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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
diaphragm for a speaker, and more particularly, to a diaphragm for a speaker made of resin
which is easily molded by injection molding and collapsed to various physical properties. r Prior
Art Many diaphragms for speakers are made of paper mainly made of pulp or fiber material. This
paper-made diaphragm has a small mass, a relatively large Young's modulus, and the like. In
addition to the reason that the internal loss is moderately large, it is easy to mold and can be
provided inexpensively. In addition, the diaphragm itself is required to have good transient
characteristics, high efficiency, good elongation in the high frequency range, and further
suppress separation vibration and small peaks and dips in the high frequency range in the
frequency characteristics. In order to satisfy these characteristics very much, the basic physical
properties of paper materials have their own limits, and in order to improve the characteristics,
other materials may be mixed with paper or completely replaced with pond materials. is
necessary. Since the diaphragm made of pulp is formed by the tension of pulp fibers and the
bond and entanglement of non-linear fibers of compressive elastic modulus, it has low tensile
strength 1 Mechanical resistance is friction between fibers As it is the main one, its Young's
modulus is lower than that of metal diaphragms of titanium, aluminum, etc., and the diaphragm
for middle to high range has its reproduction capability limited. [Problems to be Solved by the
Invention] In order to solve the problem of the characteristic of the diaphragm obtained by such
pulp fibers, replacing it with a metal diaphragm such as titanium or aluminum solves the
problem, but a new molding problem, ie, Processing of the diaphragm is bothersome, and it is
expensive to raise the problem of product cost, and in order to solve these problems, it is easy to
mold and synthetic to make the cost inexpensive. The diaphragm made of resin It has attracted
the eye. There was a problem that the characteristic was not obtained. Therefore, it is an object
of the present invention to improve the filler in order to improve the characteristics of the
vibration {circle over (1)}, in particular, the diaphragm made of a synthetic resin. [Means for
Solving the Problems] In order to achieve the above-mentioned object, the present invention
provides a titanium oxide film on a scaly and fibrous surface of an inorganic organic material,
and mixing it into a thermoplastic resin. It is characterized by being obtained by injection
molding. EXAMPLES The present invention will be described in detail below. The diaphragm
obtained according to the present invention uses a thermoplastic resin such as polypropylene
resin, and 30% of wedge-shaped mica in a weight ratio to this thermoplastic resin is mixed to
form a pellet for injection molding. The flakes of mica have a particle diameter in the range of 10
to 200 μm, and a titanium oxide film with a thickness of 0.05 to 0.2 μm is applied to the
Next, the physical properties of the diaphragm obtained by “polypropylene alone”,
“polypropylene 70 wt.% To which 30 wt% of untreated mica is added J [30 wt% of a
polypropylene oxide film formed to 70 wt% of polypropylene]” are compared . As described
above, the titanium oxide film is applied to mica to improve in a preferable direction. Injection
molding is most suitable for forming the diaphragm. By preparing a 30% by weight mica beet
with a titanium oxide film applied to polypropylene, natural polypropylene is added at the time of
injection molding to obtain mica content Is easy to control. [Other Embodiments] The above
description has been made using mica scale-like ones, but other scale-like substances 1 such as
flake-like graphite, glass powder, metal powder and titanium oxide film Alternatively, a titanium
oxide film may be formed on inorganic fibers such as carbon positive and gas mMI or organic
fibers such as aramid fibers. As is apparent from the above description, the speaker diaphragm of
the present invention has a Young's modulus as compared with the conventional product. It is
excellent in physical properties such as internal loss, can widen the frequency characteristics and
can be averaged, and can expect improvement in sound quality. In addition, control of physical
properties is easy, and the degree of freedom in designing a speaker is increased. Patent
Assignee Pioneer Corporation Attorney Attorney Kohashi Noritoshi Attorney Attorney Murai
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