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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker diaphragm, and more particularly to a speaker diaphragm made of thermoplastic resin.
2. Description of the Related Art In a speaker unit which is generally known and has a speaker (in
order to supply a driver, -17: -17: i electric .quadrature.: T to a voice coil, a tinsel wire (1- < It is
arranged through the board. This f! As shown in FIG. j: In the yarn, a portion through which the
diaphragm 2 penetrates the diaphragm 2 and another hole 3 or 4 which is in mesh with this 1I 7
ti, and through the tinsel wire 1 1aI 1 in an inverted U shape in the holes 3 and 4 , Voice coil j!
The lead wire 5 and the tinsel wire 1 are connected by soldering. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION
In the speaker diaphragm as described above, the eyelet metallizing is required in addition to the
troublesome operation process because the eyelet is hit on the holes 3 and 4. Therefore, in the
present invention, when the diaphragm is made of thermoplastic 461 fat, the eyelid white is to fix
the tinsel wire and the lead wire to the diaphragm by a simple operation process. It is. [Means for
Solving the Section 7 Field] In order to achieve the above object, the present invention relates to
a speaker diaphragm made of thermoplastic resin, a lead wire extended from a voice coil, and a
JJt4 moving plate. In the connection with the flij thread line 1: 5 from the back side to the front
side, melt 1 fixed f, j ≦ Jf J of the eyelet L1 、, and in this melt fixed part f; It is characterized in
that it is formed 4 ', i so as to fix the tinsel wire by heat-melting the fusion fixing portion after
one small passage of the wire. Embodiments of the present invention will be described below
with reference to FIGS. 1 (, 1), (b), (C) and FIGS. 2 (a) and-(b) of the attached drawings. . In these
figures, the symbol U indicates a diaphragm molded of a thermoplastic resin, and a hole 12 for
passing a tinsel wire X through + I'i is formed in the diaphragm 1 and the periphery of the hole
12 is melted Cutting: A rim portion 12A as a fixing portion is formed to be a thick portion. In this
hole 12, i + lj thread fG X is passed t, p, and from its end and voice coil! I & t that sold a handle 4
and the lead wire Y that has been pulled out, rim: + s l 2 A is melted with force 11 heated solder
'iron etc. f! ii. The wire X and the lead Y are fixed to the diaphragm 11. [Other Embodiments] In
the above embodiment, as shown in FIG. The fixed member 1 provided with the rim portion 12A
integrally with the diaphragm 11 is 2t9, but the thickness of the eyelet member 13 formed by
the non-9'u type n 'I flit to the hole L2 is inserted J1 It is possible to insert by melting and melt
1t: ill county part.
Since this JL) joint, HA and ME member 3 have insulation properties, it is not necessary to use a
tinsel cord with an insulation tube. [Effects of the Invention] As is apparent from the above
description, according to the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, the melt fixing portion
is integrally formed in the hole through which the tinsel wire of the thermoplastic resin
diaphragm is inserted. (Since it has been installed on the body (: 4: After making a solder
connection between the lead wire and the tinsel wire, it is possible to unify it with the diaphragm
by temporarily fixing the molten fixing part by i ', 1 Is effective to assemble the speaker unit.
Brief description of the drawings
1 (a), (b) and (C) are an enlarged view 1 of the main part of the speaker diaphragm according to
the present invention, a partial perspective view, and an enlarged view 1 of the state in which a
tinsel wire is fixed to the diaphragm. View, Fig. 2 (Daily, (b) is a partially enlarged sectional view
according to another embodiment and f ::!
FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a state in which a thread line is temporarily fixed in a
u'i motion, and FIG. 3 is a plan view of a conventional speaker unit. 11 ... diaphragm, 12 ... hole,
12A ... rim portion, 13 ... eyelet portion) tAlX ... tinsel wire, Y ... lead wire. Patent Assignee Pioneer
Legal Company (a) (b) (C) Agent Patent Attorney Noboru Kohashi Floating amount
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