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A high DC voltage is applied between a pointed electrode such as a needle and a cylindrical or
circular plate electrode, thereby generating a negative DC corona discharge between the
electrodes and changing the discharge with an acoustic signal or the like Is a speaker that
generates air vibration by Conventionally, in a speaker using corona discharge such as an ion
speaker, as shown in FIG. 2, an alternating current corona generated by a high frequency voltage
of alternating current is used, but when the operating frequency becomes high, the charging
current during discharge Because of the component, the current is large and there is a heat that
always reaches 1000 ° C. In addition, the structure is such that the AC corona is contained in
the quartz container, and there is a drawback that the sound pressure level can not be large in a
wide frequency band. The present invention solves these drawbacks in the following manner. B)
As shown in FIG. 1, high DC voltage is applied between the electrodes, and discharge of DC
corona is used, so heat generation due to high frequency charging current component of AC is
not generated, and heat generation amount can be significantly reduced . B) In addition, due to
the structural feature, as shown in FIG. 3, the tip-like sharp electrodes such as needles are
brought into close proximity, and the cylindrical or circular flat plate electrodes are placed
outward. Can. Therefore, the sound pressure level can be increased by making the acoustic signal
etc. added to the discharge of each electrode different in phase by 180 degrees like a push-pull
amplifier, and a plurality of electrodes of this structure operate at the same time The synergetic
effect of making it possible to further increase the sound pressure level in a wide frequency
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