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DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The transparent flat plate speaker 1, a vibrating picture plate,
and at least a piezoelectric crystal plate sandwiched between at least a pair of electrodes (at least
one layer of the electrodes is bonded to the vibrating picture plate, and A flat loudspeaker
characterized in that the frequency characteristic of the face plate has a smooth frequency
distribution region in the range of at least lKH2 to 4KH2.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to flat-panel
speakers, and more particularly to a small flat-plate speaker for use in a digital electronic watch.
Recently, digitization of 2 o'clock EndPage: 1 o'clock display has been progressing in a watch-like
cabin electronic watch. また。 In a digitalized good electronic watch, multi-functional elements
such as expression of a specific time or alarm sound are also required aurally as well as visual
turtles. For example, a general configuration of this type of digital electronic watch is an optical
display board provided with digital time character (numeric) display, a metal main body
supporting the display board and protecting a circuit portion, and the main body A piezoelectric
element attached to the inside and a surface glass plate attached to be integral with the
piezoelectric element. The above-described piezoelectric element vibrates in a predetermined
frequency band based on an electrical signal, and this vibration is transmitted to the glass plate
to generate a buzzer sound or the like. With this watch buzzer. A sound of any particular
frequency within the range of 2 to 4 KHz is selected and excited at the resonant frequency of the
transducer to produce the lowest possible voltage. As described above, the round oscillator
having higher efficiency as the tuning frequency (generally, Q) of the resonator is higher is a disk
having no sub-resonance. Furthermore, in recent years, not only buzzer sounds but also nine
have been proposed to have a function of generating melody sounds. These hearing electronic
digital timepieces are also used for drivers of driving cars and bicycles and for the visually
impaired. However, the buzzer sound 1 has a strong awareness of the warning or the emergency
sound, promotes the unreliable psychological fluctuation more than necessary, and has the
disadvantage that it is not received as a comfortable sound. Also, in order to convert the sound
quality so that the buzzer sounds closer to a natural voice, a large amount of memory circuits and
other accessory circuits are required, which is considered impossible for small electronic devices
such as digital watches. Also, as another example of the prior art inside the body of one watch.
The idea of incorporating a sound source such as a super cabin speaker is that it is not desirable
to use a perforated part for sound emission, since the 9 watch must be air tight such as
waterproof originally. Furthermore, small electronic devices such as 9 watches are also required
to have decorative elements, and attaching accessories for other functions on the dial side in
particular is disadvantageous for commercial use because it impairs the aesthetic sense and 9
pronunciation There is a disadvantage that the space for providing the device is further limited.
More recently, there are many computers equipped with a voice response mechanism for
producing speech on a computer or other educational device.
Generally, these devices are battery-powered and are desired to be small and lightweight.
However, because a part of the speaker takes up a large space, miniaturization is desired, but the
small speaker has a drawback that the sound quality is poor. An object of the present invention is
to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks and to provide a small speaker with high sound
efficiency. Another object of the present invention is to provide a compact speaker with high
aesthetic effect. Another object of the present invention is to provide a small speaker operating at
low power consumption. Still another object of the present invention is to provide a high
performance small speaker widely applicable to small electronic devices. One configuration of
the speaker of the present invention for achieving the above object is a multilayer, for example, a
three-layer transparent electrode plate. A bimorph oscillator is formed of a transparent ceramic
piezoelectric crystal thin plate provided by bonding between each layer of the electrode, and a
portion of the above-mentioned oscillator is attached to an elliptical flat transparent glass face
plate. . Since the present invention is configured as described above, the volume-frequency
characteristic does not have a peak value at a specific frequency. A smooth flat frequency
distribution is obtained in the range of 1.5 to 4 KHz. This frequency distribution is not sufficient
to reproduce the symphony but 1 is sufficient to express daily conversations and melodies, socalled as Talking Device x (Talking Device). I was able to express simple terms such as warning
and notification as words. Thus, the present invention is different from the conventional fi-prereproduction H-eye i-speaker, having the function of a speaker as a talking device, to obtain a
large volume at a cabin, and as a low power. Can. In addition, since both the vibrator and the
diaphragm are made of transparent materials, the aesthetic effect is high. There is an advantage
that it can be widely applied to small electronic devices EndPage: 2, which have a strong
accessory-like color, such as a watch. The present invention will be described in detail by way of
examples. FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of the main part of a small dust transparent
flat plate speaker as one embodiment of the present invention. The bimorph oscillator 1 in which
the backing 3 is inserted into the national body 4 is provided, and the oscillator 1 is made of a
transparent electrode 20.21 and 22 such as tin oxide (8 nO,) or indium oxide. A transparent
ceramic piezoelectric crystal thin plate 11 ° 12 such as added lead zirconate titanate
(abbreviated generally as PLZT) is inserted between the electrodes. And the top is transmitted to
the surroundings.
