thermoplastic
synthetic resin is adhered to the entire outer peripheral portion of a frame, and a thermoplastic
synthetic resin is made on the front side of the gasket. There is disclosed a method of assembling
a gasket portion of a speaker in which a layer made of foam is formed by spot welding the gasket
and the foam in a speaker in which a layer made of foam is formed.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the method of assembling a gasket described in the
above-mentioned patent publication, a plurality of high frequency electrodes whose spots are in
the form of tips are formed from the front of the foam placed on the gasket. Since a high
frequency power is applied between the back electrode and the back electrode to heat and fuse
using induction loss, a special device for using the high frequency is required, and there is a site
which is not spot-welded. However, it is difficult to improve the strength of the bonding surface,
the bonding surface is easily peeled off, and it is necessary to solve many problems such as the
need to separately manufacture the gasket and the foam.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of the present situation, it is an object of the present
invention to provide a gasket and a speaker in which a base portion and a cushion portion
provided on the base portion are integrally formed by two-color molding using different
materials. .
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to achieve the above object, the gasket according to
claim 1 of the present invention comprises a base portion located on the frame side for fixing the
outer peripheral edge portion of the diaphragm, and the base portion. The cushion part to be
provided is integrally formed by two-color molding using different materials. With such a
configuration, the reduction of the gasket manufacturing process, the improvement of the
defective rate during the speaker assembling operation, and It is intended to reduce costs.
The speaker according to claim 6 of the present invention comprises at least a diaphragm, a
frame for mounting the diaphragm, a magnetic circuit for driving the diaphragm, and an outer
peripheral edge portion of the diaphragm as the frame. The gasket comprises a base portion
located on the frame side for fixing the outer peripheral edge of the diaphragm, and a cushion
portion provided on the base portion in two colors using different materials. The diaphragm is
attached to the frame by the gasket provided with the cushion part, and the gasket is easily in
close contact with the other member when the speaker is attached to the other member. At the
same time, the incidence rate of defective products at the time of assembling operation is
suppressed, and the manufacturing cost is reduced.
BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION An embodiment of a gasket and a speaker
according to the present invention will be described below based on the drawings.
In FIG. 1, reference numeral 10 denotes a speaker, and the speaker 10 includes a frame 11, a
magnetic circuit 12 attached to the frame 11, a damper 14, a diaphragm 15, a gasket 16, and the
The frame 11 is integrally formed in a flat, substantially elliptical cylindrical shape whose head
side is expanded by metal, ABS resin or the like having heat resistance, and a magnetic circuit
mounting portion is provided on the bottom side. A front plate portion 17 having a substantially
rectangular outer shape is integrally formed at an end portion on the expanded head side of 11,
and an edge portion 18 rises from an outer peripheral portion of the front plate portion 17. It is
Further, at one side of the frame 11, a terminal not shown is provided.
The magnetic circuit 12 includes a bottom yoke 22 fixed to a magnetic circuit mounting portion
of the frame 11, an annular magnet 23 disposed around a pole portion 22a provided at the
center of the bottom yoke 22, An annular plate-like plate 24 fixed to the head side of the magnet
23 and a voice coil 25 disposed in a space between the pole portion 22a and the plate 24. The
voice coil 25 has a winding A cylindrical bobbin 27 around which 26 is wound is provided. The
bobbin 27 is connected to a damper 14 connected to the outer peripheral portion and held at a
predetermined position.
Both ends of the lead wire 26 constituting the voice coil 25 are bonded to the tinsel cords, and
further, these tinsel cords are connected to the pins of the terminals, respectively, and the head
of the bobbin 27 is optionally provided. , The center cap is attached.
The diaphragm 15 has a substantially conical shape, and a central portion having a circular hole
shape is connected to the bobbin 27 of the voice coil 25, and a pleated edge 15a is integrally or
separately on the substantially elliptical outer periphery. The outer peripheral portion of the edge
15 a is fixed using a gasket 16, that is, between the front plate portion 17 of the frame 11 and
the gasket 16.
