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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawing is an electrical circuit diagram
showing a signal line according to the invention. H1 and H2 ииииииииии Stereo reproduction head, U1
to U4 иииииииии Stereo amplifier, U5 иииии Radio tuner, U6 иииии Demodulation circuit and detection circuit ,
VR1 and vR2 ииииииии Volume for adjusting volume, SP 1 y and SP 2 иииииииии Speaker, D1 and D2 ииииии
Diode elements, C1 and C2 иииииииии DC For blocking 7 ', R1, R, / and R2, R2' ..... Bias resistance, SW
? y and SW2 ..... Manual interlock switch, SW3 ..... Power supply switch, ANT иии Antenna element,
1 и и и и и и и Power terminal. SRSP z 1 61-
Detailed Description of the Invention A stereo reproduction apparatus W having a receiving
device according to the present invention W: ll I, which is a monaural signal of a radio receiver
on an amplification IIO input terminal in a 4 Ik stereo re-laying device The present invention
relates to a method for preventing degradation of the degree of separation O in a large stereo
reproduction apparatus for connecting tracks. (1) 11Q-IR ') n-n') 1] ░ '' '' '' 1 '' '' ast-''-In addition
to patu, Leopold during the geo-acceptance III 'Ik also 41' N; ? ? 1 ? *! ! ???
????????????? ░????????? For example, in the case where the
broadcast signal is to be expanded by connecting the radio reception to the stereo reproduction
device, the detection output of the radio reception is introduced to the stereo reproduction device
0 amplifier, and the emission m * is I'm trying to make it louder. Furthermore, it is widely used
for one grain-radio reception-KFi ^ M broadcast and FM broadcast-even if it is misplaced 1
reception device which made it a bird of reception! Switching between OAM broadcasting and
FM broadcasting is normally performed by a manual switching switch. By the way, when
connecting a radio receiver to ? O stereo playback device and operating it #-FM radio
broadcasts etc. O o receive ? such as OOAM broadcast etc. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? This is the O
reception signal in the stereo playback device It is necessary to introduce it simultaneously to the
left and right amplifier amps shift as well. G's a'L "f-11) KAM section 21 section 20 section 20
switching x 4 y + ts @ 49-7 820-03 It is necessary to have an IF 41M by alternately controlling
the amplification IIO left and right both input layers t resistance in the stereo reproduction
apparatus. After receiving the friend ^ M broadcast tape cartridge and the like to the device! In
the case of performing stereo reproduction in the same manner as in I, it is necessary to switch
the switch between the M section and the FM drum feed (must be switched to cancel the
amplification IIO left and right and left and right force input terminal lll). However, forgetting the
operation of the NAO ? O switch, when performing stereo reproduction with a tape cartridge or
the like with the changeover switch switched to ^ MIIK, the sO input line is short-circuited by the
amplification sO so that the stereo can be protected Km Left and right separation degree t! IFL
<deteriorated and inconvenience occurs. For this reason, when performing a stereo reproduction
trial by magnetic tape or a record board etc., it is necessary to always switch the changeover
switch between ? and M broadcast and FM broadcast to the FM broadcast side each time, and
the operation OII is woven 1 Or '), 1-AQ-IQ') n-1'll1 to 1 teleo amplification in the storage area!
A capacitor and a diode element are inserted in series in the middle of the line leading to the IO
input line, and the switch between FM broadcasting and AM broadcasting S) How is the t *
connection state, 1 stereo amplification ISO ISO degradation deteriorates It is intended to
eliminate the shortcoming of the above-mentioned case at once. Moving forward, the present
invention is illustrated according to the embodiment shown in the figure, in the attached figure
WIvc, symbols H1 and 89 help the left and right playback heads in the magnetic tape, and the
playback heads H3 and H1 Connected to the amplifier ul and U, and lead to the power amplifiers
U and U via this amplifier, and at the input of this amplifier for each of the f 14 The volumes VR
and VR are provided. Further, amplifier U and U, 0 output side (speakers SP and SP for stereo
reproduction are connected). On the other hand, an antenna element ^ NT is provided ^ M-FM
dual purpose radio tuner dual-purpose radio tuner power terminal Korean ^ F detection circuit
and FM recovery + 41 aQ-711 +] ll-n 1 '. 1) Circuit ustc ** L-1 CC) f 13 intestinal LJ in which
1111 1 1 1 road is combined. O output terminal is interlocking manual type band switch SW.
And $ W, K fixed contacts (II follow). That is, the rightward signal 5) line of the FM demodulation
output is connected to the switch SW, K, and the contact point a, and the line b11 of the contact
point bKtf ^ M detection output O11 is connected. On the other hand, in the switches sw and pc
linked to the ?01 inch SWl, the left signal line of the contact heat 'KFM demodulation output is
connected, and the same AM detection output O signal line tW as the contact b' KF1. Continue.
