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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a 4-channel reproduction
system using a conventional 4-channel balance volume assembly having 4 volumes with W curve
characteristics, and FIGS. 2A, 2B and 2C are each a diagram. Fig. 1 is a rear perspective view, a
plan view and a side view of the 4-channel balance volume assembly used in Fig. 1, Fig. 3 is a W
curve characteristic diagram, and Fig. 4 is a conventional 4-channel balance volume set having
two 4-series volumes. Fig. 5 is a block diagram of a four-channel reproduction system using a
solid body, Fig. 5 is a plan view of the four-channel balance volume assembly used in Fig. 4, Fig.
6 is an A carp and C carp characteristic view, and Fig. 7 is AC FIG. 8 is a block diagram of a 4channel reproduction system using one embodiment of the 4-channel balance volume assembly
according to the present invention, and FIG. 9 is a 4-channel panel according to the present
invention. 10A, 10B and 10C are characteristic views of the A-type volume disposed opposite to
each other, and FIG. 11A and B are first and second plan views, respectively. FIG. 12 is a
connection diagram of the third terminal, FIG. 12 is a diagram of MN car 7 ? ?% characteristics,
and FIG. 13 is a diagram showing the opposing arrangement of M-type (or N-type) volumes. 1-4 и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Main amplifier, 10, 11, 12, 13, и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Operation
operation, 18 и и и ..... reproduction sound field, 22 ...... 4 channel balance volume assembly, 23, 24,
25 and 26 ... ... two consecutive volume, 27,2B ииииии AC Curve characteristic curve 32, 33 иииииииииии
MN curve characteristic, 34 и 35 иииииииииии M (or M type) volume. Fig. 1-1-48-9101 (2) Fig. 2 EC) Fig.
3 ? Fig. 4-Fig. 4 2-48-9101 (3) Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 8/2325 L-Nie = 1 = 2 ': Two points = ?: F Nigo'
2426! 3 real opening 48-9101 (4) Fig. 9 Fig. 10 (A) Fig. 10 CC) Fig. 10 (?) Fig. 12 (A) Fig. 11real opening 48-9101 (5) 13: old 2 ? 1], dog: "8 correction ? 46.7.16 drawing Fig. 3 is
corrected to the following. Battle 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a channel channel
volume assembly '1) A series of volumes consisting of 1 polarized O volume each having the
same curve characteristic as a gauze for reference-each of which is ?% P By making the
opposing combination, the balance adjustment between the reference channels can be smoothly
made to the row 1 to 1 '; . SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention
to provide a da-channel balance melium assembly which can be assembled and constructed at a
low cost. Hereinafter, this will be described with reference to FIG. Fig. 1 Fig. 1 shows a block
diagram of a system for reproducing a ? channel signal using a conventional reference channel
balance volume assembly having two Dw curve characteristic curves e. A dedicated preamplifier
/ that independently amplifies each channel signal CAINCA 4 I. An input channel balance volume
assembly is interposed between the main amplifier 1 and the main amplifiers 3-1. Balance
volume assembly 110 volume r, h first channel and first channel, volume r, third channel and
third channel, volume rs # i first channel and third channel, and volume r 4 company-second
channel Please make sure the O channel is balanced. The balance adjustment of the O poly r r,...,
D 7 The volume of reproduction from each channel speaker / -1), //, / / and / J is appropriately
adjusted. Parlance gear 9 assembly? [0111] As shown in Fig. (1) and (-), 41 pieces of the abovementioned W-type lithium, r, r, r8 and r4 are attached to a ginseng. The rotation axes of the
volumes r and r2 facing each other are connected to each other by the lever 13 on the
semicircular machine. Similarly, the rotation axes of the volumes r1 and r2 are also coupled by
the lever / A. The control lever / 7 supported at the central part of the chassis / 41 is a chassis
back l and is inserted into the hole where lever / 30 long hole tsm and lever / A long hole / 4g
cross and chassis l of the operation lever 17 The rotary shaft of the volume r, rx and rl, r4 is
turned by turning in any direction on the table 1 of the table 1, and the control lever l is turned
to the first position in FIG. ) If it is turned in the direction or B (rear) direction, volume r1, r! The
rotation shaft of the speaker 10 is rotated to increase the volume of the playback sound field 12
formed by the speakers 10-13 & c in the direction in which the lever l is turned down. Also when
the lever L is turned in the L (left) direction in the L (left) direction, the volume in the direction
coincident with the direction on the reproduction sound field 11 increases similarly. In the
balance volume assembly 9 TIC, since each member is 19 um r, T T 4 is W-N, the characteristic
of the resistance value to the 0 rotation angle is 0 in each of the respective borou (3) AQ-n 1 n 1n A It becomes one curve as shown in ym.
