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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of a
Sveker connecting device according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2a and 2b are diagrams
for explaining the terminal arrangement of the connector and plug of FIG. FIGS. 3a and 3b show
the connection of the connector and the plug of FIG. 2 respectively. A1 to A4... ? ░ 1st to 4th
output, force amplifier, C иииииии Connector P ииииии Plug иии 1 to 20 иии 1st to 1st 20 terminals. ~ 69 ?
48-8235 (2) Fang? Figure 71.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vehicle power
connection system for use in a stereo playback system. Recently, the 4y-Yannel stereo system has
been developed and the reproduction system is the conventional 2? The commonality with the
Yannel type 1 is planned. At this time, the four output amplifiers of the regenerator 1 correspond
to each channel for h at 1 day at 4 days, but in the z5 L channel mode, TL1i BTL (Bmranced ITr
port 1 ... used in the equation There are 1jOBTL 7 each "for 0" each 2 0 0 (the power amplifier is
operated in parallel, this eight 1.). The output amplifier is three times larger in magnitude than
the one obtained by only using D: j; plex = 7; ?2 near: :: 1: B alone; ?ityir, * fttL? j * f) * # 8 ░ ''
'' '' '' '' '' The output amplifier can be used efficiently to obtain 4 I, 1 + ++, wm. J,-"There is an
advantage. By the way, in the reproducing apparatus having commonality as described above, the
speaker connection can be changed simply and accurately according to the 2-channel BTL mode
#i 2 in 4-channel mode, 8-channel mode, and the like. desirable. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION
The present invention has been made in view of the above circumstances, and provides a speaker
connecting device capable of changing the connection of 52 speakers simply and accurately
according to each stereo reproduction target C2. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 1 to 8. In FIG. 1, the first to fourth output
amplifiers 1, A @, 1. At the time of the four channel reproduction mode, signals corresponding to
Ill through fourth channels which are in a four channel stereo relationship are introduced. Each
of the above output amplifiers is, for example, a llPP0T circuit, and each of these hot output
terminals is connected to the corresponding one of connectors 9 and 175 to 1st, 1st, 1st, 4th of
E0. . The cold output terminals are respectively connected to the terminals 5, 6 and 1 ░ I of the
fifth to 811 g of the connector 0 respectively. In the connector 0, for example, as shown in FIG.
3C, the positions 1 of the four corners of the square: the first to fourth terminals 1 to 4 are
arranged correspondingly, The fifth to @ 8 terminals 5 to I are disposed at the same length as
one side of the square corresponding to each of the terminals 1 to 4 on the extension line of the
corresponding side. Apparently, the above III to II! On the extension of the other opposite side
which is the same as the above-mentioned opposite side of the above-mentioned square.
The 9th to 1st terminals 9, 10 and 11.12 are disposed apart from the 4th terminals 1 to 4
respectively by the same length as one side of the square. и 4 terminals 1 to 4 and t SS to 8th
terminals 5 to # 2, 1 C 2 shown in FIG. . . 11.1 g, IF, 1a, Jl, 10 are disposed at m'FJJ, JJ, '' '' '' '' '3. .
