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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
audio reproducing apparatus used in a relatively narrow room such as a passenger car, and more
particularly to tuning of bass frequency characteristics by a dedicated bass speaker among the
speaker systems. (Conventional art) Conventionally, in an audio reproduction apparatus using
this type of dedicated speaker system for bass, the tuning by the bass reflex boat is performed to
tune the bass range, as shown in the characteristic diagram shown in FIG. In the above method,
the peak generated in the bass region becomes a simple mountain shape, and this mountain
changes depending on the size of the bass reflex port. The (Problems to be Solved by the
Invention) In the above-mentioned prior art, if only a certain portion of the bass region is
enhanced as the acoustic characteristic of a relatively narrow room, depending on the music,
only a portion thereof may be heard and the entire music may be A phenomenon occurs in which
the balance is broken. Further, the acoustic characteristics of the room are greatly affected by the
dimensions of the structure of the chamber, and there is a problem that desired room acoustic
characteristics can not be obtained even if the frequency characteristics of the electric circuit are
changed. An object of the present invention is to provide an audio reproduction apparatus
capable of setting the frequency characteristic of a bass part to various states. (Means for Solving
the Problems) In order to achieve the above object, the present invention is provided with a
plurality of dedicated bass speakers, and the tuning frequencies of these bass-only spear forces
are set independently to each other in the reproduction sound field. It is characterized in that it is
configured to set the frequency characteristic of the bass portion. (Operation) Since the abovedescribed means is adopted, by setting the tuning frequencies of the plurality of dedicated bassspecific speakers independently, it is possible to optionally flatten or multiply the peak points in
the overall frequency characteristics. An embodiment of the present invention will be described
below with reference to the drawings. In the following embodiments, the case of a passenger
compartment of a passenger car will be described as a representative example of a relatively
narrow acoustic space. FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing a first embodiment of the audio
reproducing apparatus according to the present invention, 11 is a dedicated bass speaker
installed on the left side of the rear tray 2 of the passenger car 1, 12 is a dedicated bass speaker
installed on the right side, M is a passenger and S is another speaker. The overall frequency can
be set to the frequency characteristic of C by setting the frequency characteristic of the left side
dedicated bass speaker 11 to A in FIG. 4 and the frequency characteristic of the right side
dedicated bass speaker 12 to B. That is, a flatter bass frequency characteristic can be obtained
than can be obtained with a single bass dedicated speaker.
Further, the peak of the overall frequency characteristic becomes sharper by equalizing the
tuning frequency with the frequency characteristic of left side dedicated speaker 11 at A 'and the
frequency characteristic of right side dedicated speaker 12 at B' as B '. It can be set as follows.
Furthermore, by shifting the peak areas of the frequency characteristics A ′ ′ and B ′ ′ ′ of
the left and right dedicated bass speakers 11.12 as shown in FIG. 6, two peaks can be set in the
overall frequency characteristic. . The installation configuration of the dedicated bass speaker is
not limited to the first embodiment. That is, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing the second
embodiment, 21 shows a dedicated bass speaker installed at the left rear door 3 of the passenger
car 1, and 22 shows a dedicated bass speaker installed at the right rear door 4 of the passenger
car 1. FIG. 3 is an explanatory view showing a third embodiment, wherein 31 is a dedicated
speaker for bass installed at the left front door 5 of the passenger car 1 and 32 is a loudspeaker
dedicated for bass installed at the right front door 6 of the passenger car 1. Also, in addition to
the above-mentioned bass dedicated speakers 3 31.32, when using a plurality of
bass dedicated speakers, installing one with different tuning frequency for each The overall
frequency characteristic can be changed more finely. Next, a specific method of using this
embodiment will be described. For example, in a car audio system having flat vehicle interior
acoustic characteristics, when the vehicle actually travels, traveling noise is generated, and
particularly the bass is masked by the traveling noise, which tends to result in the sound quality
lacking in bass. Therefore, by reproducing bass with a sound pressure equal to or higher than the
noise level using a dedicated bass speaker, the sound is made to be flat in terms of audibility. In
this case, according to the above embodiment, preference is given to Can be set to create the
overall frequency characteristics. That is, in FIG. 7, the frequency characteristic is the frequency
characteristic in the passenger compartment when the present embodiment is not adopted, and
the frequency characteristic E shows traveling noise. The frequency characteristic E is all of the
sounds generated when the car travels, such as engine sounds, body wind noises, running sounds
emitted between the tire grounds, and sounds generated by reflection of the above total sound on
surrounding buildings etc. Although it changes with driving speed, the condition of the road
surface, etc., it is measured that the inclination of 6 dB per octave decreases qualitatively. In FIG.
7, in the lower frequency region where the frequency characteristic in the passenger
compartment and the frequency characteristic E of the traveling noise intersect, in the lower
frequency region, the signal sound is masked by the noise and can not be heard.
In order to make the sound in the passenger compartment feel even a low-pitched part-minute, it
is necessary to emphasize the low-pitched part as shown in the frequency characteristic F of FIG.
This embodiment is used as a means for emphasizing the low-pitched portion. That is, the tuning
frequency is set to the crossing frequency f in FIG. 7 and the lower frequency f4, and the sound
pressure level of the peak is determined by the selection of the speaker unit, the design of the
speaker box, and the boat design. Moreover, by using the present embodiment, the steepness
(smoothness) of the peak can be designed to a desired characteristic in the design method of
tuning of the two bass dedicated speakers 11 to 32. Thus, the present embodiment has the
following effects. That is, since the tuning frequencies of the low-tone speakers 11 to 32 installed
in the vehicle compartment can be changed independently, it is possible to sharpen the peak of
the vehicle interior acoustic characteristics (increase Q), and Can be set, and the peak can be
broadened (Q can be decreased). This effect is not determined depending on where the dedicated
low tone speakers 11 to 32 are installed, and even when installed on the rear tray 2 or on the
front and rear doors 3 to 6, the foot of the front passenger seat and the seat of each seat It is
realized even when installed below. (Effects of the Invention) According to the present invention,
it is possible to set the frequency characteristics of the bass part to various states, and to provide
an audio reproducing apparatus having excellent acoustic characteristics.
Brief description of the drawings
1, 2 and 3 are explanatory views showing an embodiment of the audio reproducing apparatus
according to the present invention, and FIGS. 4 and 5 respectively.
Fig. 6 is a characteristic diagram for explaining setting of frequency characteristics according to
an embodiment of the present invention, Fig. 7 is a characteristic diagram showing a relationship
between traveling noise and a vehicle interior frequency characteristic, and Fig. 8 is traveling
noise and tuning frequency And FIG. 9 is a characteristic diagram of a conventional tuning
frequency. 11, ... dedicated speaker for bass.
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