Now, in the case of using an electronic watch, this speaker is used to display the pointer 3 o'clock
on the electronic watch and consider the 9 cases. Is stored as sound-digital quantization
information, and this word segment is sequentially read out when the pointer indicates 3 o'clock,
and transmitted to the vibrator 1 to carry out It is reported by a speaker. The present invention
has been completed as a result of conducting experiments by changing the shape of the speaker
in order to bring the speaker's voice closer to a natural, natural voice by the serious effort of the
inventors. Table 1 of the first experiment is an experiment of changing the shape of the
transparent flat glass to experiment the frequency characteristics of the speaker. In this case, the
lengths of the major axis and the minor axis of the ellipse were changed. The unit is not shown
because it is standardized, but the minor axis is 7 characters / 1.2cm. The glass is ordinary iZ
glass and has a thickness of 1.0 mm. Although the usable range as a speaker was shown that a
long-sleeve is V-T-Vlij times the length of a short axis, preferably, IT-time was found to be most
suitable. The appearance of the frequency distribution in this optimum case is shown in FIG. 3
tb). This means that in the case of a long sleeve having a minor axis of 1 time, that is, in the case
of a "circle", the resonant frequency Q of the transducer is sharp and high first, but with 11
times, secondary resonance occurs and a specific frequency It is considered to show a gentle
frequency distribution with a wide range without showing a peak value at. If this major axis is% /
'T times the minor axis, a bandwidth of 1.0 phantom h to 4.0 KHz is sufficient, and a speech
segment of about 200 words is heard about 1 m away from the death spot in bright and dark I
was able to. This is sufficient to listen to normal conversations. In addition, it was possible to
obtain a large volume that can be fully heard with a battery of 1.5 V 1 ji. Second experiment:
Table 2 is an experiment of changing the shape of the transparent flat glass to experiment the
frequency characteristics of the speaker. In this case, as is well known, the value of n in the
following equation (1) The shape of the speaker was changed by changing the intestine + y mass1 '(1), and experiments of shape suitability for frequency characteristics were performed. FIG. 5
is intended to make the description of Table 2 above more clear. A part of the above equation
(first quadrant) is graphed. As is apparent from the figure, n = 1 is a regular side-cut EndPage: 3
Table 2 ;;,> JP-A 56-800 (4) (squares), Hxg is a circle, n = casting is a square As the value of “+”
increases, the shape of the circle gradually collapses and it approaches a square. As apparent
from Table 2, in this experiment, it was found that only values which can be used for the speaker
from Hx rx 3 to n = 30 are shown, preferably the range of n = 5 to 10 shows the characteristics
as a good speaker. did.