(5) In the case of 4 channel regeneration mode, as shown in No. 8s-), the C-two plug P is the
connector: "; 2 :: 8E <: *:" Knee; 7 ::-two 14th and 18th terminals z4. ", I # and 15th and 19th
terminals 18.19 and 16th and 30th terminals III, 10 are in pairs. , The input terminals of four
speakers (not shown) are separately lI! Be deceived. On the other hand, in the three-channel
reproduction mode, any two of the first to third channel outputs 11 to 4 and the first and second
channel signals in the three channel stereo relationship are selected, for example, the first and
second output amplifiers. , Will be introduced corresponding to each other. . Therefore, at this
time, the 85th! 1t (a) J In a state where the plug P and the connector 0 are connected as shown
in FIG. 1D, $ 118 of the plug r and the 11th terminal JJ, JF, 6th, 2nd, 14th and 1st ee terminals
14 ░ -w- Since -JJ8 is a pair, the input terminal of the speaker of zfm (not shown) is connected to
each of them. Furthermore, first and eighth phase division circuits BhB3 are prepared. The phase
divider circuit generates a first output signal in phase and a third output signal opposite in phase
to the input signal introduced. Then, the output signal and the eighth output signal of the phase
division circuit B of 1111 are connected to the output terminal of the first output amplifier and
the first output terminal of the first output amplifier. One of the three terminals 2.3 adjacent to
the terminal l of the terminal, for example, the eighth terminal 3 inch output terminal is
connected to the output amplifier 1 of 111B. The eighth and eighth output signals are
respectively supplied to the third and fourth output amplifiers 4, 4 (or the fourth and eighth
output amplifiers) respectively as the remaining output amplifiers. And the above-mentioned
21111 and the third phase division circuit 1. , 1m 3 Chi! ?????? Near -'-: The power supply
voltage is supplied and operated in the L mode in the L mode.
That is, the first channel signal and the IK8 channel signal which are in stereo relationship in the
St channel IITL mode are introduced to the first and third phase dividing circuits B, B. When the
plug r is connected to the connector 0 as shown in FIG. 3 for example, the first and 16th
terminals II and 1g of the lug P are connected to the first and eighth terminals of the connector
0, respectively. One child 1. J, the first and eighth output amplifier amplifiers 1. , And the
eighteenth and fourteenth terminals 12.14 are connected to the first and fourth terminals 2 and
4, ie, the S and fourth output amplifiers 2, respectively. It becomes a 2nd BTL output terminal
connected to each hot output terminal of .4. Therefore, at this time, the first and S th BTL2. ?
Inputs and terminals of two speakers (not shown) are separately connected to the output
terminals. Gang, above-mentioned S-channel 1 1 TL system at the time of ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии The
feeding operation may be performed by the mode changeover switch f (not shown), but the ninth
one of the connector 0 when the connector O and the plug P are connected as shown in FIG. ! !
The first S terminals 9 to 12 correspond to the eleventh to III! IO terminal Jy to zo to m
continued. In this case, the terminals IF of 1117 and $ 19 of the plug P may be used. The power
supply operation may be performed using a plug in which a shorting member is attached so as to
short-circuit * M between 11 and short-circuit between 18th and sO terminals xa and to. In
addition, pI of connector 0 and plug P! In order to associate the two terminals with each other at
the time of connection, for example, as shown in the drawings, a color printing portion is
provided on the connector 0, and a cut portion 1 is provided on the plug P. Also, in the 3D BTL
mode, it is always shown in FIG. Even if it is limited to such connected layers, it is not 0 but 4 и 7;
Plug for nectar 0? Only 180 ?rotation; may be mapped to be seeded in a jellied layer, j ? ?
░? ░ ?ws-ppoo? ?? ░░ ?? 1?? ии J to 4 Correspondingly, plug P No. 14. The
sixteenth, eighteenth and fifteenth terminals 14.16 and 13 ░ 15 are connected. Also, in the 2channel BTL mode, the first channel signal and the second channel in an 8-channel stereo
relationship, in short. A phase inversion circuit may be generated by generating an eighth signal
in opposite phase to the first channel signal and a fourth signal in opposite phase to the second
channel signal (in place of the phase dividing circuits B, B, a phase inverting circuit As described
above, according to the present invention according to the present invention as described above
11B and the fourth signal according to the present invention, for example, as shown in FIG. In the
mode, for example, as shown in FIG. 1B (1 m), while the plug P is connected to the connector 0 as
a simple operation, it is possible to accurately perform the speaker connection according to each
As described above, the present invention can provide a speaker nI connecting device capable of
performing the speaker connection change: i 'simply and accurately according to each stereo
reproduction mode.
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