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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic longitudinal sectional view of a
conventional speaker, FIG. 2 is a schematic longitudinal sectional view showing an example of an
electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. A rear view, FIG. 4 is an
exploded perspective view of the main part, and FIG. 5 is a plan view of a magnetic circuit of
another example of the device of the present invention. 10 ...... present invention electro one
acoustic converter according to, 11 ...... the vibration system serving as corn, 12 ...... moving coil,
13 ...... magnetic circuit, 14A , 14B, 14C ...... its 磁略, 15 ...... magnets are g1, g2 ...... magnetic gap.
Fig. 1-67 Actual opening 4B-9129 (2) Fig. 4 Fig. 5 = 68-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electroacoustic transducer # suitable for use in speakers such as portable radios and portable tape
recorders. Portable radio ,. It is desirable that the speaker used for the portable tape recorder
calculation be configured as thin as possible in accordance with its miniaturization. Loudspeakers
used for such conventional equipment are shown in Figure 1 as shown in Fig. 1; j-n (1) K
connected and 9 town dynamic coil ■ voice coil (2) center ball 13) inserted The yoke 141 is
disposed on the outer periphery of the coil (2), and a magnetic circuit is formed by the center ball
(3 j, the yoke (4) and K), and a magnet (51 is disposed in this magnetic path) A loop of closed
loop, ie, a closed magnetic circuit, is formed in a plane along the vibration direction of the
movable coil (2). Therefore, according to such a configuration 41, a sufficiently thin speaker can
not be obtained. The present invention provides an electro-acoustic transducer that can be
configured to be sufficiently thin and dark and flat. 2 Figure 2 Figure 4 illustrates an example of
applying the present invention to a speaker 0 side in the figure shows an electro-acoustic
transformation bond placement speaker according to the present invention as a whole, and a9
shows its imaging system That is, it indicates a cone. A movable coil (a so-called voice coil a is
connected to the center of the cone (II). Arrows a in FIG. 2 indicate the m one direction of the
movable coil a3. In the present invention, a closed circuit IIas is formed which forms a closed
magnetic path along IIK substantially orthogonal to the vibration direction a of the movable coil
0. As an example of this magnetic circuit watch, the central magnetic path portion (14A) having a
square branch shape, for example, and the empty spaces 111st and g having a required width on
both sides thereof, for example, is about I! The outer side 1111 M18 (h4m) and (14c) of the pair
g 'columns are arranged on the plane orthogonal to the vibration direction a of the coil O along
the line / IQ-OI') OLnQ. Then, the central magnetic path portion (14A) and its outer magnetic
path portion (14!). 1) and (14C) to squeeze and put on a magnet, for example, an insertion
magnet a9 6 For example, lrs diagram and age a! As shown in Fig. 1liK, the magnet 0 is
respectively added to the corresponding end of each magnetic path g (14A) (14B) (14c) + ell L,
center 1111 111 (14A) and MIIIK-pole, for example, south pole For example, another pole such
as an N pole is in contact with both ends of the magnetic path portions (X4B) and (14c) so that
the magnetic flux − crosses the air gaps g and g. K11 so that the magnetic field is turned in the
opposite direction.
On the other hand, = ile oz is wound like a bowl, and opposing effective windings (12A) and
(12B) inserted in 9-g and g of the magnetic circuit, respectively, and a central magnetic path
(12A) Of the two effective winding portions (12A) and (111B) are connected to form a coil, which
is constituted by the connections 11i (12C) 7i and (12D). 1) Each winding element is arranged
along a plane parallel to the 1f effective winding section (1 ffi A) and (吃) and the vibration
direction 龜 of this coil device, and in the connecting sections (12 c) and (1 X D) 1) Move along
the INK substantially orthogonal to the direction of movement a, 111-ql 29-04! ・−V、、。 J, 2
Arrange the winding coil body. Thus, depending on the motion of the mobile system, depending
on the machine sk of cone 01), the effective windings (IJA) and (xgB) do not swing K so as to
swing across the magnetic flux-between winter sky llIg and 1; (12c) Expansion (lsp) 1 A straddle
over the central narrow passage (14A) without interfering with the vibration of this coil. Make
sure that the magnetic flux is concentrated here in the space 11 lg and h when the effective
winding part (12A) of the coil a is inserted (IJB) for 4 minutes as compared to the other parts.
There is a gap between the central channel (14A) or the outer magnetic paths (14B) and (14C),
and the gap g and g of the outer magnetic path (14C) are formed to form a projection-net
arrangement. As described above, according to the configuration of the present invention, the
magnetic paths (14A), (14B) and (14C) are disposed in the plane orthogonal to the imaging
direction of the movable coil fi3 to form the magnetoelectric 15IIIas. * * Compared to the case
where the magnetic circuit is constructed along the thickness direction of the beaker as it is. The
thickness of the whole can be made thin enough, and it can be made with the m which comprises
the flat ス ビ ー length. Gang, 11 ki! The shape and arrangement of the path portion constituting
all Ia 1-placement of false A9-0190-1% and the shape and arrangement of magnet a 9 can take
various configurations, for example, as shown in Fig. 15, four magnets 0Iil Can also be placed
within the winter sky @g, l and 1 at both ends.
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