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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
pressure-resistant structure of an electro-acoustic transducer capable of improving the withstand
voltage without reducing the efficiency of electro-acoustic conversion.
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, an electroacoustic transducer of this type is
disclosed, for example, in Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 49-16770, and the
configuration thereof is shown in FIG. In the figure, 1 is a vibrator, 2 is a spacer sandwiching the
upper and lower end portions of the vibrator 1, 3 is a coated wire obtained by bundling lead
wires 3a for guiding electric energy related to the vibration of the vibrator 1, 4 is a spacer 2
Sandwiching the bolt through hole 4a in the center, flanges 5 and 6 tighten the vibrator 1 and
the spacer 2 and the flange 4 to the extent that the flange 4 does not fall apart, and 7 with
insulating rubber covering the whole is there.
The operation of the electroacoustic transducer according to the above configuration is described
in the above-mentioned publication and is therefore omitted.
However, in the electro-acoustic transducer of the above configuration, the spacer does not
degrade the performance of the electro-acoustic transducer, so that the material does not disturb
the vibration of the vibrator itself, For example, one made of polyurethane rubber having a low
hardness was used, and the fastening was carried out to such an extent that the fastening was
not broken.
For this reason, when the external pressure is high, the spacer is cramped. In addition, there is a
problem that when the spacer is hardened to withstand the external pressure, the vibration of the
vibrator itself is inhibited.
The present invention aims to provide an excellent structure that withstands external pressure
without degrading the performance of the electroacoustic transducer.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention comprises a spacer support ring
comprising a spacer portion for holding a vibrator and a support ring portion integrally fixed to
the radially inner side of the spacer portion. Is
The present invention can improve the breakdown voltage without reducing the electroacoustic
conversion efficiency.
showing an embodiment of a pressure resistant structure of an electroacoustic transducer
according to the present invention.
In the figure, 8 is a spacer support ring, the details of which are shown in FIG.
In the spacer support ring 8 shown in FIG. 2, 9 is a support ring portion provided with a bolt
through hole 9a and a lead wire through hole 9b, 10 is a circumferential surface of the support
ring 9, It is a spacer part fixed by baking, adhesion, or integral molding of a substance that hardly
disturbs the vibration mode, such as polyurethane rubber.
Assuming that the thickness (height) of the spacer support ring 8 is h1, the thickness h2 is a
thickness (height) h1 because the spacer portion 10 forms a portion 10a in contact with the
vibrator 1 in a step. Form thinner than.
In the electro-acoustic transducer of this construction, after the upper and lower end portions of
the vibrator 1 are held by the spacer support ring 8, the bolt 5 and the nut 6 are tightened so
that the whole is not separated.
As described above in detail, according to the pressure-resistant structure of the electro-acoustic
transducer according to the present invention, the portion in contact with the vibrator is the
spacer portion, which inhibits the vibration of the vibrator itself. And no external vibration is
transmitted to the vibrator.
On the other hand, with respect to external pressure, the pressure is received by the support ring
portion installed inward in the radial direction of the spacer portion, so that buckling
deformation is suppressed, so that the withstand voltage can be improved without reducing the
electroacoustic conversion efficiency. There is an effect that can be done.
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