Therefore, even if the control lever 17 is turned to balance each channel ? ?, the change in
sound volume is small near the center of the rotation angle, and a large change in the smooth
parameter adjustment is not performed near both ends. Therefore, it has been conventionally
used for a five channel assembly panel assembly using a volume and a volume of 0 type volume
without using the W type volume as described above. The regeneration system O.sub.4 system
using this balanced poly-ram assembly is shown in FIG. The same company as in FIG. ?? I / i #
channel balance Boliw 5 assembly, using da-rein volume 0 and co I. This O # channel hP volume
assembly / 90M1 stand-construct jllK as shown. That is, a dual polyum J0- and a pair 9 are
attached between two sides perpendicular to each other in the chassis. Series & tJ? Mu J #-0 in 1
RI A town, RI * ts (-) channel-between channels, volume! Since the second and third panels + and
+ c are balanced at I2, R; the balance in the front-rear direction can be adjusted by tilting the
control lever l by an arbitrary angle in the 1 и B direction. Likewise, to the volume among the
volume volume volumes 1. In the 71st 3rd channel between, the volume R41,: The 1st and 2nd
channels are well balanced, and the operation lever 170LSR is ?in any inclination to the lever
and the balance in the left and right direction! l Can be adjusted. Lf I h L volume R1, R; 0 by
manipulation! In order to carry out the same transport, 1 K + qt, use the volume R, 31, 31 of the
mu-force characteristic, the melium R; and the x- curve with the 0-curve characteristic for t. As
the resistance value for the rotation angle of the rotation axis of the A grip volume and the 0 ?
poly- If the connections of the terminal and water terminal) and ot11 Boliou 5 (1 @ are reversed,
the tln curve shown in FIG. 7 is obtained, and the 0 curve becomes symmetrical. . Right (j) of each
volume---1-4. . To A direction rotation, A curve decrease, 0 curve increase, and m curve increase
to father left direction rotation, 0 force. -Reduce As described above, in the above-described dachchannel melium assembly 19, although the configuration is made to balance each channel using
a daim volume by a combination of a mucus and a co-type 1 lilium of 0 curve, Has the
disadvantage of being very expensive.
The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned disadvantages and will be described with
reference to FIG. FIG. 1 is a block 8M view of a reference channel signal reproduction system
using a half channel Meriu 5 assembly Koko according to the present invention. The device of the
present invention, a part-of-sales-parts-go-fives assembly Koko, which is interposed between the
preamp 1-score and the main amplifier j-, is composed of two sets of double-volume sets J1 set,
sets 3 and sets 1. By operating the steering lever 110, the dual volume co-JO1 li-co J- and the coJ door are counter-operated with the same resistance value, so the front channel signal # A /, #
? jO volume is suitable for 1IIIi degree, quantity (1) srsnlnl-n7 Increase or decrease. Double-row
polyum cocoon moth 1.25. The same applies to ko ?, volume co 41 m and co e b, volume co Ja s
and s s, volume co A a, and 24 b, respectively, because they have the same resistance as each
other, the rear channel signal CAJaha, left channel signal ch / 5 cAJ, right The volume of each
channel tg C3 and ChII is adjusted to the same level. FIG. 9 shows a plan view of seven
embodiments of a dual channel volume assembly according to the invention. e +-y balance
balance assembly Juij, chassis l four (!! A series of volume co 3, koda, 41 and a roll are arranged
on the l side. The respective volumes of the double volume co-JA-Colo are all made of rubber
volumes. Here, since the table volume co J and the koda face each other, the structure described
in the previous description must have the dual volume co 3 and a single rotation wheel by
rotating the control lever 17 in the 1 and B directions! And one reference rotate in opposite
directions to each other. Therefore, when the characteristic knack tq1xo-olnl-nRr resistance * of
the self-carp shown in the 10g1l (4) is variable as shown in the 10g1l (4), each mo-bore of the
co-dust polyumcosan, 2 (1) and (2), the resistance value of the curve is as shown in Fig. 1 / Fig. 1
(4) and Fig. 1 (4) and (as shown in Fig. 1). By connecting the first terminal j'F with the 4Ig (cog)
and the third terminal 3? to form an earth terminal and a hot terminal, respectively, as shown in
FIG. j is obtained. When the third terminal 3? is in the rotational angle position where the curve
K and the curve G cross each other, the control lever 17 company! , 1? shift in one direction-
even in the central position not inclined due to the color is a color, the volume of the speaker 10
and I on the playback sound field / l equal, and also the speaker /, / and /,?
