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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
method of suppressing the output of the deep bass portion of an audio circuit of a television or
audio equipment.
2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, television and audio equipment have been
increasingly equipped with speakers for deep bass reproduction. An example of the configuration
of the audio circuit is shown in FIG. In order to get enough deep bass, the bass speaker requires
about five times the power of the left and right speakers, and the power amplifier in the bass
section is of high power.
However, a television receiver or the like can not be equipped with a high power power amplifier,
nor can it be equipped with a speaker that can produce a large signal. Therefore, the amplifier
and the speaker actually mounted will not be suitable for the left and right power at the time of
high output, but with the configuration in Fig. 3 the bus (voltage for adjusting the amount of
increase in the low frequency range of the normal audio part) There are problems such as
distortion of sound when S bus (voltage to adjust the volume of the deep bass part) and VOL
(voltage to adjust the volume of both the normal audio part and the deep bass part in
conjunction) are large It was
The present invention is to solve the above-mentioned problems, and it is an object of the present
invention to prevent the volume of the deep bass part from exceeding the maximum output of
the amplifier by the bus, S bus or VOL.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The output suppression circuit according to the present
invention is characterized in that the characteristics of the balance terminal are generated by
creating and applying a voltage to be input to the balance terminal of the volume control IC from
voltages which can change the volume of the deep bass part. It is intended to reduce the rate of
volume change due to the S bus and so on only when all other voltages are relatively large.
The balance terminal has a characteristic that the output hardly changes until the voltage rises to
a certain level when focusing on one of the channels, and the output is gradually narrowed when
the voltage becomes higher.
Therefore, if a voltage obtained by adding the S bus and other voltages at an appropriate ratio is
applied to the balance terminal, the output of the volume control IC is throttled and the change in
the output as a whole is small even if any voltage is increased when all the voltages are large. It
can be suppressed.
invention will be described below with reference to FIGS.
In the case of the embodiment shown in FIG. 1, the voltages of the S bus, the bus and the VOL of
the microcomputer 5 are directly connected to the balance terminal with resistances in an
appropriate ratio.
In the case of the circuit configuration of the deep bass portion of the embodiment, there are
three types that can increase the volume of the deep bass portion, S bus, bus, and VOL, so the
voltage to be input to the balance terminal is generated from these three voltages. The circuit
configuration is such that the audio signal of the deep bass portion is taken out from the
previous stage of the volume control IC 1 and input to the balance terminal by the bus and S bus
when the volume of the bass portion changes only by the bus and S bus It will make a voltage.
Also, since the volume change due to the bus is generally smaller than the volume change due to
VOL, if there is some margin in the power amplifier 4, create a voltage to be applied to the
balance terminal with only the S bus and VOL and suppress its output. It is enough.
Fig. 2 shows an example of the characteristics obtained by the circuit of Fig. 1. When the S bus
alone is large, the output rises as much as the bus is raised. However, when the S bus and VOL
are both large, the output does not rise even if the bus is raised. It shows.
As apparent from the above embodiments, according to the present invention, it is possible to
suppress the rate of increase in output only when voltages which can increase the volume of the
deep bass portion are large, and When it is small, good characteristics similar to those before
implementation can be obtained.
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