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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: There are a peripheral support method of supporting and using
peripheral speakers, a node supporting method of supporting nodes (nodes), and the like.
However, in these systems, the reproduction band is narrow, and reproduction can be performed
only in a certain frequency range. In particular, sufficient sound pressure levels can not be
obtained in the low frequency range. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, a novel speaker
system is provided that is excellent in sound reproduction capability using a cone-type
piezoelectric diaphragm in which the functions of a piezoelectric diaphragm and an acoustic
diaphragm are combined. SOLUTION: A cone-shaped diaphragm of uniform thickness is made by
drawing processing of a metal disk of uniform thickness. Furthermore, the thickness of the disc
part and the cone part is precisely finished to separate dimensions with full use of chemical
processing technology, and the piezoelectric ceramic is bonded on both sides of the disc part to
make a cone type piezoelectric diaphragm of integral molding without joint. Produce As a result,
a speaker with low noise, high efficiency, and excellent voice reproduction capability over a wide
band can be realized without impairing the characteristics of the metal. [Selected figure] Figure 5
Loudspeaker using cone type piezoelectric diaphragm
The present invention relates to a speaker using a conical piezoelectric diaphragm as an
electrode plate.
Sound generating device Patent No. 3565560 Speaker using piezoelectric vibrator for acoustic
use and piezoelectric vibrator International patent (Taiwan) Registration No. 100648
International patent (US) Registration No. 6088464 Speaker using piezoelectric vibrator Patent
application H11052759 Piezoelectric speaker Patent application H11-172187 Piezoelectric
Speaker Patent Application 2001-161192 Piezoelectric Speaker Patent Application 2001321514 Method of Manufacturing Piezoelectric Diaphragm Used for Piezoelectric Speaker
Patent Application 2001-361564
Conventionally, as a method of transmitting the vibration of the piezoelectric diaphragm
(piezoelectric vibrator) to the acoustic diaphragm, a method of fixing or bonding the acoustic
diaphragm directly to the piezoelectric diaphragm via a connecting rod has been performed.
The present invention provides a method of efficiently transmitting the vibration of the
piezoelectric diaphragm to the acoustic diaphragm.
The conventional piezoelectric speaker is excellent in reproduction ability in the middle and high
range, but has a disadvantage that the obtained amplitude is small in the low range and the
sound pressure level is extremely small. The present invention makes it a technical subject to
solve the problems of the prior art, and aims to improve the reproduction capability in the low
frequency range by integrating a piezoelectric diaphragm and an acoustic diaphragm.
According to the present invention, after a metal disk is drawn, a cone-shaped vibration plate in
which a finish piezoelectric vibration plate and an acoustic vibration plate are integrated to a
predetermined thickness dimension by chemical processing is processed. Further, the
piezoelectric ceramic is bonded to the surface of the circular portion of the diaphragm (bimorph
or unimorph type) to complete a cone type speaker unit.
According to the present invention, it is possible to integrally form a cone-shaped diaphragm that
can be formed and processed to a predetermined size with high accuracy by a chemical
processing technology, by forming and processing a cone-shaped diaphragm by a spatula
drawing technology without losing the characteristics of the metal plate is there. Further, by
using a cone-type piezoelectric diaphragm manufactured by this integral molding process, it is
possible to provide a speaker which reproduces a sound with good efficiency, less noise and good
(1) The cone type piezoelectric speaker according to the invention comprises a metal disc portion
and a cone portion, and by drawing technology and special chemical processing technology, it is
possible to carry out integral molding without joint and without impairing the characteristics of
metal, It is possible to produce a precise distortion free diaphragm. (2) Improvement of sound
pressure level in the low frequency range and improvement of voice reproduction ability in a
wide band, which are also the object of the invention, are the key points for speaker
development. Sound pressure level and frequency band required are electrode plates and
piezoelectric ceramics It can design by changing the combination of dimensions, such as a
As a result of adopting it for mini component stereo and producing it, compared with the
electrodynamic type (dynamic speaker), the response was excellent especially in middle and high
range, and the good quality reproduced sound without distortion was obtained. In addition, the
low frequency band of 60 Hz to 150 Hz, which has been said to be unable to reproduce the low
frequency range with piezoelectric speakers until today, has also been cleared, and it became
highly confident for future release.
Car audio speakers currently under research and development are considered to be usable as
speakers for mini components, medical equipment and the like. To date, the medium and high
frequency piezoelectric speakers have more than 2 million pieces of production and sales results.
The feature of this patent is to realize a completely new type of piezoelectric speaker unit in
which the vibrator and the diaphragm are integrally formed by fully utilizing the high
performance and high sensitivity which are the features of the metal diaphragm. In particular, it
is a lightweight, thin, low-profile speaker that has low power consumption, no magnetic
influence, and is considered to have a very high marketability.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail in the attached drawings. FIG. 1
shows a circular metal plate of uniform thickness. FIG. 2 shows a cone-shaped diaphragm of
uniform thickness fabricated by rounding a circular metal plate. FIG. 3 shows a cone-shaped
diaphragm in which a cone-shaped diaphragm has been subjected to a chemical treatment, and
the thickness of the disc portion and the cone portion (thinner than the disc portion) is finished
to a predetermined size. FIG. 4 shows a cone-shaped piezoelectric diaphragm in which the
piezoelectric ceramic 4a is bonded to both surfaces of the disk portion of the cone-shaped
diaphragm (FIG. 3). FIG. 5 shows a speaker system using the cone type piezoelectric diaphragm
of the present invention. By applying a voltage to the piezoelectric ceramic, vibration is excited in
the disc portion of the cone-shaped diaphragm, and part of the vibration is transmitted to the
cone portion. Also, a portion is transmitted to another circular diaphragm 5b via a connecting
rod (or stat) 5a. A rubber edge 5 c is designed so as not to disturb the movement of the
diaphragm as much as possible and is also joined to the housing 5 d as a damper. This is
intended to improve and flatten the sound pressure level over a wide band. Reference numeral 5e
is a circular hole for extracting the internal radiation sound, thereby further improving the sound
pressure level. FIG. 6 is a front view of the speaker system.
Metal material disc according to an embodiment of the present invention Cone-shaped
diaphragm cross-sectional view after squeezing a spatula according to an embodiment of the
present invention Cone-shaped diaphragm sectional view after chemical treatment according to
an embodiment of the present invention FIG. 3 according to an embodiment of the present
invention 4 is a sectional view of a cone type piezoelectric diaphragm in which a piezoelectric
ceramic is adhered to a disc portion of a diaphragm of the speaker according to an embodiment
of the present invention. A speaker system sectional view using a cone type piezoelectric
diaphragm of FIG.
Explanation of sign
4a: Piezoelectric ceramic 5a: Connecting rod (or stat) 5b: Circular diaphragm 5c: Rubber edge 5d:
Case 5e: Circular hole
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