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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
karaoke apparatus which is small in size, high in operability and suitable for personal use at
home, etc. In particular, the leakage of accompaniment tones and singing voices to the outside is
minimized. In addition, by configuring to be able to prevent noise nuisance to the neighborhood
in advance, it is possible to sing freely with sufficient voicing volume in a selfish time zone, and a
helmet device for karaoke that can be used cheaply even by beginners About.
2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, karaoke apparatuses have been widely spread,
and along with this, noise to the surroundings is becoming a social problem. A so-called karaoke
box is known as a karaoke apparatus for preventing noise to the surroundings, but when it is
used for home use, the apparatus is too large, so it is not suitable for general use.
In the case of a home-use karaoke apparatus, it is possible to considerably reduce the volume of
the accompaniment sound using a headphone or the like if it is intended to suppress noise and
inconvenience to the neighborhood as much as possible. However, if the volume of the utterance
is reduced, it is not possible to obtain sufficient satisfaction even if the user sings using the
karaoke apparatus.
FIG. 3 is a functional block diagram showing an example of a main configuration of a
conventional karaoke apparatus. In the figure, 11 is a storage medium, 12 is a reproducing /
recording device, 12a is an audio signal reproducing / recording unit, 12b is a video signal
reproducing / recording unit, 13 is a mixer, 14 is a microphone device, 15 is an amplifier, 16 is a
speaker Reference numeral 17 denotes a display, and 18 denotes an operation unit.
In FIG. 3, a general karaoke apparatus is shown, and a storage medium 11 stores musical tone
signals for accompaniment and video signals such as lyrics and / or an appropriate background
screen. In addition, there is also known a karaoke apparatus to which a function of recording a
singer's own singing voice as an audio signal is added as needed. As the storage medium 11, a
large capacity medium such as an optical disk or a medium having a relatively small capacity
such as a magnetic tape is used.
The operation unit 18 gives instructions for music selection and start. The operation unit 18 and
the karaoke system may be connected in a so-called cordless manner. In addition, in order to
reduce the accompaniment tone reproduced from the storage medium 11, it is possible to use a
headphone instead of the speaker 16 though not particularly shown.
There is no need to particularly describe how to use this karaoke apparatus, and so is omitted. As
described above, in the conventional karaoke apparatus, the problem of noise is caused mainly
by the leakage of sound around the environment, so many functions added and the performance
of the accompaniment sound etc. are fully utilized to free time zone There was a disadvantage
that it was not possible to use it at will.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, it is possible to solve these
inconveniences in the conventional karaoke apparatus, and to sing freely at a loud enough
voicing volume without worrying about noise nuisance to the neighborhood even in ordinary
homes. An object of the present invention is to provide a helmet device for karaoke which allows
the user to enjoy karaoke playing freely when he / she wants to sing, by using less space.
According to the present invention, first, a microphone and a headphone or a small speaker are
provided inside the helmet, and the microphone and the headphone or the small container are
properly positioned in the helmet. A connection means is provided for connecting the speaker to
an external circuit such as a control unit of the karaoke system.
Secondly, in the first helmet apparatus for karaoke, the ventilation silencer section is provided at
an appropriate position of the helmet.
Third, in the first or second karaoke helmet device, a display is provided at an appropriate
position of the helmet.
In the present invention, from the viewpoint of space saving and noise prevention, the helmet
style for covering the head of the singer is adopted so as not to bother others (invention of claim
Further, the helmet is provided with a ventilation muffling section to further improve the
environment of the singer (the invention of claim 2), and a display is provided to display lyrics or
the like to facilitate singing (claim 3) Invention).
present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings.
As described above, the present invention is characterized in that the helmet device is used in
combination to utilize the function of the conventional karaoke device.
FIG. 1 is a functional block diagram showing an example of a main configuration of a helmet
device for karaoke of the present invention.
In the figure, 1 is an external device unit, 2 is a control unit, and 3 is a helmet unit.
As described with reference to FIG. 3, the external device unit 1 includes an amplifier unit, an
audio / video reproduction unit (disc reproduction unit, tape reproduction unit, etc.), an audio
recording unit, an audio / video signal transmission unit, etc. ing.
