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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing an embodiment
of a mechanical-electrical conversion device of the present W. FIG. (Major symbols of the
drawings) 1: Needle 2: Silicon coating 3: Tin oxide coating 6: Pressurizer. ↑ 1 11
[Detailed description of the invention] Specification l Invention 04 name Mechanical-Electric
quantity ** Device 1 Base layer new model-諧 @ofllt! A hard material O needle-like body O tip
portion Kt / 1 thin-film thin-film deposited, 1 ble 蒙 O on tin 處 e ** W 處 蒙 パ ッ 閏 シ リ コ ン
前 記 前 記 シ リ コ ン シ リ コ ン 前 記And then put on to 1 machine-electrical quantity **
device. 3 Notes e *** Description This discussion relates to the new mechanical-electrical
quantities ** devices. In particular, it is possible to see only one stable and stable 1k round piece
with a simple structure, and to be able to see a round object 1k. Conventionally, as a
semiconductor O pressure sensitive element? Summer contact O 廖 pressure-sensitive element is
used, and machine stress is added to the test pressure-sensitive element. Aiyaya, crimped a
needle such as tungsten **, there is a central four-point break of the element-0jl III E part, and
the apogee is broken, and the tip part is pressed by a tip part of the flat part b with a pressure
needle ** How do you know-ゐ. However, in these methods, it is difficult to see large stable
characteristics where control of the pressing position is difficult, and it is difficult to form a small
area O protrusion on the pressing portion. -KF11M! There is a deep O-etching process (etching
which leaves a small surface area) to form a protrusion-selective crystal growth process II is
always easy and there is an intermediate layer etc. In short, in the conventional O semiconductor
pressure-sensitive element, the pressure sensitive region is flat and flat, so it is necessary to
adopt an O projecting shape such as a needle that has been used as a pressing body. With
caressed by the restrictions-along with this, it was possible to avoid the problem of nonuniformity and the non-uniformity of the characteristics due to the time tFK of the setting
position of the pressure member, which was overcome. A pressure-sensitive region is a
semiconductor substrate el out K11i formed turtles OK &? Although it snows in a certain way to
eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, it has a large O-fire point as described above, and it is
# 11 kk insufficient to separate it as a needle-like O-detecting element to 24. ! * Which fault Bo
Bo ゐ. Station pre-II company OO umbrella defect e 待 安定 安定 安定 ((2) pressure sensitive
element such as pressure sensitive element う る う る う る 事前 機械 機械 機械 機械 機械 先端
tip is the tip Silisson is attached to the tip of the O hard material O needle O such as 7 aiyah, and
siliceon is deposited on the bottom of the animal bK O O, and a rectifying barrier is layered on
the tin oxide O thin I 11 前 記 silicon and O 閏It is a turtle O that is to be applied. So that the
needle O tip K 1111m quality barrier is layered (and it is put on the pressure body for this, so
that various og-like turtles are used-not only the eyelids, but also various measurements as well
as various measurements. Application to the device is easy and easy, 1 'and t']-Application of O to
the needle etc. is possible. Olihig O% O is able to press on the needle point uniformly and
pressurize it. If the needle is pressed by the body, it can be done easily, easily and surely, and Ll
will be a comfort room and the pressure sensitivity characteristics can be seen. This will be
explained with reference to FIG.
B 面 閣 断 断%%%% ア イ elf elf elf elf elf elf 質 質 質 質 、 、, 質 、 O O O O 該 O 該 該 、 、 さ
ら さ ら さ ら さ ら K K K さ ら K S is applied by sticking to the coating and the I flow O barrier.
It is a lead wire for films 1 and 3 at 4 ° 8 companies, respectively. 1 large-is a pressing body for
the large straightening barrier that is accumulated in the tip of the needle 10. Therefore, the
pressure application to the rectifying barrier may be performed by moving the pressing body 6
in the direction of the blank shown in the drawing, and it may be possible to move the needle l. In
order to make such a pressure sensitive element, for example, “1. In other words, is it one? (7)
Ayer's needle is vapor-deposited at a temperature of woo ° O 5 vacuum degree 1 × 10 − 'm Hz
or less at a film thickness of 8 to 11 IK. This is heat-treated in an atmosphere of hydrogen gas for
1 hour in an atmosphere of hydrogen gas to carry out e ** e ** in the silicon film. In a steam IIII
reaction tube, a pyrolytic-rich tin oxide O film is formed into a pressure-sensitive O stool tL′k II
flow sheet Yabo 廖 ・ ・ ・ :) tKe Tsukuru is true vapor-deposited and etching is performed to
leave an mS portion at a point 3II. As described above, the machine-electric quantity cost
rectifying barrier according to the present invention is 10, which is a WI failure, and has a simple
configuration, which is easy to manufacture and has good pressure-sensitive characteristics.
Since it is applied to the 411kO plane 4, it is an island.
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