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4 Patent applicant zip code 45G address 10 10, Nakazawacho, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Name (407) Japan Musical Instruments Tatsumi Co., Ltd. Genichi Representative director
Kawakami source-address Tokyo Tokyo Ueno 3-chome 23-6, j.柘 \ ■ Japan Patent Office Public
Patent Publication ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-1-717 Request not filed (4
pages in all) Specification 1 Title of the Invention Speaker (1) Coaxially 2114 or more magnetic It
is characterized in that a circuit is formed, and the same number of voice coils as the magnetic
circuit are disposed in the button in the magnetic circuit, and the heat dissipation area of the
voice coil is increased without reducing the magnetic flux phase change of the magnetic circuit.
And speakers. . (2) A number of KM columnar permanent magnets are disposed between the
inner and outer magnetic yokes of different diameters having a cylindrical yoke portion forming
a pole piece portion and an annular magnetic plate of the same magnetic yoke and a different
diameter. At least two or more magnetic circuits, and the same number of voice coils as the
magnetic circuits are disposed in the magnetic circuit and a few voice coils are commonly
coupled to the diaphragm. A speaker characterized by -(3) An annular magnetic yoke of different
diameter, which constitutes the pole piece, and a pair of annular permanent magnets disposed on
the outer surface of the annular magnetic plate on the outer cost and inside * of the magnetic
yoke, at least two or more. More than one magnetic circuit is arranged in 1 lIII J series, and the
same number of voice coils as the magnetic circuit are disposed in this magnetic circuit, and a
plurality of voice coils are coupled to the diaphragm #. Speaker to do. (4) Two or more magnetic
circuits are formed coaxially, and the same number of voice coils as this magnetic circuit are
arranged in this magnetic circuit, and one of the voice coils is a single motional feedback system.
Loudspeaker special to use as a detection coil.
2, the scope of claims
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a large-sized bass speaker
structure # 4C, and more particularly to a speaker having coaxial different-diameter multi-voice
coils. In general, in a speaker that handles the frequency range, the continuous maximum
allowable input of the speaker is determined by the heat loss (heat generation) K of the voice coil,
and this EndPage: 1 means the heat conductivity of the coil material, insulator, and support
material It also depends on However, because the heat dissipation from the coil and the increase
in the magnetic flux density are structurally contradictory conditions, in the conventional
speaker, the maximum input limit is determined by the structural conditions. There is a drawback
that it will end up being round. The present invention is intended to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks, and the special purpose is to construct 2 @ or more magnetic circuits
coaxially, and in each magnetic circuit, the mutual IC1i fields are not offset each other. A magnet
is placed in the same number of voice coils as the magnetic circuit to increase the heat radiation
area of the voice coil, and the vibration of each voice coil is synthesized with the same phase, the
same torque and the same amplitude, and one acoustic radiation diaphragm ( One cone) A
speaker having coaxially different diameter multi voice coils adapted to transmit K and obtain
voice. The invention will be described in the following with respect to the implementation fllK.
FIGS. 1 and 2 show a first embodiment of the present invention, in which 1 is an outer magnetic
yoke made of a magnetic plate, 2 is an inner magnetic yoke made of a magnetic plate made of #,
and the outer magnetic yoke 1 is An annular bottom yoke 11 and a cylindrical yoke ball
vertically rising from the inner edge of the bottom yoke 11, and the inner magnetic yoke 2 has a
bottom having a same diameter as that of the bottom yoke 11 and having the same diameter as
that of the bottom yoke 11. The inner magnetic yoke 1, 2 comprises a yoke 4 and a cylindrical
yoke ρ rising vertically from the outer edge of the bottom yoke n. The reference numeral 22
constitutes a pole piece PP. Columnar permanent magnets 31a to 31b, 32 and m are disposed on
the bottom yokes 11 and 21 with the pole piece PP at the center as shown in FIG. The annular
magnetic plates 41, 42 are placed between the pole piece PP and the gap through which the
voice coil and the voice coil bobbin can be inserted, and the permanent magnets 31 & 3Rh, a2aa2m are arranged by suitable means not shown. It is fixed on the yokes 1 and 2 to form two
magnetic circuits centered on the pole piece PP. The above-described annular magnetic plate aK
has the damper support (frame) 5 of cross-section L-shaped fixed, and is fixed on the support 5
one by one. For example, two voice coil bobbins 74 & 74b, which are formed by winding the
voice coil 73 & 73b with a diaphragm voice coil bobbin joint portion 72 made of a hard
lightweight resin molded product held and fixed to one end of the holding piece 71 And the
annular magnetic plates 41 and 42. As shown in FIG.