The sound source Botonichi with. In the same manner as above even in the case of double
volume co S and colo ? ? shown in the same II (0) by respectively combining the volume co and
the volume co-hepatium co-sheath that faces it and the volume J-base that faces this You get the
curve tips and contours, etc. When the control lever 7 is tilted to a rotation angle position larger
than the terminal J / bo center angle position O, the front channel signal ah /, ckJ breaks for the
right channel signal 953, ck as shown in curve t. The volume of #) is increased, and the volume
of the back channel signal C11cAl1 or the left channel signal (t / Sr) is decreased as indicated by
the curved core. Also, when the terminal J / is at an angular position smaller than the central
angular position WtO, the music i11 Kota, Kol is in the reverse relationship to the above, and the
forward channel signal ch /, ehJ (the father is the right channel signal Cm J, ck 4 t) 0 Volume
decreases, and the volume of the rear channel signal ehJ, C static or left channel signal ch /, c /
h?) is accumulated. Operation lever I? On the chassis 100, for example, in a position where it
has rotated to a maximum direction by rotating in one direction, the rear channel ratio signal CA
co from the rear speaker // s / J, the volume resistance value so that the It is set. Paternity) ?
lever l? As shown by dashed line 17g! In the position fully inclined in the J / channel direction,
the reproduced sound of the channel signals ehJ, CAJ, CA41 is set to be p. In this way, even with
volumes having the same characteristics, characteristic curves equivalent to 50 curves can be
obtained by using volumes in opposite arrangement relationship with each other, and the
balance between channels is achieved by these paired volumes. Smooth KII! 4 will be adjusted.
The single series volume of the cast iron volume assembly according to the present invention is
not limited to one consisting of individual volume volumes as in the above embodiment, but a
central rotation angle position can be obtained by combining 0 type volume and other opposing
volumes. For example, the M1 curve is a combination of a 13 ? car shown by a solid line in FIG.
1 and a summer curve 33 shown by a broken line. It is possible to obtain this MM curve by using
a volume having a shift-required curve in the above configuration. . J41 shown in the first jWi. Jj
is a ? curve (father curve) O volume, 74, and J is a contact portion made of silver. When the
slider j4I11 of the sensor element J moves in the direction of the arrow, the resistance value of
the self J. J. ?? resistance value is the first co ? ? ?) 48-910 1-11 As shown in the M curve
coco in FIG. At this time, since the volume 3 so reciprocator 8a also moves in the direction of the
arrow opposite to the contact piece 34I11, the resistance of the volume 3s moves in the direction
of the arrow like # / co 3 in the figure in the figure. .
Therefore, if the central angular position ? is set to the center of the channel parameter, it is
possible to balance the reference channels as in the above embodiment. J-3F) <7 L, according to
the present invention, the channel balance volume assembly can be assembled and manufactured
at a very low cost because it uses a single volume consisting of only volumes of the same
characteristics. Since the characteristics of the left-right symmetry type can be obtained by
connecting the volume resistors L facing each other in an arbitrary combination, the balance
between the channels can be accurately and smoothly adjusted. @GI Brief description of the
problem @ 1 Figure ? ? ? ? Block diagram of the access channel recycled yarn using a
conventional dachaciner parlance volume assembly with 41 volumes with W curve
characteristics, JJ members (2) and (? 11lsn-n 101-1) Channel balance volume assembly used
for 1st vlJ, respectively, a view from the back ullll, a plan view 9 and a plan view, a plan view of
the individual figure, a chart of W curves of Fig. 3 and a view of Fig. Fig. 3 is a block diagram of a
reproduction channel system using a conventional assembly channel volume system with a single
volume, Fig. 3 is a plan view of the channel volume system assembly used in Fig. 6, Fig. 6 The
figure is a mu-curve and a-car 1 characteristic diagram, Fig. 7 is an A-O curve characteristic
diagram, and Fig. 1 is a block diagram of a reproduction of a reference channel using one
embodiment of the da-channel balance volume assembly according to the present invention.
Figure 1 shows a flat LIIJ figure of one embodiment of the channel channel volume assembly
according to the present invention, Fig. 10 (1), Fig. 10 and Fig. 12). 11 and 4 (1) are connection
diagrams of the t and third terminals, and FIG. 11 is a characteristic diagram of force-bu and FIG.
