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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to headphone stereo.
2. Description of the Related Art Conventional headphone stereos are reproduced only by the left
and right speakers, and reproduce the sense of left and right movement of sound. The sound of
expansion was reproducible and recordable, and the sound with a sense of ease was enjoyed.
Therefore, in order to obtain a more 3-D feeling, a system is required which also plays back and
forth sounds.
[Means for Solving the Problems] The present invention is made to eliminate the drawbacks, and
it will be explained with reference to the drawings that digital amplifier (1) output of headphone
stereo is digitized by digital conversion circuit (2) and digital surround The time difference is
changed by the circuit (4) and added to the surround amplifier (3) and added to the 3-D back
amplifier speaker (6).
The left and right headphone speakers are also L. Apply Rch signal and reproduce.
[Operation] Set headphones to the head, connect to headphone stereo, adjust surround time and
listen. Also, it can be switched to 3-D and placed in the same way as the speaker type to listen.
[Examples] L. L. of the amplifier (1) of the headphone stereo main body. Connect both Rch and
change the time difference between 1 / 1800s and 1 / 3600S with digital surround circuit (4) by
digital surround circuit (4), convert analog signal with DA converter (5), Surround time is
adjusted according to the source, TV stereo signal, FM · AM stereo signal, CD · MD stereo signal,
stereo tape signal, both are reproduced and added to surround amplifier (3) Apply to the rear 3-D
backup speaker (6) to reproduce 3-D. By providing surround sound with a time difference from
the back of the head to the subtle left and right movement of the headphones and producing
sound, it is possible to reproduce subtle sounds necessary for 3-D. The principle of 3-D
headphone stereo is based on the principle of glasses-type 3D television, and the angle at which
the distance between the television and the viewer is based on the time difference of the
surround circuit and the image in which the two glasses are misaligned is L • The movement
speed of the Rch sound image is the same, and the sound image appears at the intersection
position. Speaker-type surround reproduction is like a 3-D image of a computer with a large
error. It is finely made with headphones worthy of glasses to improve 3-D sensation. In the case
of monaural, the sound image is localized at the center of the brain, and the sound image of Lch
and Rch moves in the case of stereo between two points on a straight line connecting both ears.
From the surround amplifier (3), the Lch and Rch are slightly deviated from the 3-D backup
speaker, and the generation of the sound wave from two points makes the crossing of the
straight line connecting these four points appear and the 3-D sound image moves . Also, a switch
(11) for switching between 2-D (stereo) and 3-D is provided. The left and right headphones add
and play L and Rch signals as usual. The surround amplifier (3) is about 100 mW.
According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain the feeling of movement of the front,
rear, left, and right sound fields of three-dimensional stereophonic sound as a headphone stereo
that enables reproduction of sound with a 3-D feeling.
Brief description of the drawings
Explanation of sign
ステレオアンプ 5.
DA conversion circuit 9.
Source circuit Digital conversion circuit 6.3-D backup speaker 10. コード3. サラウンドアンプ
7. ヘッドホン 11. Stereo / 3-D switch SW4. Digital surround circuit 8. Headphone stereo
main unit (digital delay) 12. Power supply circuit
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