A dustproof plate 8 made of resin is attached to the central portion of the annular magnetic plate
41 to close the through hole. FIGS. 5 and 4 show a second embodiment of the present invention,
in which 11O is an outer magnetic yoke made of a magnetic plate, and 120 is an inner quality
magnetic yoke made of a magnetic plate. The magnetic yokes 110 and 120 are annular bodies of
different diameters, and both are configured such that the inner circumferential surface 111 and
the outer circumferential surface 121 are closely coupled. Numerals 13G and 140 are annular
permanent magnets having the same diameter but different in diameter between the outer
peripheral surface 131 of the inner @ annular permanent magnet 13G and the inner peripheral
surface 1n of the inner magnetic yoke 12G and the outer peripheral surface 112 of the outer
magnetic yoke 110 Inner circumference of permanent magnet 14G! A gap for inserting the voice
coil bobbins 173a and 17ab of the embodiment shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. When the voice coil
vibrates together with the bobbin 1731.173b by the magnetic flux between these gaps, and this
vibration is transmitted to the diaphragm 70 through the coupling portion 172, the same as in
the embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 from K. Speakers can be driven. When the second real #I
is used, a magnetic path is formed by the respective annular magnets 130 and 140 via the yoke,
so a large number of circular and columnar permanent magnets 31sL to ynh, 32a-according to
the first embodiment described above are: There is an advantage that the configuration is greatly
simplified since am is not required. In addition, it is also possible to improve one of the plurality
of voice coils as an individual motor 7 · yonalfideno (when the coil for detecting the hook is used
to improve the braking characteristic. As described above, the present invention K comprises two
coaxially arranged EndPage: two or more magnetic circuits, and the same number of voice coils
as the magnetic circuits are disposed in the magnetic circuit, and these voices are arranged. Since
the coils are commonly coupled to the diaphragm, the effective heat radiation area of the voice
coil is increased, and the allowable input to the 1 m speaker can be increased b, so that each
voice coil has a small thickness. Since the magnetic circuit can be configured, the gap of the
magnetic circuit may be reduced, and the magnetic flux density may be improved to improve the
efficiency of each coil. Further, since one of the plurality of voice coils can be used for detection
of the sensational feedback, it has an effect of improving the braking characteristic of the
4. Brief description of the drawings FIGS. 1 to 4 each show an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIGS. 1 and 5 are longitudinal sectional views of a speaker, and FIGS. It is a crosssectional view of a speaker. DESCRIPTION OF NUMERALS 1.110 · · · · · · 120 · · · magnetic outer
yoke, inner magnetic yoke, 31 & 31h, 321L-82h · · · · permanent magnet cylindrical shape. 130,
140 ... annular permanent magnet, 41 + 4 + ... annular magnetic plate. 5, 150 ... Damper support,
61, 62, 161, 162 ... Damper, 7, 170 ... Diaphragm, 71, 171 ... Holding piece, 72 ° 172 ...
Diaphragm voice coil bobbin Joint part, 731L. 73b、17k、173b、、、ボイスコイ、
yb、74a、74b、174a。 174b: voice coil bobbin, 8. 180: dustproof plate. Patent
Assignee: Nippon Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Agent: Dan Rurobe 6 Dori
Yoshihiro End Page: 37 Agent other than the above, Name: (6094) 僻 旦 弘 弘 ζ 7, ζ 7,
EndPage: 4
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