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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
type of two-brake water-wave type resonance plate, and more particularly to a sound that can be
heard in conjunction with the lower motion of the speaker coil in response to the lower motion.
The invention relates to a shear wave diffusion type which is low, easy to manufacture, and
whose resonance strength does not sufficiently deform the overall vertical vibration.
2. Description of the Related Art The types of loudspeakers currently announced are
miscellaneous, and classified according to the type of resonance plate correlated to the present
invention, four types of loudspeakers: conical loudspeakers, circular top loudspeakers, belt
loudspeakers and flatbed loudspeakers. Among them, conical speakers are currently most widely
used. As shown in FIG. 3, it has a driving force structure mainly composed of a coil, a pole piece
and a magnet at the center of a cone, and the one which is extended outward in a conical shape
from the periphery of the above-mentioned coil is a resonant plate The above structures are
collectively referred to as the vibrator, ie, the most important part of the speaker.
Also, the utterance of the speaker is to make a sound by the resonance of the above-mentioned
vibration part, and the source of the resonance is that the resonance plate changes the strength
of the mechanical vibration to a sound wave, so to manufacture a good speaker It is necessary
that the resonant plate strength design sufficiently meets the demand, so that no deformation
can be brought about in the vertical vibration of the receiving force. When we talk about the
good and bad of the present speaker, the good and bad of each tone is determined by the
deformation of the resonance plate, and there are three causes to form it. ???? Deformation
of driving force 2. Deformation of support part 3. It is a deformation of the resonance plate.
Among them, the deformation of the driving force comes from the inhomogeneity and non-linear
permeability of the magnetic flux distribution of the coil and the magnet, and the deformation of
the support part is the conical edge on the bracket used to support the connection of the
resonant plate The vibration directly affects the non-linearity of the speaker's amplitude, and the
source of the above-mentioned deformation of the resonance plate mainly originates from the
fact that the resonance plate travels in the piston vibration and divided vibration, among which
the divided vibration is sound The pressure frequency characteristics may be affected, causing
From the above, it can be said that the good and bad of the speaker depend on the ability to
control the deformation. However, the current theoretical basis to this point can not be said to be
completed, and is manufactured by accumulation of a little experience. The facts found by the
present inventor's experience are: Only when the circularity of the conical shape of the resonant
plate is symmetrical does not lead to deformation. The thickness and density of the structure
must also be symmetrical, and these two points greatly affect, and manufacturing errors,
assembly operations, and shrinkage during bonding combination are severe errors in these two
conditions. To lead to the loss of balance. I could not escape this point.
For this reason, the above-mentioned flat drive type loudspeakers are also disclosed in patent
publications of various countries. For example, in GB-A-323 539, "A BUILT-UP CELLULAR
DIAPHRAGM", a radial trapezoidal structure is provided above the coil, and the structure is used
to receive up and down movement of the coil and resonate. A thin film in which a plurality of
concentric circles supporting the structure are gradually reduced is provided above and below
the structure. This proposal is not the most advantageous diffusion wave structure for
propagating the sound wave because the vibrator is formed into one radial reinforcement
structure, and the effect was not good.
For this reason, the present inventor has explored another structure that performs energy
transmission more evenly and symmetrically. Sound waves are invisible to the eye, but can be
observed in water waves with similar performance. In water waves, shear wave diffusion and
compression waves are waves that are concentrically diffused outward, and it is possible to
propagate an equal velocity equivalent from the center of energy to the periphery, that is,
extraneous waves to obstacles. In any case, it is possible to maintain the propagation forward of
the equal speed amount. Therefore, the present inventor recognizes that this kind of concentric
wave structure is the most insensitive to material density error and stress, and the feature of this
structure is a plane diffusion type. However, in order to apply it to transfer energy to air, the
overall structure needs to meet the following three conditions. That is, 1. Must have steel
strength 1. The contact with air must be flat and not generate an eddy and not cause an
interference phenomenon. The contact surface with air, ie the vibrating surface, and the direction
of its vibration are completely perpendicular, thereby preventing refraction interference and
preventing reaction force deflection from forming a balanced failure. It is more complete to
transfer the operating energy of the coil to the air by satisfying one condition. Based on this
principle, British Patent GB-A-2257600 was acquired by "Planar board diaphragm for electroacoustic transducers", which is a precursor of the present invention. The structure of the
resonator is a concentric diffusive wave structure, which allows the energy of the central point to
be transmitted to the entire surface in a very balanced manner and to avoid the deformation that
causes an imbalance.
