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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are operation explanatory drawings, and FIG. 4 is a
sectional view showing another embodiment. 1 ииииииии Speaker body, 2
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии 5? Speaker central axis. Fig. 4 1 69-\ \ 50-4727 (2)-70 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a high-pitched instep
speaker and, in the other, relates to an M-pitched speaker with an improvement in one control
frequency characteristic. In the case of a cone type speaker, the sound wave and voice coil It! The
sound wave by the cone paper for l +% reaches the listening point with a phase difference
proportional to the interval between the two sessions, and the combined value of the two tones
becomes the sound pressure at the listening point. When the reproduced sound becomes high, in
other words, when the wavelength of the sound wave becomes short, 11), the influence of the
mutual interference of the sound waves with the above phase difference becomes strong, and the
synthetic sound wave at the listening point is distorted, frequency characteristics Has the
disadvantage that peaks and valleys occur. Conventional cone type loudspeakers for high or high
frequencies have a drawback that flat frequency characteristics can not be obtained because no
measures for preventing the above-mentioned interference have been taken. For high-pitched
speakers, small-diameter cone paper is used. However, to increase the radiation efficiency,
according to Olson's law, it is between the sound wave radiation axis of the speaker and the
inclination angle of the cone paper. It is desirable to select the angle of 2256 in the vicinity. This
device was made in view of the above-mentioned various circumstances, and the J41 angle of
cone paper is set at around 22 ░ y, and the depth of cone paper from the junction of cone paper
and voice coil bobbin toward the front of the speaker The hard hemisphere of approximately the
same radius is projected, and this cone paper and the hemisphere are vibrated together as one
piece. (2) The distortion by the sound wave of the elder is avoided or the distortion is reduced by
making the sound of the girder, by making the sound by the cone and the hemisphere of the part
near the chair coil much larger than the sound king It is an object of the present invention to
provide a flat speaker with a flat product name. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described in conjunction with nine sides in the above. In 11 ffi, 1 is a high-aperture speaker main
body with a small aperture, and 2 is cone paper. The large diameter end of cone M2, ie the front
of the speaker! The end 2a is flexibly and resiliently supported by the wavy edge 3 and the frame
4. The small diameter lll end of the cone paper 2 and the striking voice coil 5 side holding
portion 2b are resiliently supported by the damper 6 by the yoke and removed by one character.
The tilt angle ? of the cone paper z% sQ 2 relative to the sound wave axis 1 of the touch speaker
l follows the Olson's law in order to maximize the radiation power 4 и. s'r this is the rule. The
voice coil 5 is wound around a voice coil bobbin 13] 5a joined to the cone paper 2 in the manner
of a conventional known speaker and P ', and is located in the gap 8 between the magnetic 9 and
the yaw 7 There is.
Then, the audio current flowing through the voice coil 5 causes the voice coil 5 to vibrate in
cooperation with the magnetic pole 9 to vibrate the cone 2 to generate an audio sound wave. 10
is an interference prevention method consisting of a thin, hollow, hemispheric interference
prevention method using a hard material, so that the spherical surface of the interference
prevention method 10 faces the front direction of the speaker, and the peripheral portion of the
seven spheres is a voice coil bobbin 5a and It is bonded to the joint portion 2 b of the cone paper
2. The radius of the interference prevention method io (the depth ah of one paper sheet 2 is set
equal to the depth ah of the cone paper 2 and therefore the spherical top of the interference It is
supposed to be located in the vicinity. The interference prevention method io is light and has a
high Young's modulus, and << to the resonance. The internal loss loss quotient aluminum,
titanium, duralumin, plastic etc. 0 The function of the speaker configured as described above will
be explained (4) Do. Now, the sound pressure of the sound that is picked up at an appropriate
position on the front of the speaker is considered to be the synthesis of the sound pressure by
the cone paper 2 of the speaker and the interference prevention method. Therefore, the sound
pressure generated by the area of the speaker of the interference prevention method 10 cone
paper 2 and the sound pressure generated by the area of the voice coil weir B and B 'will be
compared. In the front 1111 part A, A 'and the voice coil 411 part R, B' in the sound pressure
radiation axis direction, same-width l spherical bands SA, SA ', SB. Considering SB /, the width / A
of the ball band by the front part A, A 'apparently seen from the front of the speaker is much
larger than the width IB of the ball band by the portion of the voice coil (jl JIB. So yP: l? As shown
in l, the apparent spherical band area SA + SA ? seen from the front of the front 1111i 1 minute
A and A ? is much larger than the apparent spherical band area SB + SB ? on the voice coil side
portions B and B ?. Sound pressure ? ? ? voice coil 11111 part B by I ? ? l? i ?ll E min A,
A ? ago. Sound pressure due to 13 // much more than B. (5) Therefore, at an appropriate
listening point on the front side of the speaker, the sound due to the sound pressure ? A + ? A
'is mainly heard and the sound due to the sound pressure ? 8 + ? 8' can be ignored. Even if
there is a phase difference between the sound wave from the B 'part, the shadowing of the sound
pressure VB, VB' on the voice coil side appears, and distortion or valley of frequency noise is
prevented at the listening point . FIG. 4 shows another embodiment 1 of the present invention. In
the hollow inside of the interference prevention ball 9, the sound absorbing material 11 is filled
in the one-pole insertion ? of the magnetic pole surface 9.
The sound absorbing material ii absorbs the sound wave emitted from the interference
prevention method lO toward the magnetic surface, prevents the generation of the reflected wave
on the s-pole surface, and causes the sound wave in front of the spill force to be adversely
affected. To prevent As mentioned above, this invention is a speaker for high-pitched sound,
chooses the N angle of cone of 22.5 ░ L of cone paper to increase radiation efficiency, and it is
possible to move the interference prevention method consisting of hard hemisphere integrally
with cone paper And by projecting from the voice coil side so that the top of the hemisphere is at
the same height as the peripheral support of the cone, sound waves (mainly from near the front
of the speaker at 61 listening points are effectively Since it was designed, it was possible to
prevent unnecessary interference caused by the phase difference of the sound waves due to the
difference in position of the cone paper with a simple device, and the frequency characteristics
were excellent, distortion was low and directivity characteristics were good. You can also provide
excellent high-pitched speakers. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. The third flash is an operation explanatory view, and the fourth weir is a
cross section showing another embodiment. 1-Speaker body, 2 и cone paper, 3 edges, 4 frames, 5
и и и voice coil = 10 и и и interference anti-oil stop ball, ? и sound wave 4. <To the elbow ? ? ?
Speaker central axis. ? ? ? ? Eu ? ? ? ? 111 ? 2 others (7) ttli3 II203 ^ ?:, / / 8 ? и /-/
Figure 4
11 bit 7 A "Pitwo Si2 second ga? ??????????? ?, ',-', 1 :: 1: 11: 1 :: JB ?
No. 311. , J, No, 1)-?-и и и и i-5, list of I '+' F class (11 specifications 1 (2) drawing 1 (3) power of
attorney 1 (4) request, i: 1 duplicate (5) (p) button t i taste-JL 1 Main 6, inventions other than the
above and each agent (11 ? (2) agent ? 541 address Osaka Prefecture Osaka Osaka City
Higashi-ku Honcho 2-10 Hommachi Hill Telephone Osaka (06) 262-5521 Name Patent Attorney
(6240) Yasumura Takaaki Address same name full name patent attorney (7629) Miyai Toshio
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