The figure which shows M type (or 1 ?) volume 0511 facing arrangement. и и и и 41 ? и и и и
preamp, Kur ~ ~ и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Speakers, I и и и JII production lever, II и и и и и H + 6
playback, Coco C / Ko) ... q channel balance volume assembly, ko input koda, ko 51-6 ... a series
of volumes, core, core 0 curve characteristic curve, 3 core 3 ... summer, summer curve
characteristic , J Da, 3s ... M (father HNW,) volume. Utility model registration exile Japan Victor
stock company-wide agent attorney Attorney Ito Tadanobu 48-9101-1479f1 concave. City -1-.
21 r II r 31: 2: 7: 1: L 10 d d 3: 1 h: / 13/3 (jc 4 ',: L + pan-11 1 + +--48t & f 2 (A) 9h-4?
??????????????????????????? ?????????? F'I Ura and 3
and 217B1k14-~ '='-',', ',', V, ':-48-9101-15 Ml], 4- twist pillow 7' '0 0 insert angle, 191 111 The
fourth, 17 yen,-Yu ? ? Uni, 1j2: Own 42 bow Wl 11 RH :: 6 + F f j 'c & 3:' '' Fermentation + 114
jj L + A '111, bow 1',: i / / B 13 d L 4: i R 1: 2 111 :, и и ": Bold: 4: L---JL---Jl & L--------1-J-n 1 <, ji
people * f1! Tadataka Kamiito f и 1 1 station ? tqRs' ?: 2 () tal L length 1 ? R;> R 1 a 4 ? 17 R
2 ?dz ? f 6 eyes f 1 ? ? 1 / ? / / 7 ? pivot. 7 и ? и anti 7 so '0' 4 t, 't,-' и '/' 3! One rotation
within one rotation angle; l ': 48-9tO 1-17j 1' 8 country l238?j phantom "-: 'rr-L ;: j: J-] и и и-] I" li:
11 + 12 It, + 4 & 2 self I '------: I11 () F12 L33 mountain: 1 '44 ++ 2! B: 7 L <b> 10 ? ?, 1 .; ll: +1
LL ? ? ? cap L ? 1 ? ? J 1 ? 1 ? ? ? ? B, 3111 i, ?, +11, 23 k и 1 ░: и PF3-----"11, ++
1111 i 24 b H" 4 verse 2 rt: =: including-=-: F-?02426 9 9 concave t et al. 52225 'N и Sz 3 ? и Ll
(j' processing And ? / 'IB? 3b ? 14 turtle zt '-848-9101-18 "i 10 days (A) T10 cash register (B)
pivoting 27 first glance stem angle-IQ country (C); Fang 12 ? ? 1 + + 4: \: 27 :, "Ij! I: H \ и X: 11i
": l \ 11 (L) system 4 ^ F (R: \ 1 ░ 1 ░ -1 ill inside the forest '' '' p 'to '94' '2 9OF correction
Showa 3 4 77174 [1 Patent Office 1: e ? ? (1) ? ? 1 1 ?? indication of the case f fIl ? ? ?
? ? ? ? s ? s s 2 2 2, Name of the device 5 ? I ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3 3 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ?::::::: It: + 'li watch 221 God 4] i +, 14. '?', 11 wheels 1? II ;: 1111 <, ', 4 yamachi: address
i1-1112 address ? 43211 Victor Victor Company name representative representative 1. ? 'Pi
old k Kitano 5 Y ? 4, agent 11 и ? 105 east 11 part, j l l ? 1 ? 1 1 rl 1 rl 18 no 19 B-1 no и ?
1 v Bi, Le 3; -Name Mi 71115) Tadori +: 0) Higashi Tadahiko '' '' 5, 11 I и и correction command of
Spontaneous correction five WXO target @ achievement O invention description O-and '? 48910 1- 207 contents of correction l In the specification, ?Changes in sound volume? are not
performed as described on page q, lines 6 to 6.
And insert the next sentence. [The change in volume is determined by the ratio of the output
impedance of the preani 7 '/-p to the resistance of the volume R3 to R4 as shown in FIG. It
changes a lot and often does not make smooth adjustments. In the drawing, correct FIG. 3 as
attached drawing. (K) 48-910 1-21 (Tailing fI surface) third) ? ? ? Retaining ? ? rotating rod
AR- 9101-22
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