However, the proposal (GB-A-2257600) is very good in sound wave propagation, but there is a
shortage of sound beauty. This is because the sound waves are diffused closely from the central
diaphragm horizontally along the wavelike resonator to the periphery and then directly
propagated into the air. At this time, if it is covered with a thin film excellent in elasticity, an
effect to produce a better sound will be expected.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to resonate in response to the
upper and lower motions of the speaker coil to resonate so that the human ear can hear the
sound, and in particular, the manufacturing cost is low and the manufacturing is easy. An object
of the present invention is to provide a two-wave water-wave type resonance plate of a shear
wave diffusion type whose resonance strength does not sufficiently deform the entire vertical
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a double-breaking water-wave
type resonance plate 20 annularly provided on the upper end portion of a paper tube coil 12 of a
speaker, and a dustproof cover 11 is further provided on the paper tube coil 12. Is characterized
in that water-wave concentric wave resonators 15 are provided around the upper end of the
above-described paper tube coil 12 and the upper and lower surfaces of the resonators 15 are
gradually increased toward the center of at least one concentric circle. The reduced thin films 2,
3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are provided to support the resonator 15, and concentric circular flexible sides 8, 9
each having one elasticity at the upper and lower edges of the resonator 15. Are attached, and
one semi-closed annular body 10 is provided between the outer edges of the two flexible sides 8
and 9, whereby the air flow of the semi-closed annular body 10 is formed to achieve seismic
isolation and strain To be reduced.
The annular body 10 may be a totally enclosed annular body 10 that reflects the sound wave
emitted from the resonator 15 and propagates upward or downward.
In the present invention, the resonator is formed as a water wave-shaped concentric wave body,
and a thin film which is reduced toward the center in the order of one or more concentric circles
on the upper and lower surfaces of the resonator is supported to support the steel resonator. A
kind of double braking in which a flexible side having elasticity and a single concentric ring is
attached to the upper and lower sides of the resonance outer edge and an elastic or
semipermeable ring is connected to the flexible side outer edge. A water wave type resonance
plate is provided, by which the sound wave is horizontally and closely diffused from the central
coil along the wavelike resonance body to the periphery, and the whole is made to be like one
mirror surface in the sealing type, which is the best. Resiliently transmitted up or down, when
made semi-sealed, it is possible to achieve antiseismic and reduce distortion by air flow
penetration, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional speakers and lowers the
manufacturing cost We can manufacture speakers that are easy to manufacture It can be a.
The center is the paper tube coil 12.
The upper side of the coil 12 is one dustproof cover 11.
Annularly provided on the upper end portion of the paper tube coil 12 is a resonator 15 which is
a main feature of the present invention.