The reason for the inadequacy in the case of a circle is omitted because it is considered to be the
same as in the case of the above-mentioned experiment, but in the case of a square, the corners
of the four corners act as a unique shape in the case of resonance. It is considered that the
output as a volume is greatly reduced and the effect as a speaker is reduced. Therefore, it is
considered to be easily understood that the optimum shape exists between this circle and the
square. Third experiment: Table 3 is an experiment of changing the shape of the transparent flat
glass to experiment the frequency characteristics of the speaker, and in this case, a gold sheet
with a side of 3 cm and a smooth glass sheet corner; The roundness is given to K and the radius
of this face and chi is expressed as a percentage (%) to the length of one side. The material
thickness of the glass is the same as in the above-described experiment. As is apparent from the
table, it is clear that the ratio of the radius of 9 to the radius of 3 to 30%, that is, in this case, the
use of the speaker for the frequency characteristic from 0.9 mm to 9 mm is possible and 3 mm is
optimal. . This is also considered to be settled to this value from the relationship between the one
frequency distribution showing a gentle distribution and the volume. Right, in this experiment,
one side is 3 cm, but it is needless to say that the present invention is not limited to this and it is
effective to a length of about 1 to 10 cm which can be used as a small electronic device. Also, if
you change this size, the center of the gentle frequency distribution will be shifted, but if you
prefer a higher bass, select a larger range if you prefer a higher bass, or if you prefer a higher
bass, select a preferred tone range by reducing the form It goes without saying that it can be
done. Furthermore, in the case of a rectangle, and in the case of a polygon such as a pentagon, a
hexagon, or a hexagon, the same characteristics were exhibited. In the case of rectangles and
polygons, the shape of EndPage: 4 wave number distribution shows a "smooth" distribution, but
in the case of rectangles and polygons, it shows a somewhat complicated shape, but 9 does not
interfere as a speaker and works well like the present invention. It turned out that it was
something to do. As described above, putting together the results from the first experiment to the
third experiment, the frequency characteristics of the cabin flat plate speaker, in particular, the
appearance of the gentle distribution characteristic is greatly affected by the shape, and in the
case of two circles, As the resonance frequency shows a peak value at a specific frequency value,
it is unsuitable for use as a speaker, and in the case of a square or polygon such as a square or
rectangular shape, the sound output is significantly reduced to be a speaker It turned out that the
volume of the Therefore, by making the shape out of one circle, another point is to round the
corners of the square or polygon, that is to say, by making a clean chamfer, revealing a smooth
frequency distribution shape from IKHz to 4KHz, It turned out that a speaker with appropriate
frequency characteristics could be provided as a talking device.
However, for rounding to produce clear speech using a speaker, it is desirable for the speaker to
exhibit a flat frequency #L characteristic over the 30 to 30 KHz audio band. However, the band
can be extremely compressed if limited to speech only, and even if the response is only in the
range from IKHz to 3KHz, for example, a clear sound can be emitted, which is practically
impossible. Since the speaker of the present invention utilizes resonance characteristics, it can
not take an essentially wide band, but it can cover the band from IKHz to 3KH x 11 degrees and
is sufficient for the purpose of emitting clear speech. It is characterized in that it can provide
effective means. Hereinafter, detailed description will be made by showing a specific
embodiment. FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a transparent speaker applied to a
melody hour hand according to another embodiment of the present invention. Here, a melody
hour hand is constituted by using a bimorph vibrator in which a transparent piezoelectric
ceramic with a transparent electrode 21.22 is attached to a cover glass 5 of a wristwatch and a
glue 13 with a transparent adhesive as a sound generator. When the time display switching
switch 71 is pressed, the display unit 10 changes to a mode for displaying the set time of the
alarm. Press 72 to set the display time to the desired time of the alarm, and press 71 again to
switch to the normal time display. When it is time to set the alarm. A melody signal is output as
an alarm from a circuit built in a module and boosted to 6VP-P by the transformer 9, and the
melody signal is applied to the transparent electrodes on both sides of the piezoelectric ceramic
through the contacts 81i and 8 □. This and I! Melody sound is emitted from the cover glass 5 of
the melody watch. Since the whole of the glass (-glass acts as a speaker, the sound emission area
is large, and a melody of sufficiently rich in volume can be played with the battery 11 of 11 volts
for 9 clocks as a power source. Since the watch module 12 is sealed by the metal cases 4 and 6
to constitute a waterproof watch, the air in the p case remains confined by the vibration of the
speaker, and the sound pressure is increased even if the sound pressure rises. There is almost no
sound out of the case. However, as described above, since the cover glass itself vibrates as a
sound generator, a sufficiently large volume is radiated to the outside regardless of the air
sealing in the case, and the radiation surface of the sound is always exposed. As in the case of
incorporating a speaker in the watch, it has the feature that no sound is heard. As described
above, when a transparent speaker is used, it is the greatest advantage that a large-area
diaphragm can be formed without impairing the display effect of liquid crystal or semiconductor
light emitting element or the like, and in particular, it is advantageous to use in a small device.