As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, the gasket 16 is in the form of a sheet having a rectangular outer
shape, and an elliptical opening 31 corresponding to the shape of the diaphragm 15 is formed at
the center. Through-holes 32 for attachment are respectively formed in the vicinity of the four
corners, and this gasket 16 has a base portion 33 made of a thermoplastic synthetic resin such as
ABS resin, as shown in FIGS. The soft and elastic cushion portion 34 is integrally formed by twocolor molding by injection.
More specifically, for example, a relatively rigid polystyrene (HI-PS) base 33 molded in a mold of
a predetermined shape is placed in a mold having a predetermined shape, An elastomer made of
polystyrene forming the cushion portion 34 by an injection molding machine and a foaming
agent made of polystyrene similarly are injected to form the cushion portion 34 in a state of
being integrated with the base portion 33.
At that time, the addition ratio of the foam material to the elastomer is 10%, but may be slightly
changed in the molding state.
The speaker 10 configured in this manner is attached to the mounting board constituting the
cabinet, that is, the mounting plate 36 by being pressed from the back side along the direction of
arrow A shown in FIG.
Then, in this state, the diaphragm 15 faces the opening 37 provided in the mounting plate 36,
and the surface of the gasket 16 on the cushion portion 34 side is in close contact with the back
surface of the mounting plate 36.
As described above, according to the present embodiment, since the so-called cushioned gasket
16 having a two-layer structure in which the soft cushion portion 34 is provided on one surface
which is the upper surface of the hard base portion 33 is used, the cone edge 15a The speaker
10 can be more reliably protected and maintained in shape, and the speaker 10 can be brought
into close contact with the mounting plate 36 without any gap to improve the appearance,
absorb vibrations, and suppress loosening of screws, etc. Can be suppressed.
Furthermore, since this gasket 16 is integrally formed by two-color molding using polystyrene
(PS) by injection and an elastomer to which a foam material is added, the manufacturing process
is more efficient than a configuration in which punched out paper or sponge is bonded. In
addition, the strength can be easily improved, and problems such as peeling can be suppressed to
improve the defective rate when attaching the speaker 10 to the mounting plate 36. Further, the
material can be efficiently used. The manufacturing cost of the speaker 10 using this gasket can
be reduced.
The cushion portion 34 only needs to have a thickness capable of absorbing vibration, and if the
thickness dimension is too large, deflection occurs and the attachment operation becomes
complicated, so the thickness dimension of the cushion portion 34 made of elastomer and The
ratio to the thickness dimension of the base portion 33 is 10: 1 to 1:10, and this ratio is related
to the hardness of the elastomer used, so it can be set in any way, If the thickness of the cushion
portion is thickened, there is a risk of bending when screwing. Therefore, preferably, as shown in
FIG. 5, it is possible to achieve both suppression of abnormal noise and ease of attachment work
by setting it as 1: 3. it can.
In each of the embodiments described above, the frame 11, the magnetic circuit 12, the damper
14, the diaphragm 15 and the like can take various configurations and shapes. For example, the
frame 11 can be made of ABS resin, vinyl chloride resin, polyethylene Besides being formed of a
synthetic resin such as a resin, one or both may be formed of a metal such as aluminum or zinc,
or another material.
According to the gasket of the present invention, since the soft cushion portion is integrally
formed on the base portion by two-color molding, the cushion portion and the base portion are
separately formed and bonded to each other, compared to the cushion While being able to
prevent a part falling off from a base part easily, a base part and a cushion part can be formed
easily inexpensively integrally, and manufacturing cost can be reduced.
Further, according to the speaker of the present invention, the diaphragm can be attached to the
frame by the gasket provided with the cushion portion on the base portion by two-color molding,
and when attaching the speaker to other members, other members and the gasket In addition,
the rate of occurrence of defective products during the assembling operation can be suppressed,
and the manufacturing cost can be reduced.
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