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。、。。 偵 3 偵 K7 117 47 特許 0 1717 "Patent Office Commissioner I-T. Doo o 4, agent 470
384 U U specification 1.1) t name of invention
Sound converter
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
transducer, and more particularly, to a book for performing electroacoustic transformation using
a bimorph transducer. In recent years, so-called piezoelectric bimorph transducers using a
piezoelectric bimorph as an IIF buzzer, electroacoustic transducers for transmitting and receiving
ultrasonic waves in various air or water, are used as acoustic transducers regardless of audible or
mineral ultrasonic wave number range ing. Piezoelectric bimorph oscillator and company,
Piezoelectric body Okashi, or piezoelectric metal is bonded on both sides of a base metal plate or
both sides to make bending vibration occur, thereby, from electric vibration to acoustic vibration,
or acoustic It is used as a conversion element of vibration to electric vibration). This has
advantages such as simple structure, small size and light weight as compared with other
conventional vibrators, but the piezoelectric bimorph vibrator alone has low electroacoustic
conversion sensitivity of sound waves and is not practically sufficient. The Conventionally, a book
of various efficient acoustic structures such as a butterfly has been proposed for a sound 41
converter in which a vibrator performs piston movement such as an acoustic speaker, but the
vibration mode of the piezoelectric bimorph vibrator is the above acoustic conversion. Because it
is essentially different from the piston movement of the container, it is not possible to obtain the
present preferred result EndPage: 1 using conventional acoustic structures. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION In view of the above-described points, the present invention has an excellent
acoustic conversion sensitivity suitable for a piezoelectric bimorph vibrator, and provides an
efficient acoustic conversion device. Next, a non-inventive embodiment will be described with
reference to the drawings. In the first factor, (υ is a bimorph oscillator, and this bimorph
oscillator (1) has a diameter smaller than that of the metal disc (2) on one side of the metal disc
(2) as the oscillator. . Then, a piezoelectric disk (3) formed of a piezoelectric material such as lead
zirconate titanate 5 based piezoelectric ceramic is joined and formed. Then, the bimorph
oscillator is placed on the front surface of the above bimorph oscillator (1) at a distance plane
which is an odd multiple of a quarter wavelength of one oscillation pigeon wave and an integral
multiple of a half wavelength of the oscillation frequency. The acoustic conversion mechanism
(7) is formed by arranging the piezoelectric disk (3) of (1) and the reflector (6) formed of a metal
disk of approximately one box diameter. Next, this operation will be described. The bimorph
oscillator (1) is excited by the frame imaging circuit in the case of sound generation, and is
excited by the sound from the outside in the case of sound reception, and its vibration mode is
indicated by a broken line in the first. It exhibits centrosymmetric second-order natural vibration.
When the front sound pressure is kept constant by the reflector (5) K on the front surface, the
vibration shows a sound pressure gain by the rear reflector (6) K in the book.
It radiates into space from the opening (4) of the front reflector (5). Next, a specific embodiment
of the sound conversion mechanism (7) will be described in detail with reference to FIG. (8) is a
cylindrical frame, and an exponential horn OI is disposed in the upper opening (9) of the 7 frame
(8), and is projected on the inner wall of the 7 frame (8). The acoustic conversion mechanism (7)
is disposed on the supporting portion a so as to face a throat portion protruding inward from the
horn 01 and disposed. That is, the above-mentioned acoustic conversion mechanism (bimorph
oscillator of force + 1) and the joint position of the three vibrations [are supported by the support
portion a of the frame + 1) via the elastic body 0 bonded with a silicone rubber adhesive. Then,
the electrodes (14) 115 of the bimorph oscillator +1) are formed at node positions of vibration
respectively, lead wires Qe (ll are respectively connected to the electrodes (14) tls, and the
connection portion is made of silicon rubber etc. The vibration absorber Ql (19K is contacted to
prevent damage. 1+, the reflector (5) on the front surface of the bimorph oscillator (a distance
(G1) which is an odd multiple of a quarter wavelength of the oscillation frequency from the top
surface of the bimorph oscillator) slightly outside the throat 021 of the horn 01 Then, the outer
periphery of the throat portion O3 of the horn OG and the inside of the frame (8) IIK are
supported. そして。 The reflector (6) on the back surface is formed by an AB8 resin plate to have
an inner diameter (Do) substantially equal to the nodal diameter (Dn) of the vibration of the
bimorph resonator +1), and the vibration frequency is measured from the back surface of the
bimorph resonator (1) The support portion 0υ is supported and disposed at a distance (G,)
which is an integral multiple of a half wavelength of the light source. Next, experimental
examples will be described. In FIG. 2 described above, the bimorph oscillator EndPage: a
piezoelectric disc (3) made of lead zirconate titanate based piezoelectric ceramic with silver
electrodes baked on both sides with a diameter of 30 W and a thickness of 1.5118 on two faces
is an araldite Fasten by forming. Then, it is formed of an elastic material of outer diameter 56 s I
11 inner diameter 50 u, thickness 5 crane at the outer cylinder position of vibration of the above
pie main fuff oscillator 11) and bonded with the following adhesive α3t-silicon rubber adhesive
Support part (1114c) of the frame (8). Further, the bimorph oscillator (1) is excited to a centersymmetrical second ash natural vibration with a resonance frequency of 19.3 KHz by an
excitation circuit (not shown). A calibrated condenser microphone type microphone device with a
distance of 50 (d) on the front axis of this bimorph oscillator (1), and an excitation input
alternation of the bimorph oscillator (1) so that a sound pressure value is 125 dB. The results
obtained by adjusting the voltage are shown in the gt table.
Table 1 is based on the case where the above-mentioned reflector (51 (6) is absent), and in the
case where either one of reflector (5) or (6) is provided, both reflectors (51 (6) are provided In
each case, the reflectors (51 (6J and the distance (G1) (G1) between the bimorph oscillator (1)
were changed were tested. The t 'horn Ql is a common practice to match the radiation
impedance, and the wavelength (2) in air is 17.8,-. As a result of the first surface reflector (5) and
/ or the rear one reflector (6), the excitation input is lowered. It is clear that the sound pressure
of radiation is improved. Although the bimorph oscillator 11) has been described as a disk, it is
not limited to a disk and can be formed into a square or a rectangular without being limited to a
company. Since the present invention is configured as described above, the structure is simplified
and the electro-acoustic conversion characteristics are significantly improved, and the efficiency
in either of converting acoustic vibration into electric vibration or converting electric vibration
into acoustic vibration It is possible to provide a sound conversion device that can be performed
4. Brief description of drawings / Figure shows one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1
is a longitudinal sectional view showing the main part of the apparatus, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal
sectional view of the apparatus of FIG. . (1) · · · Bimorph oscillator, (51 (6 J · · reflector, (Gs) (Gs) · ·
· distance. EndPage: 3fI Figure 142/2) 5, List of attached documents (1) Detailed description 1
(2) Drawing, 1 (3) Proxy 1 (4) Application Multiple copies 1 (5) Application examination request
One, six Inventors, patent applicants and agents other than the previous year, Kazuo Watanabe
(2) Patent applicant Kawa '15vt in Saitama Prefecture guchi city oasis! lj, 'J, Address 971 (3)
Agent 6366 Patent Attorney 樺 惇 -1 ...-4 °! , 7 'EndPage: 4
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