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SUMMARY A small speaker is disclosed that includes a microphone holder and a vibrator holder.
A small speaker corresponding to the elliptical shape of the audio chamber is placed on the audio
chamber, downwards. In order to provide an audio portal, a small slot is formed in one of the
sides of the audio chamber to provide an audio portal through which the audio generated by the
speaker is heard. The platform in which the audio chamber is formed also includes a microphone
holder and a vibrator holder. The microphone holder is arranged so that the microphone
receiving portal is orthogonal to the voice portal formed in one of the side walls of the voice
chamber. [Selected figure] Figure 1A
Related Applications This application is related to the following US Provisional Patent
Applications: SP 12-002, entitled "Wearable communication Device and User Interface", No. 61 /
682,804, filing date August 14, 2012, SP 12-004, entitled "Wearable communication Device and
User Interface", 61/682 814, filing date August 14, 2012, and SP 12-005, entitled "Wearable
communication Device / System", number 61/681792, filing date August 10, 2012 All of these
are the same It has been transferred to the transferor. The contents of these applications are
incorporated herein by reference in their entirety.
The present disclosure relates to communication devices, and more particularly to small
communication devices where space is at a premium, such as watch-sized devices.
Advances in electronics are directed in one aspect to making devices smaller.
When these devices have audio requirements, the speaker system needs to be very compact
without compromising the quality of the audio, beyond what sounds pleasant and easily
understood by the user . In the middle of the last century, watch-type radios became popular
among some popular cartoons, and recently watch-type telephone systems were being built. The
level of integration of the semiconductors was important to get to where the phone could be
incorporated into a watch-sized device. Equally, or perhaps more important, is the size of the
audio system to be accommodated in a watch-sized device.
U.S. Patent Application Publication 2012/0122519 (Yoheim) relates to a wrist phone in which a
speaker is placed in a cap and on the other side a microphone is placed in a strap. The openings
for the speaker and the microphone are covered by an impermeable membrane to make the wrist
phone water resistant. US Patent Application Publication No. 2009/0231960 (Hatchson) relates
to a watch-type telephone including a communication module, which uses a headset microphone
and receiver activated through Bluetooth. In US Patent Application Publication No.
2004/0071308 (Gunter), low cost wide range loudspeakers are used in portable consumer
electronics. Here, the speaker is an electromagnetic speaker including a rare earth magnet, and
has a hole passing through the speaker behind the diaphragm. U.S. Patent Application
Publication No. 2003/0081506 (Calf) has a speaker and a microphone inside the phone housing
below the hole for the speaker, and the microphone is located on the other side of the main
housing with respect to the speaker. Device, watch-type telephone
In U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,234,010 and 6,801,476 (Gillmore), a wrist-worn telephone has a speaker on
the back of the main housing and a microphone disposed on one of the straps . U.S. Patent No.
6,311,071 (Vorova et al.) Relates to an apparatus and method that arranges microphones and
speakers to reduce acoustical feedback to reduce sidetone feedback in a wireless cellular
telephone system. U.S. Pat. No. 5,239,521 (Blonder) is a wristwatch type in which the surface of
the wristband includes a speaker at one end of a strap coupled to the wristband facing a
wristwatch-type wireless telephone and a microphone at the other end It relates to a wireless
telephone. U.S. Pat. No. 4,847,818 (Olsen) relates to a wristwatch-type radiotelephone in which
the wrist strap when opened has a speaker at one end and a microphone at the other end.
The packaging of a small communication device, for example a small speaker in a watch-type
telephone, requires a small speaker enclosure which can also be accommodated in the small
communication device. Also important is the packaging of the microphone that provides
sufficient speech performance without feedback between the microphone and the speaker.
It is an object of the present disclosure to provide an enclosure for a small speaker that can be
housed in a watch-type telephone.
It is also an object of the present disclosure to package microphones with small speakers on the
same platform to enable two-way communication with a watch-type telephone.
Placing the speaker and the microphone such that the feedback between the speaker and the
microphone is minimized or eliminated is one of the further objects of the present disclosure.
It is also an additional object of the present disclosure to place the small speakers "downward" on
the audio chamber so that the sound from the speakers enters the chamber downward and exits
the side of the chamber in the orthogonal direction. It is.
