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The present invention relates to a telescopic speaker box, and in particular, refers to a speaker
box that can increase the resonance space and improve blindness by having a type of telescopic
speaker box combination. The speaker box's design is based on the single part and the speaker
box. The sound effect of the speaker box is determined by the signal source, the speaker and the
speaker box part using its resonance principle. In a general speaker box, if it is intended to
enhance the resonance effect, it is necessary to increase the acoustic resonance space or to
improve the simple part by all means, but it is necessary to make the resonance space too large.
The fault exists, the beautiful sound generated by the resonance effect by this However, if it is
designed with the use of a speaker box that is too small or too small, the resonance space that is
too large will occupy a large space and it will be awkward to use. Outside the use of highly
efficient monomers, otherwise no highly efficient resonance effects can be generated, except that
its superiority is that detention is convenient and takes up no space O for the above reasons,
Since multi-disciplined design is required in the design of the speaker box, but the resonance
space is also between the universities in the design, the telescopic speaker box of this group
appears there, which is also a drawback of the traditional speaker box. In addition to being able
to solve the problem, the purpose of the O main blow, which is also more insisting on the
demand of modern people, is to provide a speaker box of a striking telescopic combination body,
and its speaker fixing plate is The purpose of the blowing according to the present invention is to
provide a speaker fixing plate of the above-mentioned type, and the speaker box assembly of the
present invention. Can condensate, detain, and be both convenient and save space. Furthermore,
in order to understand the features and technical contents of the present invention, the following
detailed description and appendices pertaining to the present invention With reference to a more
detailed description, but only with reference to the description and explanation, without
separately limiting it to any of the present invention, see O Appendix ?. In this case, the present
invention provides an expandable speaker box ?0) 0? which is mainly condensed, convenient
for carrying, frequency of movement, and at the same time increases acoustic resonance space
when used and improves sound effect. The speaker 0x is mainly connected to one net-like cover
body, its net-like cover body (on the other side of 121 and connected to one speaker fixing plate
03, and joined to one fixing plate 03 Containing the speakers ? ?;-the main body of the speaker
1 with a set of elastic combinations in which the main body (two of them are joined together by
the speaker fixing plate 03 and the bolt 09, and one first connecting member is made of The
main body (Fit to the inner hole of 2 ships, and the outer diameter of the first connecting body
(goods) and the main body (the outer diameter of the 2 ships mix with sliding and fit each other,
the first connecting body (good) 2)) in order to prevent them from sliding completely out of the
interior of the main body), and implant the main body (in the two ridges and in the ridges) (B)
There is a slide tank (good) (good) that matches each other; One second connection body (good)
is fitted in the first connection body (2), and it is also blended by wedge slicing, and they are
fitted together, and the corresponding convex of one end of the second connection body- @ (I) is
planted, and the first connecting body) is provided with a slide tank (31) on the inner edge
surface, and is interlocked with the protruding side of the second connecting body (2)- The
connecting body (good) is also embedded with a convex 13 (to the end) on the end side of the
wedge, and is mutually slide mixed with the slide tank t 351 C3G on the inner end face of the
second connecting body (good) One convex flange is also provided on the other seven end faces
of the body (one), and one hole is made in the convex flange KO and one pull ring (41) is
inserted, thus the main body (the second rod and the first , 2nd, 3rd connecting body @ @
(goods) after fitting each other, to complete the present invention of an elastic speaker
combination body (a) 0 The stretchable speaker box combination of the stretchable speaker
fixing plate does not limit the number of connected bodies separately, and conversely, the
number can be freely increased or decreased depending on the needs of the situation. , When
used, pull out the pull ring KD on the end side of the third connected body (goods), speaker,
switch assembly ? Expand the whole, increase the speaker (generate sound resonance space at
141, improve blindness, To make the sound quality even more beautiful (for example, as
indicated by 1-m), when not in use, the telescopic speaker box combination ? is shrunk (for
example, as indicated by 2.1), The 0x3x1 fixed-to-speaker fixed plate, which is totally reduced in
size, very convenient for both retention and vibration, and saves a lot of space, its design
principle itself is one big breakthrough in its stretchable sbeaker According to the present
invention, the speaker box is another one in which the development of the traditional speaker
fixed plate is invariably stuck with changes in the shape and size by positively pushing forward
the process of its development. There is no particular limitation on the shape of the telescopic
speaker box of the present invention which is vague to a new new boundary, but, for example,
the fourth and fifth toes are good embodiments of the present invention O The specific
embodiment described above is used to describe in detail the purpose, features and assistance of
the present invention, and a person skilled in the art can modify part of the specific embodiment
or a modification of the specific embodiment according to the above description. Whether it is
possible to make a modification, the scope of the patent of the present invention shall be slightly
limited by the claims of the appendix, since it does not separately depart from the present
invention. 0
Brief description of the drawings
1st, 1st, and 3rd, between the anatomical plane display which expanded the telescopic speaker
box of the present invention, the 2nd eyebrow, the anatomical dihedral display garden which
contracted the telescopic speaker box of the present invention, the 3rd, the telescopic type of the
present invention The 4D is a stereoscopic display of the speaker box, the 4th is a stereoscopic
display of the telescopic speaker box according to the present invention-the 50th is a
stereoscopic display image of the other 1 telescopic speaker box according to the present
invention, (Abstract symbol) 10, ... ... telescoping loudspeaker I scan IL ...... telescoping
loudspeaker I scan IZ ...... net-like cover body 13, ...... speaker fixing plate 14,
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии First Twolinkage body 24 и и и и и и и и third link body 253, n . , 29. . 30. 33. . 34.
иииииииииииииииииииииии. 28. . 31. , 32. . 35. , 36. ...... slide chamber 40, ......-out protruding flange 41
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