The inside of the resonator 1 is formed as a water wave-like concentric wave body. One or more
thin films are attached to the upper and lower surfaces of the resonator, and the thin films of
each layer are concentrically reduced toward the center in order to form the first layer, the lower
films 2, 3 and the second layer. The lower thin films 4 and 5 and the third layer, and the lower
thin films 6 and 7 can be used for small to large various forms by continuously providing more
multi-layered thin films so that they can be analogized from this Do. The upper piece and the
lower piece are formed by the inner thick outer thin type like this concentric type to support the
steel resonator 1, and concentric rings are respectively formed on the upper and lower sides of
the outer rim of the resonator 15. A flat portion of the inner circle of the flexible sides 8 and 9
having elasticity is attached, and an air-permeable or semi-permeable annular body 10 is
provided between the flat portions of the outer edges of the flexible sides 8 and 9. . According to
the above-mentioned structure, the sound wave is horizontally and closely diffused along the
resonator 1 from the coil 12 at the center, and when the annular body 10 is sealed, the whole
becomes one mirror surface. The sound wave is propagated up and down with the best elasticity
and emits voice, and when it is made the semi-closed annular body 10, the voice air flow of the
coil has the effect of achieving antiseismic effect by the continuous advancement of the air flow
around the annular body 10. Thus, it is possible to reduce the distortion of the audio, thereby
making it possible to manufacture a speaker which overcomes the disadvantages of the
traditional speakers and which is low in manufacturing cost and easy to manufacture.
Among them, the main body of the resonator 1 can be made into a wave shape by press molding
and can be used for a sine wave curve, and for strength, a continuous line of peaks and valleys is
a smooth curve and none, strength and weight Determine the width of the wave length, wave
height and peaks (valleys) to be matched by the strength of the material in view of the demand of
limitation of. The upper thin film set 14 and the lower thin film set 13 are attached to the top
and bottom of the resonator, respectively, and in order to form a concentric structure from the
center to any one side, the force applied in any one direction also undergoes bending
deformation. The main vibration is not received by the upper and lower thin film sets.
The idea of the "two-brake" of the present invention is that the distortion is very severe when the
traditional horn is at low frequency, after the present inventors have researched and
manufactured, it relates to the edge of the resonant plate Related to things. That is, the
hemispherical annular flexible side used by the traditional resonance plate has elastic elasticity in
two directions like a spring side, while supporting the resonance plate at a fixed position, and
further Sound absorbing materials are combined to improve the properties, but even if not spring
steel thread, previous designers and manufacturers have omitted one of the following points.
That is, the resonant plate is simply an annular surface and the contact area with air is extremely
large, so its strength and elasticity are highly susceptible to the fluctuation of air pressure, and
with one uniform stretch coefficient There is no such thing. The same spring thread will be
described with reference to FIGS. FIG. 4 shows a stationary state, and FIG. 5 shows a state in
which the concave arc hemispherical surface of the flexible side expands under the pressure of
air when the diaphragm contracts downward, and the strength is further increased and it has
elasticity. On the other hand, in FIG. 6, when the resonance plate moves upward and pushes the
flexible side, the hemispherical arc is subjected to air pressure to make it easy to deform like a
leaked ball and generate distortion. Indicates the status. In order to improve this point, the
present inventor designed the two damping edges of the present invention shown in FIG. 1,
which completely seals or semi-seals one spherical inner surface space. The effects are described
Sealed: It looks like a non-leaking ball, and when it vibrates up or down, the ball volume becomes
smaller, generating air pressure tension, exerting grip force on the sphere, further strengthening
the elasticity, and so on , Does not cause deformation strain. Semi-sealed type: The annular body
10 is made of a substantially ventilation material, so when the air flow advances, the resistance
generated by the air flow produces a shockproof effect, and like the hydraulic shock absorbers,
various momentary effects It can reduce seismic strain.
The idea of the water wave type resonant plate is that the traditional cone diaphragm can
generate deformation when the low, medium and high frequency resonances are performed, ie
the shape of the vibration area is also at different frequencies during split movement Also, it
causes a decrease in the shift of the center of gravity. For this reason, when the resonant plate
vibrates, a reduction such as shaking or a movement occurs, which causes various distortions.
