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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
flat loudspeaker unit, and more particularly to an improvement of a diaphragm of the flat
loudspeaker unit. 2. Description of the Related Art Most of diaphragms used in conventionally
known flat speaker units are single-plate foams such as polystyrene foam and foamed resin. B1 A
honeycomb diaphragm made of paper, resin, metal and the like as a skin material and paper,
metal, foamed resin and the like of a honeycomb structure as a core material. The voice coil is
bonded to the diaphragm with an adhesive. Therefore, as shown in FIG. 13, when a signal current
is supplied to the voice coil B located in the direction crossing the leakage flux, a driving force is
generated in the voice coil B in the vertical direction in the drawing, and the diaphragm S
vibrates in the vertical direction. To generate sound waves. [Problems to be Solved by the
Invention] The above-mentioned diaphragm has a problem that the weight of the adhesive
becomes dead mass and the sensitivity can not be sufficiently increased because a voice coil is
attached. Since the voice coil is attached to the diaphragm by the adhesive, there is a problem
such as a large transmission loss of the driving force. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to
solve the above-mentioned problems, the present invention arranges a plurality of magnets on a
flat plate yoke, and a voice coil in a direction crossing the leakage flux between the magnets. In
the flat-plate speaker unit in which the diaphragm is arranged, the diaphragm is characterized in
that the voice coil is insert-molded and injection-molded. Embodiments of the present invention
will be described below with reference to FIGS. 1 to 12 attached. First, FIG. 1 is an external
oblique view of a diaphragm used in the speaker unit according to the present invention, in
which 1 indicates a diaphragm, 2 indicates a 5 voice coil, V indicates an edge, 4 indicates a yoke,
and N indicates a magnet. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure thereof. FIG. 3 is
a cross-sectional oblique view. And, as a material of the diaphragm 1, (1) polystyrene,
polypropylene. (2) In the above (1), mica, carbon and graphite are mixed in order to obtain
greater diaphragm strength. (3) What mixed foam material 2 hollow balloon in said (1) or (2) in
order to reduce a diaphragm weight. (4) When the diaphragm is a skin material + core material,
the core material is the diaphragm material, and the skin material is metal, resin 1 paper. Etc. are
used. In addition, as a material of the voice coil 2, one laminated with @ wire, copper-lad
aluminum wire, aluminum wire 2, copper foil, aluminum foil.
3. Copper foil and aluminum foil attached to film. Or a printed coil with copper foils left on the
film by etching. Etc. are used. Here, the voice coil 2 may be one or plural. The voice coil 2 or the
printed coil is set on a mold B having a step with a depth d / 2 (step I) 1 of a doctor L1 doctor
[step I] 1 (FIGS. 4 and 5). 2. After combining mold A and mold B, inject diaphragm material (Fig.
6). In the diaphragm of the skin material upper core material, the skin material is set to the mold
A and formed. [Step {circle over (3)] 3> The diaphragm molded in step I is set on a mold D (FIG.
7) having a step with a depth d with the voice coil portion facing upward (FIG. 8). 4. After
aligning the mold C with the mold C, the diaphragm resin is injected (FIG. 9). In the skin material
+ diaphragm material of the core material, the skin material is set in the mold C and molded. In
FIG. 2, when a signal is supplied to the voice coil 2 located in the direction crossing the leakage
magnetic flux, the voice coil 2 generates driving force in the vertical direction. Here, since the
voice coil 2 and the diaphragm 1 are completely integrated, the diaphragm 1 moves in the
vertical direction and generates a noise. [Other embodiments] FIG. 10 shows a speaker having
magnetic circuits above and below the diaphragm 1. In the conventional diaphragm, as shown in
FIG. 11, voice coils from the magnetic circuit and from the magnetic circuit 1 are shown. Since
the distance of 2 is different, the amount of leakage flux I and leakage flux H is different, and the
force received by the voice coil 2 becomes uneven, which causes distortion, but the diaphragm 1
in the present invention is shown in FIG. As described above, since the voice coil 2 is at an equal
distance from the opposite magnetic circuit, the force received from the opposite leakage
magnetic flux becomes uniform, and the characteristics and the sound quality are improved. As is
apparent from the above description, the flat speaker unit according to the present invention has
the voice coil inserted into the diaphragm and is injection molded. Since no adhesive is present
between the 17 plates and the voice coil, removal of the dead mass is possible, and the degree of
anger of the diaphragm is improved, and since the diaphragm and the voice coil are integrated,
transmission of the driving force There is no loss, and the sound quality can be expected to
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a partial oblique view of the diaphragm of the flat speaker unit according to the present
invention, FIG. 2 is the same sectional view, FIG. 3 is a partially enlarged sectional view, and FIG.
4 to FIG. 10 is a sectional view showing another embodiment, FIG. 11 is an explanatory sectional
view of a conventional example, FIG. 12 is an explanatory sectional view of another embodiment,
and FIG. 13 is a sectional view of a typical typical diaphragm of the prior art. FIG.
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