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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially broken perspective view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view taken along the
line A-A of FIG. 1 is a housing, 3.3a and 6.6a are variable resistors, 4,4a and 7.7a are rotation
shafts, 8 and 9 are connecting rods, 13 is a sphere, 16 is an operating rod and 18 is a ring. -87
real opening 48-342 (2) 2g = 88
[Detailed description of the invention] Name of the device of WR IIa book t * * Multi-axial time
adjustment of resistance echo 2 ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? 1 Each side wall
2.2 & e 5 e 5 m---1 c variable resistance -3, respectively. 51 "-6a6 & ... and their rotation axis 4.4
&. 7.7 rho-is 111112.26.5.5 m each, respectively. Penetrate through the stomach, and the rotary
shaft 4 and 4-17 in the stomach "g paper .... Ik of Okashi has a half circle t connection frame 8.9
... Cross heavy weight, 1118 is connected to the cross polymerization 11 to connect each
connecting rod 8.9 ..., and the control rod 16 is passed through the center of the main plate 11 in
front of the cross polymerized portion Multi-axis "simultaneous paper machine multi-axis"
simultaneous adjustment a device which is made by inserting the ball 13 in one round of
movement Kll and selling the said box 818k of the operating box 16 by inserting the ball 18 * *
M One-axis time adjustment device related to one-axis time adjustment equipment, one fourchannel multi-Nayan light (more than four channels). ? ? [? ? ? ? ? km [1 ? ? resistance
resistance well, n (1) 4 B- 342 02 H '"value, ? possible * m anti-each rotation axis of one 4L <at
the same time simultaneously turn some of them at the same time at the same time to make it
possible to smoothly adjust the volume performance of each speaker at the receiving position of
the listener And is characterized by In the following, with reference to FIG. 1, the variable
resistance # 3 t 3 ak is attached to the center of the outer picture of the upper and lower
portions of the upward and downward deflection # 12 and 2 m of the one housing 1 respectively.
Penetration axis 1, 4, 4a even 'l12t2aklll & passable. Also, attach the variable resistors 6.6 & 6 to
the center of the left and right waste direction deflections 115.5 & respectively, and purchase
them on their primary axis 7 ░ 7 & side wall s * 5axa 111. Then, fix the connecting rod 8 that
has been self-made to the end of the circular plate to the end of the stern plate axis 4.4 & erect it,
and fix the connecting rod 9 of the Oka-connected train IIHc of the sales axis train of the rotating
shaft 7, 7a. Cross connect two links 8,9 ░ 8, 9 and cross link heavy metal II K ring 18 and
connect Oka connection squeeze ? 8, 9 11: The luminal body 14 is attached to the trauma 1
health position of the foramen located on the center of the hole 11; , 17 (d) 4g-34z-a 3 axis
center line and Oka rotation axis 7.7 & is located at the intersection position of the axis center
line of &. The operating rod 16 provided with the outer crystal end kll child 15 is fixed in a
penetrating manner to the spherical body 13 so that the center tip of the operating rod 16
penetrates and the inner tip of the operating rod 16 is inserted. Is restricted by the fact that the
operating rod 16 abuts on the outer peripheral edge of the recess 11 of the positive IIi plate 10.
According to the present invention configured as described above, when the operating rod 16 is
tilted in any direction to the left or right with the knob, the inner tip portion tries to slide the ring
18 along the connecting rod 9 Since the connecting rod 8 is pulled up, the connecting rod 9 is
moved up and down (not connected, the connecting rod 8 rotates the first rotation ring 4 ░ 4a
and tilts in either left or right direction). As a result, the visible resistance 3, 31 has a resistance
value of 11 L% and a resistance of 11% by one rotation of the rotary shaft 4.4. ~ Balance with the
other two speakers ? at the receiving position, and turn the control ? 16 up and down in the
direction of ? p and ? ?, and the ? 9 turns the resistance 6e 6m #) m 6 wheels 7, 7a in the
same direction to make bonds, & l ? ?, (44B-342-04 IIl @), so the resistance value of the
burnable resistor 6.6 & is small, The volume lt'i2. 'Of the two speakers in series is adjusted at the
same time, or another 1 m2 at the receiving position 12 or 81-car. ????????? ?? 1
city ииии If the operation rod 16 is turned in an oblique direction, the inner tip thereof ll 18 K and
simultaneously rotate the connection rods 8 and 9 while trying to make the cross-over of the
connection rods 8 and 9 a dream island. . As a result, the resistance value of 5.3 &, the resistance
value of 6.6% or not at the same time, the volume of each speaker of the 4-channel stereo is
adjusted at the same time b volume of 11 bit overall at the sound receiving position Is puffed. ?
? ? Although the case 1 is a square, the case 1 is a regular polygon, a regular octagon, an
approximately even side, and a regular polygon, and each of the opposing side walls is provided
with a potable resistor, Each country's national axis of rotation penetrates each side-the crossshaped meeting of the elk connected and rigidly erected fixed each other at the tip of each
other's fortunes, and the cross heavy metal IIK the above-mentioned thin crown 18 #! If you send
the winter plague, the resistance value of each 1m resistor can be realized simultaneously or
some of them at the same time by the turning operation of the operating rod 16. So the island
consisting of 4g- 34 $ trs "? The sound volume of each speaker of the 6 channel / channel and
multi channel stereo device of 8 channel abbreviation is obtained simultaneously or at the same
time in the transfer reception position, and the overall volume is balanced. As described above,
according to the present invention, the receiving position of a large number of usable m anti-s of
four or more channels of multi-channel stereo device can be used by tilting one operating rod in
any direction. The volume N5 of each speaker can be adjusted smoothly and reliably. If this is
done by remote control, there is an advantage that the optimum sound receiving position of the
listener, i.e., the position of the sound field can be easily and easily updated.
In addition, there is an advantage that it can be manufactured at low cost due to its simple
structure, and can be easily attached to existing stereo equipment.
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