Furthermore, the movable contact C1CFi DC blocking capacitor tCI of the swing 1 (1) SW is
connected in series with the diode element 01, and the other end of the diode element is
connected to the amplification aiu, o input 11%. Similarly, the capacitor CI and the diode element
O1 7 are connected in series to the series pc @@ 16), the diode element o, the O @ end is an
input line KIIl for amplifying this aUaK. ??? Further, the capacitor C1 array (C1 and diode
elements, and each of Ol! In the next place, resistance R1 and RI 'and (flat AO-IQ') n-nR :, 1) "L" at
111R ? lL?, 1;-no (-) section () ha 1I 11 ? ? Add the drain. The bias voltage is applied to the
diode elements OL and 0. W: The degree o @ Wctb located in the straight S portion of the
operating characteristics. ????????????????????
2) Switch B in response to the operation (B, the terminal (1) is supplied with B power. The
present invention has the configuration as described above and works as described below. That
is, the tape cartridge is operated to activate the recording board or the like 1 and, in the case, it is
closed to the switch swaFil 1 point b @, and the stereo reproducing apparatus vcezH is inserted.
Next, when the radio receiver is operated, the movable contact of the switch SW is closed at
bHyc, and 8 power supplies are applied to the Fuziochena U and the detection and demodulation
circuit. If this radio tS) o Receive m Bo tape cartridge is housed in the same shape O case, when it
is loaded, the above-mentioned swin + SW operates to switch the switch, and radio chenna Ktl
automatically powers up 6) 49-7820-071). When the radio receiver # is supplied to the radio
receiver, a bias voltage is generated in the resistors R1 and R, 0 II respectively via the resistors H,
1 and the resistor R snow ', and the O voltage And D ? and vcNaIS). By this, this diode element 0.
And 0, O operating point is set to the operating characteristic curve 0ti11 part of the test
element. ?? When the manual interlock switch SW and Sw are operated to close this to the
contact and a1 ?, a demodulation circuit ?, The FM demodulation output is taken out and
introduced separately to each of the diode elements D1 and DIrC via the capacitors C1 and C and
tP, respectively. CO diode element (as described above, the bias voltage is applied and ? its
operation point is directly 111 part (Because it is set, I will return to the next step, and the FM
demodulation output taken out is is) without distortion , Amplifier ? and ? 4 are introduced. 4)
Also, if the FM demodulation output is a stereo signal, the left and right 011's are introduced into
each of the amplifier j and U, respectively. When switching to the next KIIIJ manual interlock
switch SW, and C) 49-7820-08, I and b ', the capacitors C3 and C3 are valved to make the diode
elements OI and 0. In any element ?, a ? detection signal is introduced and introduced into the
amplification circuits U and u 4 without distortion as in the signal #i described above).
Furthermore, switch this switch to 7 o or t without switching FM @ WC to switch SV1. When the
tape cartridge or the like for stereo is operated to operate, the left and right stereo signals 10)
are introduced from the heads HI and H- and these are introduced to the amplifier U and the
amplifier, respectively.
In this case, an output line of the M detection circuit is connected to a line on the way to the
amplifiers UI and U, another amplification 41U, and U4 # c and a short circuit at this line #fS
point bb ' However, due to the reverse direction diode element O1 provided in the signal line of
the kernel 6), the impedance between the amplifier u u and the pair U, the pair car car path is
extremely high. Nah. (8) 4Q-7820-09 to connect the switches SWs and SW for CO-even if the
input line in the amplifier jius and ? is short-circuited 1llvc not from the magnetic tape The
stereo signal to be sent in is not disturbed, and the speakers s), sp, SP, and E are also separately
amplified to reproduce the stereo **. By the way, the radio cartridge etc. is operated and the
diode element is used in the next case. And a bias voltage is applied, but this voltage is not
applied by the DC blocking capacitors CI and C9 and the geo cartridge side VCF 1 is not applied,
so that a bias-like Ill # c abnormality on the radio cartridge side does not occur. Radio reception
l1lFi can be operated normally, this. As described above, when connecting a radio receiver to a
stereo reproduction device according to the present invention and listening to a radio broadcast,
the detection output line of the radio reception Il is used as an input terminal of the amplifier for
stereo reproduction. As a state of being connected as in the middle of the detection output line,
diode (9) 49-7820-101) ? ?-^^ ^ VKjwIIJmat (j ? e) Jall III 1115 tJ Inbimens Boars make it a
big thing to make a stereo from a friend It is prevented that the amplification IIO input terminals
are mutually short-circuited by this, and it is possible to carry out the reproduction of the
magnetic tape without any trouble, so that at the time of the tape reproduction as in the prior art
It is possible to eliminate the operation OII axis in the stereo reproduction apparatus, which
requires no output line OII disconnection operation. Since the bias voltage +6) voltage is applied
to the above-mentioned diode element, the operating point of the diode element is set to a linear
portion, and the radio receiver O broadcast signal is faithfully introduced into the amplifier. It is
possible to look at it and see its excellent effect.
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