The speaker enclosure is formed of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) resin, or a similar highly
fluid and elastic material.
The base of the speaker enclosure, or platform, also has a microphone and an enclosure mounted
for a vibrator that provides notification when audio is turned off.
The loudspeaker is preferably an elliptical electromagnetic device, preferably corresponding to
an elliptical sound chamber formed on the base platform.
In an exemplary embodiment, the sound chamber has the following dimensions:
The voice chamber has a length of about 17 mm and a width of about 11 mm.
The depth of the chamber is about 4 mm. At the bottom in the depth direction of the chamber,
along one side, there is a rectangular portal about 5 mm wide from the inside of the chamber to
the outside, which allows the sound from the speaker to go out of the chamber. The speakers are
disposed downward on the sound chamber to form a speaker enclosure in which the sound
emanating from the speakers directly enters the sound chamber. The base of the platform,
including the microphone holder and the vibrator holder, is approximately 35 mm long.
Note that the microphone and the vibrator may not necessarily be included on the same platform
as the speaker. Also, the minimum length of the platform of an exemplary embodiment may be
about 17 mm without a microphone and vibrator. An important factor is the orientation of the
microphone receiving portal relative to the speaker chamber output portal, which is substantially
The invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings.
FIG. 1 is an isometric view of an audio chamber of the present disclosure, including a microphone
enclosure and a vibrator enclosure.
FIG. 16 is an isometric view of the present disclosure, showing the combination of a speaker and
a speaker chamber. FIG. 10 is an isometric view of the present disclosure showing the platform
and chamber of the speaker from another orientation. FIG. 10 is a cross-sectional view of the
present disclosure, showing a possible configuration of the floor of the speaker chamber. FIG. 10
is a cross-sectional view of the present disclosure, showing a possible configuration of the floor
of the speaker chamber.
FIG. 1A is an isometric view of a small speaker enclosure 10 of the present disclosure, including
an audio chamber 12, a microphone holder 13, and a vibrator holder 14. The dimensions given
in this description are for an exemplary embodiment and may be different for similar speaker
enclosures in different applications. The external dimensions of the audio chamber 12 are, for
example, about 17 mm × 11 mm, in which case the audio chamber is about 4 mm deep and has
a slot 15 of about 5 mm. The slot 15 is along the lower position of one of the sides of the voice
chamber to create a voice portal and to allow voice to exit the voice chamber 12. The
microphone holder 13 and the vibrator holder 14 are disposed on the platform 11 including the
voice chamber 12. Alignment pegs or stubs (short projections) 16 are shown below the platform
surface. Also shown is one of two screw attachments 17 for attaching the platform to an
electronic device including the speaker enclosure 10.
In FIG. 1A, a small speaker 18 is shown above the audio chamber 12. The speakers 18 are oval,
correspond to the shape of the audio chamber 12 and face downwards towards the audio
chamber. As shown in FIG. 1B, the speaker is lowered onto the audio chamber to substantially
seal the open portion of the audio chamber. A slot on the side of the voice chamber and
extending externally into the voice chamber is an output portal 19 for the voice generated by the
speaker. The voice input portal 20 is located at the input to the microphone holder and is
orthogonal to the output portal 19.
In FIG. 2A, an isometric view of the small speaker enclosure is shown from the opposite side as
shown in FIG. 1A. The platform including the voice chamber 12, the microphone holder 13, and
the vibrator holder 14 is held in place after the alignment peg 16 is installed in the
corresponding alignment hole in the electronic device using this small speaker Two screw fittings
that make it possible are clearly illustrated. 2B and 2C show two possible cross sections of the
floor of the voice chamber. The first view, FIG. 2B, is a preferred embodiment of the present
disclosure in which the floor of the voice chamber is flat and parallel to the top surface of the
voice chamber. The next figure, FIG. 2C, shows another embodiment in which the floor of the
voice chamber is angled downwards towards the output voice portal 15.
In one embodiment of the present disclosure, a cover made of a sound insulating material, such
as rubber, is disposed on the speaker 18 to prevent unwanted audio output from the top of the
speaker back up into the device to which the disclosed speaker is attached. You may
Although the invention has been particularly shown and described with reference to preferred
embodiments of the invention, it is to be understood that various changes in form and detail may
be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Those skilled in the art will
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