The cause of this is the degree of curvature of the cone, which generates different stresses in the
manufacturing process, which has the phenomenon of disproportionate asymmetry, and also
makes it difficult to escape the inhomogeneity of thickness, mass and density distribution. Forms
an imbalance between the propagation velocity and the intensity with respect to the energy of
the conical arc surface, and an unsymmetrical property. Therefore, the above-mentioned
distortion phenomenon occurs. The inventor searches for another more uniform kinetic energy
propagating structure, observes the diffusion phenomenon of water waves, and even if it is in the
interference of obstacles or other waves by concentric isothermal diffusion, all its shape and
Because the velocity and amount do not change, the wave body is the main structure, its steel
strength is enhanced, the thin film is attached on the upper and lower sides, the thickness of the
thin film is increased as it gets closer to the center, and the strength is made sufficient. . And as a
result of completing the resonance plate for 5 English inch speakers for a kind of speaker, and
further making the horn into a cabinet and testing it, the low frequency effect is better than the
traditional horn of the same size, and the performance is also It became complete, and the
condition of the strain was extremely low. And it is even better compared to the sound of a large
cabinet fitted with a common 10 British inch horn, overcoming the shortcomings that traditional
horns could not overcome for decades, namely "dynamic distortion". It should be noted that
"kinetic distortion" was clearly generated also in a cone diaphragm made of a material coated
with ceramic using an aluminum alloy developed by advanced nations of the United States and
Europe with advanced science and technology.
Test results: In a general horn, the larger the cabinet, the better the low frequency effect. The
effect of the product of the present invention is proved when compared with the small cabinet of
the 5 British inch horn of the present invention and the 10 inch common large cabinet which is 8
times larger. See Table 1 below. ?? If you try to listen to it compared to other cabinets: The
situation where the speakers form distortion due to the input of mixed waves, although there is
currently no measurable instrument, the inventor refers to this kind of distortion as so-called
"kinetic distortion". The only way to judge their existence and strength is to listen and compare
them. Although the inventor has compared a pair of so-called luxury cabinets with the inventor's
samples, they did not extend to the inventive samples. Then, compared with what applied the
ceramic on the newly developed aluminum alloy in Europe now, the sound quality of the sample
of the inventor is clear and smooth, compared with the sound of having a pricking noise and
fatigue I felt a feeling. Moreover, compared to using relatively expensive materials, the samples
of the present invention use common materials such as kraft paper, paper, etc. and combine high
strength adhesives or low density adhesives. Thus, a complete diaphragm is manufactured, and it
can be understood from this that the present invention has a revolutionary effect.
The above-described embodiments are intended to explain in detail the objects, features and
effects of the present invention, and it is also possible to partially modify or change the abovedescribed embodiments that can be easily considered by those skilled in the art based on the
above description. Belongs to the spirit category of the invention.
The effect of the present invention is that the resonator is formed as a water wave-like concentric
wave body, and a thin film which is reduced toward the center in the order of one or more
concentric circles on the upper and lower surfaces of the resonator is provided The elastic body
is supported, and a flexible side having elasticity and a concentric annular body is attached to the
upper and lower sides of the resonance outer edge respectively, and an impervious or semipermeable annular body is connected to the flexible side outer edge, A kind of two damping
water wave type resonance plate is provided, by which the sound wave is closely diffused
horizontally from the central coil along the wavelike resonance body to the periphery, and the
whole of the sealing type is like a mirror surface. It is transmitted with the best elasticity and up
or down, and when it is made semi-sealed, it is possible to achieve antiseismic and reduce the
distortion by advancing the air flow, thereby overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional
speakers Speed is low and production is easy It is to enable production of over.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a local sectional view of the present invention.
2 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1 above.
FIG. 3 is a structural view of a conventional conical speaker.
4 is an operation display diagram of a known speaker.
5 is an operation display diagram of a known speaker.
6 is an operation display diagram of a known speaker.
Explanation of sign
12: Paper tube coil 20: Two braking water wave type resonance plate 11: Dustproof cover 15:
Resonant body 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 и и и Thin film 8, 9 и и и Flexible side 10 иии Ring
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