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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a table equipped with
an acoustic device according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a front view, and FIG. 2 is a
central longitudinal sectional view of the same. 'L' i (f)-1-47-1401 (2)-2-2
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The tree 'sI4 is a table which is a most suitable
acoustic device as a night table for use by placing it on a bed' 4 'etc. The Western style of the
anal housing is popular, and I think that bed Ik 'will go to the back room. It is usual to place it on
a part of the bed which is called a night table in a bedroom which has a bed with electricity
distribution by rattan, but in the prior art, this night table uses a normal straight with small
drawer & There is. Also, in the bedroom there is usually placed an audio device such as a radio,
but in the case of the night table mentioned above there is only one that is arranged. However,
the night table and the sound 4 I pupil are-Yu HC & what was done in this machine (if it is a place
taking a beautiful feeling 4h1! Iいものである。 The present invention was made focusing on
the point of the gutter, and the purpose is to attach a speaker to the lower part of the table and
make it an acoustic room, and store an amplifier such as -WAK dip recorder, radio etc. on the
upper part As a result, the table and the sound device are integrated, and the utilization rate
between 9 is improved, and a table 41 equipped with a sound system suitable as furniture for a
bedroom or the like in a design 41 * is provided. It is in. That is, according to the present
invention, the table main body is divided into an @ storage room and an audio ambience room,
and an amplifier such as a tape recorder and a radio is stored in part of the storage room. Also, a
table equipped with an acoustic device (an amplifier equipped with an amplifier and attached to a
speaker to be forged! It is to be effective. Next, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. The table main body is divided into a storage room (d)
and an acoustic room (d) by the partition plate 11). Baffle 4 [(2) has 2 speakers 4 taken and is
being used. A decorative plate (6) is combined with the III rk J of the one-to-one J- or O-baffle
4111 + 41. On the other hand, the storage room ill of the home rattan is divided into the ihF2
room by the S plate (7; the t-precoder, the radio → 7 group 81 is stored in part of the room, and
the small drawer 191tsl It is stored. In addition, the lower room can be stored with no room and
no space. -は is the #I light of the storage room + 21 (111 & is freely mounted by a hinge (11) &
board, and it is in a state where it is overturned (state @ shown) <present or as a stand! In the
standing condition, 111 N can be taken, and in the storage room + 21 IIIN self-body kW! It is a
four-in-one anti-injury guard. In the present invention, in order to operate 1II device 1t81 in this
invention, it becomes a machine II @@@@@ condition, and in the case of r-player, set the tape and
engage 1 radio * ad *- %% I − 1 鴫 罎 I 鴫 罎 4 L 1 1 嬌 操作 操作 操作 C C1 1.
At this time, the discussion board U · serves as a heavy machine so it can also be relentless
because it plays a role d4 as well as the father hb ·-father,-if not used-by making the self board-*-;
And good gJ4? It is a thing that prevents the infiltration of 1 と 共 に and ’侮 in '4. Going to the
F-Summed #Summer −-IJi & dtl 格納 121 What's in the 1III (support)! In some cases, 1 ket 11e
may distribute power on the 111 side of the bookstore room circle 31 and 777 songs 12 for the
storage room 12). Flexible 4. (1) or may be built-in type. The book 4m is divided into the table
above and the storage room of the table main body and the speaker sound box, and when it is
stored in an amplifier such as a goprecog or radio in -S of the storage room, a small drawer
monument is arranged in J $ Sound 4 by having a speaker throat on **! The furniture and
furniture such as bedrooms and L′ ′ CI are suitable because the space usage is improved and
the design is also novel because the arrangement and Arno will be integrated. A detailed
explanatory view of the bad side is a first drawing of the table provided with a sound device
according to the present invention, 41 is a front view, and a central vertical cross-sectional view
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