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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
electrodynamic planar drive speaker, and more particularly to a speaker suitable for generating a
sound by converting a digital signal to an input terminal and converting the signal into an analog
signal. (Prior Art) Conventionally, a speaker has been proposed which directly inputs a digital
signal to the input terminal of the speaker and generates an analog connection in the speaker.
However, in this type of speaker, there is a problem of weighting corresponding to bits in the
digital signal, which causes a drawback that the structure of the speaker is complicated.
(Problems to be Solved by the Invention) Generally, weighting of the driving force corresponding
to the weight of the focus signal in the electrodynamic planar drive speaker is Bj! i (B: flux
density, l: effective filament length, i: current flowing through the filament), or a combination
thereof. In this case, according to the concept of the invention separately proposed by the
inventor of the present invention, it is possible to bear a part of the weight on the power supply
side, and to reduce the number of ring rings. However, to supply a large current to the
diaphragm, it is necessary to increase the cross-sectional area of the wire ring in order to cope
with this, and there is a problem that the line length becomes short but the area of the
diaphragm hardly changes. occured. The present invention has been proposed to ameliorate the
above-mentioned drawbacks, and an object thereof is to provide a speaker in which the structure
of the speaker is miniaturized and the generation of divided vibrations is characteristically
avoided. . (Means for Solving the Problems) In order to achieve the above object, in the present
invention, in a speaker having a wire ring made of conductive foil on a diaphragm, weighting is
applied to each bit of digital signal. An electrodynamic planar drive speaker characterized in that
a plurality of diaphragms are laminated is the gist of the invention. (Operation) Since the present
invention is formed by laminating the diaphragms of the speaker, the area of the diaphragm can
be set to 1/2 or less as compared with the diaphragm of the conventional speaker, so the speaker
can be miniaturized as well. It is possible to prevent the occurrence of divided vibration. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described. It is needless to say that the embodiment
is one example, and various changes or improvements can be made without departing from the
spirit of the present invention. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the diaphragm of the present
invention. In the figure, A shows a substrate portion of the diaphragm, and B shows a conductor
portion formed on this substrate. 1, 1 is a wire ring corresponding to 2 ° bit, 2 is a wire ring
corresponding to 2 ′ bit, 3 is a wire ring corresponding to 1 bit, 4 is a wire ring corresponding
to 23 bit, 5 ′ ′ and 5 ′ ′ Indicates a wire ring corresponding to 24 bits.
Thus, the substrates AA ′ ′ are formed so as not to have the same area, and the conductor
layers B-8 ′ ′ are formed on the respective substrates by printing or etching. As shown in FIG.
2, two substrates A and A are shown in FIG. FIG. 3 shows a cross-sectional view of the diaphragm,
in which C is a yoke, D is a magnet, E is a diaphragm, and a conductor layer B is formed on a
substrate A. By configuring as described above, if two diaphragms are stacked, the area of the
finished diaphragm is 1/2 of the entire area of the conventional product. If it is a three-layer
stack, it is 1/3. According to this configuration, not only the area is reduced, but also the rigidity
of the diaphragm is increased, and there is an effect of preventing the division vibration which
easily occurs in this type of diaphragm. Furthermore, according to the above-described structure,
the magnetic circuit is also reduced in proportion to the area of the diaphragm, so that the cost
can be reduced. When laminating the substrates, as shown in the example of FIG. 4, the rigidity
of the whole diaphragm can be balanced by laminating A2 in the reverse direction of the pattern
of the conductor layer. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the present invention is not
limited to digital, but can be widely applied to conductive flat speakers. According to the present
invention as described above, according to the present invention, in a speaker having a wire ring
made of conductive foil on a diaphragm, a plurality of diaphragms weighted for each bit of digital
signals By laminating 0, the area required for the moving plate can be at least 172 or less
compared to the conventional one, and the configuration of the magnetic circuit is accordingly
reduced accordingly. The speaker can be miniaturized. (B) By laminating, it is possible to increase
the rigidity of the diaphragm and to prevent the occurrence of divided vibration which is likely to
occur in this type of diaphragm. (C) It is also possible to balance the rigidity of the diaphragm by
selecting the direction of the pattern of the conductor layer formed on the substrate. And so on.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows a diaphragm in the speaker of the present invention, FIG. 2 shows a state of
lamination, FIG. 3 shows a sectional view of the speaker, and FIG. 4 shows another example of
the case of lamination.
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