This external device unit 1 can be used independently as a karaoke apparatus as in the prior art,
without using the helmet unit 3.
The control unit 2 has a button arrangement for blind operation, and performs volume control of
the helmet unit 3, tone, echo, level adjustment of voice and tone, brightness and contrast
adjustment of video, reproduction operation, recording operation, etc. When the helmet unit 3 is
not connected, various similar operations of the external device unit 1 are performed. The helmet
unit 3 is additionally provided with connection means connected to the control unit 2. In this
manner, the helmet portion 3 adopts the helmet style that completely covers the head, so that
sound leakage is minimized, and karaoke singing can be enjoyed with a sufficient voicing volume
anytime and anywhere.
Next, a specific configuration of the karaoke helmet device of the present invention will be
described. This helmet apparatus for karaoke is provided with a microphone unit, a headphone
unit and a position adjustment unit inside the helmet (invention of claim 1), and a ventilation /
muffling unit (invention of claim 2), and a display unit In the configuration provided with (the
invention of claim 3), as required, a viewing window through which the outside of the helmet can
be seen is provided.
FIG. 2 is a schematic side view showing an example of the detailed positional relationship of each
part of the helmet part 3 of FIG. In the figure, 3 is a helmet part, 3a is a microphone part, 3b is a
display part, 3c is a headphone part, 3d is a ventilation / muffling part, and 3e is a position
adjustment part.
As shown in FIG. 2, the helmet portion 3 is made of a material and shape having high
soundproofing and silencing effects, so it is highly wearable, highly fit, easily removable, and
light in weight so as to reduce wearing fatigue. As well as being easy to clean inside. The
microphone unit 3 a is fixed to the front of the mouth of the helmet unit 3.
The display unit 3 b employs a low luminance LCD display device to suppress the amount of heat
generation. In addition, a lens is provided on the front of the LCD display device to adjust the
viewpoint and focus. The headphone unit 3c is installed at a position where the pressure bonding
to the ear can be reliably performed. By adopting the anti-phase sound system, the ventilation /
muffling section 3d is configured so that the ventilation is good and the sound disappears surely.
The position adjustment unit 3e is provided on the top of the head of the helmet unit 3 and is
adjustable so that the helmet unit 3 can be properly fitted to the singer's body, and has a function
to prevent sound from leaking outside . If the helmet portion 3 is entirely made of a synthetic
resin of a transparent material, it is not necessary to specially provide a viewing window.
By adopting such a helmet style, the karaoke helmet device according to the present invention
saves space for personal use and reduces noise to the neighborhood, so it does not choose the
use time or place, etc. A helmet device for karaoke is realized. Moreover, a more comfortable
environment is realized by the ventilation and muffling section 3d, and if the necessary display is
performed on the screen of the display section 3b, the practice effect is also improved.
According to the helmet device for karaoke of the first aspect of the present invention, the
microphone and the headphone or the small speaker are provided inside the helmet, and the
microphone and the headphone or the small speaker are provided at an appropriate position of
the helmet. And a connection means for connecting to an external circuit such as a control unit of
the karaoke system, and can be used as a personal karaoke apparatus by connecting to a
conventional karaoke apparatus. That is, if you wear this helmet device and sing, you can hear
the necessary accompaniment sounds and there is no fear that the singing voice will leak to the
Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the karaoke performance sufficiently without having to worry
about noise and nuisance to the neighborhood, and it is also possible for a beginner to sing
easily. Moreover, because of its small size and high operability, it is optimal for personal use.
In the helmet device for karaoke of the second aspect, the ventilation noise reduction part is
added to the helmet at a suitable position of the helmet. Therefore, in addition to the effects of
the helmet device of claim 1, the environment inside the helmet is further improved.
In the helmet device for karaoke of the third aspect of the present invention, in the helmet device
of the first or second aspect, a display is further added at an appropriate position of the helmet.
Therefore, since necessary information such as lyrics can be displayed on the screen of this
display, in addition to the effects of the helmet device of claim 1 or claim 2, utilizing karaoke
performance more effectively it can.
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