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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view E. .. Ep 9...
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an improvement to an
electrodynamic or electromagnetic speaker 4 in which the damper of the rounding is supported
to support the movable (II movement) portion of the speaker on the frame. The present invention
relates to a speaker 15 having a large number of components. The purpose of the device of Hp%
is to heat the heat generated in the voice coil by heat conduction and thermal radiation of the
metal fiber damper and heat it to the outer part by 11 L), and the voice coil O-1 It is one point to
obtain a speaker with a large input, ie, a large output, by reducing the rise to twJ and fishing, and
therefore adding a small sum. The well-known O pass through, the temperature rise of the voice
goyle is one of the factors that give a large shadow I # tube to the determination of the speaker
0III # input. However, it is the fact that the temperature of the conventional voice coil, r, does not
rise to the temperature rise, and it does not scold the intention. The reason is that although the
cause-and-effect relationship between the speaker's input resistance and the temperature rise of
the voice coil has been confirmed, the phenomenon changes in abundance, and it is considered
that it can not be formally settled. . The present invention attempts to achieve the intended
purpose by focusing on the fact that the temperature rise of the speaker controls the allowable
input. Hereinafter, based on the example shown in the discussion jlltll [iK 15 specific KI! Light up.
As shown by IIK, a speaker 101 111 tj, a pair of carbon dioxide 2 forming a pneumatic circuit, a
cylindrical magnet S and a center pole 10] 1. の 一 の 一 911 珈 褒 形成 n 部 部 形成 形成 形成
−5 n n n n n −5 −5 −5 コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ
な が る つ な が る つ な が る つ な が る! −5. ) ”) 8-9130-03 is fixed to the outer one jill Ki
iscoy 1 lua of the bobbin 6 kW n 10, the front 1 cone 5 and coil bobbin 6 Fi, supported by the
damper 8 nl and its damper 8 Fi frame 9 Kli It is. And in this invention, 11lllk 'damper 8f. A metal
fiber woven fabric and an annular pad 1 are used. Metallic fine woven fabric is woven by
suspending metal fibers (fine metal wires) or Fi gold metal base. The former metal fiber is thin
gold IA @ + of about 10μ in diameter of aluminum, other metals or alloys. This metal-short fiber
#IIFi, #l @ Gas jet to metal, method of refueling is manufactured by method of injecting 8M metal
tube on high-speed rotating plate. The latter metal foil may be a metal foil filler, or metal vapor
deposited plastic film l =. It is manufactured by cutting into a flat filament as a raw YtlllI agent.
No matter what n above, as the metal fiber or metal-based raw material, the speaker's magnetism
and temperament [Known non-magnetic steel, non-magnetic steel, armor =--, and-2 are excessive]
It is. Addition 5 n-n 1 Q-Q Δ Now, when the voice coil 7 罠 voice 1 current of this speaker flows,
the cone 5 vibrates and emits a sound. In this case, heat is generated from the voice coil 7Fi and
the voice and electricity fILK, and the temperature and the length thereof increase. And most of
the heat quantity is bobbin 6Km1111 rL. However, in this speaker, since the damper 8 is
constructed by a thermal conductivity, the heat of the bobbin 6 is transmitted to the frame 9 and
other members via the damper 8. . In addition, since the tamper sFi, while vibrating constantly,
comes in contact with the outside air, the heat radiation to the 9th atmosphere is high. As
described above, the damper sFi made of metal fiber woven fabric and the heat conduction and
heat radiation of both of them are attached to the voice coil 7 so that the heat ti & generated in
the voice coil 7 also acts as an effective IIK. The heat transfer path until the damper coil is driven
by the #A degree of the voice coil 7 is made of a material having a high thermal conductivity, and
a woven surface of the damper 8 or a woven cloth of the damper coil The first & second ta ta
mexii to II! It is more advantageous to heat the area (4) 43-9130-05 and to heat the tube. Thus,
the j14 fiber m damper 8F'i, JIi 11 of the Heus coil 7! ! Local hemorrhoids that occur in! [Part 1
touch and seal the outside K11 l, so the temperature distribution on the ground of Voice Koissif 0
becomes y-uniform, and it is a well-boiled pot. It shows a slope. Therefore, in the loudspeaker
according to the invention, the temperature rise of the voice coil 7 as well as the cost of one
stroke is smaller than that of the conventional product even if the cost is long over time. As
mentioned above, the speaker of this invention has at least 111 causes of the temperature rise of
the voice coil 1 (more, the volume input is not limited, and it is possible to measure the high
power of the field despite the small size, it is 1JAT F) Lt for a long time using KIL 4) The voice
coil itself, ・ And ten Mli! It has a feature in use that it does not burn out the members of l.
Furthermore, since the metal fiber damper of the invention of this invention has its own
combination of flexibility and mobility, it is possible to support the vibration of the cone while
supporting it (5 + 48-9130- 06 #!
There is a real benefit of sounding that it is fully activated. 1 In addition, if the above-mentioned
Dan j5 is formed into a rLt cross-sectional wave shape, it retains its shape by itself, and it is like a
conventional Omm preparation damper #! Since it is not necessary to perform immersion heating
processing, it has a manufacturing advantage A, which simplifies the 5 constructions II. 4111i0
Brief Description ■ a longitudinal cross section of the main part of the speaker according to the
invention of a single layer, t. 1 ・ ・ ・ Speaker, 1 ... Cao, 3 ... Magnet. 4- Empty part, S: Cone, 6:
Bobbin, 7: Voice coil, S: Damper, 會: Frame. -A, (: r-crane-"atllA 8 $ 1 sit mm & <get · '' 15.51, 層
部 大部 · · ÷ 岡 良 岡 J Jd1, づ 7:? 浄 祷, 祷 ′ 加 加 A rA) 48-9130-07 」σ · S, 148-9130-08 fi
fis-A #: 〒! House 91, name i-n 6, and other than the above, agent mail t111, size 1 1. 131 1
locations, Tokyo Ueno 3-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Name (6 o 9 (転) 僻 へ 弘-翼 =
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