In addition, there is a buzzer for a watch using a transparent piezoelectric material as described
above as a conventional example, however, a sound of a certain frequency of 2 KHz to 4 KHz is
selected as a buzzer for 9 clocks. The present invention is completely different from the present
invention in that it is excited at a specific resonance frequency in order to produce sound
efficiently at the lowest possible voltage. In the one-bright S beaker of the melody clock of the
present invention. The shape of the surface of the cover glass 50 is an ellipse having a long axis
and a short axis of an axial ratio of Jl: 1, and a transparent piezoelectric vibrator is attached to
the inside, and then using Patzkin 3, insert in the case 4EndPage: 5 a transparent speaker
Configured. The amplitude of the output of the sine wave generator is fixed to this speaker. The
frequency was applied while changing in the range of I kHz to 3 kHz. The frequency
characteristics of the loudness of the transparent speaker are exactly the same as in FIG. 3 (b)
and exhibited a smooth frequency distribution between 1,5 x Hz and 4.0 KHz. As described
above, since the resonance frequency of the bimorph oscillator is proportional to the square of
the length of the oscillator, in the case of an elliptic oscillator with an axial ratio f “: 1”, high
band resonance continuously coupled from the lowest resonance to the highest resonance
Become a child. As can be seen from the figure, this transparent speaker has a resonance band
with a gentle frequency distribution from 1.5 K) h to 4 KHz, and the melody is clearly played. The
use of an elliptical transparent speaker having a major axis / minor axis length ratio% / 7: 1
results in a resonant speaker that covers a band with a resonant frequency ratio of 2: 1. FIG. 4 is
a view of a transparent speaker according to another embodiment of the present invention when
it is used in a super cabin. We store 1 chittsu plazio of IC in case of watch size. Antenna wire 55
and variable capacitor 53. A switch-equipped volume 54 was incorporated, and a transparent
speaker was inserted to constitute a radio. Since the transparent speaker looks through the
tuning frequency display window, adjusting the variable capacitor moves the arrow of the
frequency display and makes it easy to match with the frequency of the broadcasting station.
Since it can be displayed as it moves, there is an easy-to-tune feature. As described above in
detail, the present invention can obtain a small-sized speaker with excellent sound characteristics
by providing a diaphragm having a specific frequency distribution and a specific shape.
Naturally, a transparent synthetic resin plate having a predetermined hardness such as acrylic is
also applied to the vibrating face plate without being limited to the embodiment of the present
invention, and the vibrator is not limited to a bimorph type, and a glass plate and a transparent
piezoelectric crystal Needless to say, it may be of the monomorph type in which
さらにまた。 Although only PLZT has been described as a vibrator in this embodiment, it is
possible to use crystals of an organic material such as barium titanate and poly (vinylidene
fluoride) (generally PVF) as transparent single crystals. Not to mention good things. さ。 In
addition, the corners of the diaphragm face band a specific roundness. Be formed with a smooth
surface and a chisel. Needless to say, the present invention is applied. . The prescribed gentle,
especially to increase the aesthetic effect. Around the face plate without breaking the shape of
the frequency distribution. Applying a decorative variation to the shape can easily be considered
by one skilled in the art and does not deviate from the present invention in any way. It will not go
beyond saying.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional view of a vibrator used
in the present invention. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a transparent flat plate speaker
of a digital electronic watch as one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 (a) is a plan view
of FIG. 2, and FIG. 3 (b) is a speaker of FIG. FIG. 4 is a plan view of a very small amount radio as
another flow side of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is an explanatory view for showing the
shape of the speaker of the present invention. 21.22 Transparent electrode 13 Electric light
crystal plate 5 Transparent vibration face plate (glass) 3 Backing 4 or 6 Watch case 81.82 Read
Line 9: Transformer 10: Liquid crystal character display board. 12 ... Module 11 ... Battery 2
EndPage: 6 + 1 m + 2 Figure 3 (α) (b) Procedure Correction Document 2 55 * 171 258 Name of
the Invention Name of the Invention Patent Application Relating to the Case of Transparent Flat
Speaker Correction Patent Application Person in charge 〒 100 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi5th No. 1 Representative Shigeo Nakamura
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