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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
silencer based on the principle of active silencer.
2. Description of the Related Art As one of the silencers, there is an active silencer which adds a
sound (interference sound) in reverse phase to the noise and muffles by an interference effect.
As one mode of this active noise cancellation, there is an adaptive active noise cancellation that
detects an actually generated noise and generates an interference sound of the opposite phase.
As another active noise reduction method, when the noise source is operated intermittently, the
noise generated by the noise source is stored in advance in the storage device, and when the
noise source is activated, interference with the stored sound and the opposite phase is generated.
Mufflers that generate sound are also contemplated.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the active noise reduction system, the front area
(the arrival area of the interference sound wave) of the speaker that outputs the interference
sound can be efficiently muffled, but when the interference sound wave deviates from the arrival
area There is a problem that the muffling effect becomes extremely poor.
If a large number of active silencers are installed, such problems can be solved, but the
equipment cost becomes extremely high.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An active noise reduction apparatus according to the present
invention generates an interference sound upon receiving an output from the interference sound
generation circuit and an interference sound generation circuit that generates an interference
sound of a phase opposite to the noise. In an active noise reduction device having a speaker, a
plurality of speakers are installed at different installation locations for one interference sound
generation circuit, and a human body detection sensor for detecting a human body position, a
detected human body position And a response controller for operating the speaker in proximity.
In the active noise reduction device of the present invention, a plurality of speakers are installed
at different installation positions to operate the speakers close to the human body. Sound can be
supplied to actively mute.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is a general block diagram of an active silencer according to the embodiment, FIG. 2 is a
partial block diagram, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a bathroom provided with this active
In FIG. 3, the bathtub 21 is provided with a bubble jet nozzle 22.
Hot water in the bathtub 21 is circulated and supplied to the bubble jet nozzle through a pump.
Then, air is supplied so as to be sucked into the jet flow at the portion of the nozzle 22, and a
gas-liquid mixed jet is jetted from the nozzle 22 into the bath 21.
At the time of the bubble spouting operation, in addition to the spouting noise from the nozzle
22, noise such as bubble bursting sound or pump operation noise reaches the bather's ear.
Therefore, in order to actively muffle this noise, a total of seven muffling units 10, 20, 30, 40, 50,
60, 70 are provided on the wall surface 23 along the longitudinal direction of the bathtub 21.
Each of the muffling units 10 to 70 includes a microphone 1 for noise collection, a speaker 9 for
interference sound output, a microphone 11 for evaluation, and a human body detection sensor
16 as shown in FIG.
Each of the muffling units 10 to 70 is connected to one common circuit unit 80.
The circuit unit 80 is provided with a response controller 81 and an interference sound
generation circuit 82.
In this active type silencer, after the detection sound of the microphone 1 is amplified by the
amplifier 3, only the low frequency sound signal in the audible band is selected through the low
pass filter (LPF) 4.
The low frequency sound signal is A / D converted by the A / D converter 5, and the phase
inverted signal is generated by the digital filter (DF) 6.
This inverted signal is D / A converted by the D / A converter 7 and then amplified by the
amplifier 8 to produce a sound from the speaker 9.
The sound output to the speaker 9 is a sound detected by the microphone 1 or an interference
sound in reverse phase to the sound currently being detected, and the active noise reduction is
In this embodiment, the adaptive active noise reduction is also used, and the adaptive active
noise reduction microphone (evaluation microphone) 11 is provided, and the adaptive active
noise reduction amplifier 12, the low-pass filter 13, and the A / D converter 14. And the adaptive
controller 15 is installed.
The sound detected by the evaluation microphone 11 is amplified, passes through a low pass
filter (LPF) 13, is A / D converted, and is then input to the adaptive controller 15.
The adaptive controller 15 determines whether the muffling action is sufficiently exhibited, sends
a control signal to the digital filter (DF) 6 or the amplifier 8, optimizes the phase of the inverted
signal and the sound pressure of the inverted sound, and is sufficient. Mute.
The sound from the microphone 1 is input to the amplifier 3 through the gate circuit 2.
The gate circuit 2 opens the gate by the gate actuation circuit 17 and transmits a noise signal
from the microphone 1 to the amplifier 3 only when the human body detection sensor 16 detects
a human body. Therefore, only when a human body is detected in front of the speaker 9 of one
noise cancellation unit, the speaker 9 of the noise cancellation unit is actively silenced.
As described above, since a large number of speakers 9 are provided and these speakers 9 are
arranged along the side of bath 21, even if the bather is at any position in bath 21, the ear of the
bather is Interference noise of sufficient volume can be supplied, and active noise reduction can
be performed reliably.
In addition, since the speaker 9 which does not have a human body ahead is not operated, the
operation frequency of a speaker, a microphone for evaluation, etc. reduces, and the durability
Of course, since only one interference sound generation circuit 82 is provided as a whole, the
equipment cost is low.
When a plurality of human body detection sensors 16 simultaneously detect a human body, the
sum of the detection sounds of the microphones 1 of the muffling unit to which the sensors 16
belong is treated as noise, and the antiphase sound to this sum is output as interference sound.
Just do it.
In the above embodiment, adaptive active noise reduction is performed. However, in the present
invention, noise data may be stored in advance in a memory and interference noise may be
output based on the stored data.
Although the speakers 9 are arranged along the long side of the bathtub 21 in the above
embodiment, the speakers 9 may be arranged on the wall surface along the short side of the
bathtub 22 indicated by reference numeral 24.
Further, the speakers 9 may be arrayed and installed on a flange portion of a bathtub or the like.
Although the said Example concerns on the silencer for bathrooms, this invention is applicable to
various rooms, such as a living, a kitchen, a toilet room, an office room.
As described above, according to the active noise reduction system of the present invention, even
if the human body moves, interference noise can be supplied to the ears, and active noise
reduction can be performed reliably.
In addition, since a plurality of microphones and speakers are connected to a common
interference sound generation circuit, the number of interference sound generation circuits can
be small and the facility cost is low.
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