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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a loudspeaker showing an
embodiment of the present invention. 1 иииииииии Outer magnetic yoke, 2 иииииии Inner magnetic yoke,
3.4 ииииииии Annular permanent magnet, 5 ииииии Magnetic plate, ? plate, {Chair coil , 11 ...... Royce coil
bobbin, 12 ...... amplification i, 13 ...... filter, PP ...... pole piece. One 79-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a speaker device tcab,
more specifically to the speaker device 1 capable of increasing the number of 411 U-waves. This
draft has a multi-voice coil 1)-a speaker with a certain frequency at a certain frequency using an
amplifier and a low difference sheet filter (or high kI excess filter)! To provide I will elaborate on
this idea. The figure shows one embodiment of the speaker device of the present invention. (1
inner book, so 1 optional magnetic plate to clean from the magnetic plate, 12 outside the inner 1
mm Tara yoke consisting of a magnetic plate of 411 F @ yoke 1 and m1 side, outer and outer
sleeves 1 # Y Yoke t, 2 HPI core Both are constructed so that the inner peripheral surface 1a and
the outer surface w1 surface 2a are closely coupled. ????????????? Of the 1Ill
annular permanent magnet 3 and the inner circumferential surface 2b of the inner yoke 1
magnetic yoke 2 and the outer layer 1b of the outer magnetic yoke 1 and the plate side A voice
coil port 11 [bi y 11 (tea, ttb) entering the air flight which will be described later between the
inner surface 4a of the crock stone 4 and the later is * Flf. In the magnetic circuit of this speaker,
the inner and outer 'p1 magnetic yokes 1 and 2 and the so-called 1llfR permanent permanent
stone 3 ░ 4 described above are made of a magnetic phase. 1 ? ? The two magnetic circuits
are configured by interrogation 1. With this speaker mount, a frame 6 with a cross section L99 is
fixed to the #f magnet 3F of the 3il permanent magnet 4 with the contact 17 at the end of the
contact 17 and the damper 7a fixed to the frame 6 , 7b of the holding plate 8 of the sliding plate
8 in 2 colors, 2 ? ? Pl-, with a sweep of the piece 8a of Fu and a hard eaves amount # WF tvoice consisting of part calculation A voice coil toa, tab at the joint portion 9 between the coil 10
and f1 ? 8 $ 11ilL Six voice coil voice coil bobbins 11a1) A pole piece PP which is lll-ed by inner
and outer 1p furnace yokes 1 and 2 ? Each time it falls in the airspace between stone 3.4, it is lR
dead. The speaker device with this is an example of such a two-piece magnet of l111! 1.
Configure the way [1. Set up the same number of voice coils as this magnetic field M path in the
upper f-magnetic (5) g), and connect them in reverse to the voice coil bobbin like diaphragm. The
output of each school is combined with its voice coil tOa as shown in the figure in the multi-voice
coil speaker, and the #V voice coil tob company low th #-luck filter (also high frequency
coverage) 1, iruta ) 1 pre-feeding bowl through 13!
It is convicted by # 'joining the coat addition circuit to couple to the 2's input. one#! ! The
negative W-wave signal applied to the input end of the f-relay is appropriately represented by a
bell 12 and amplified at a bell size to be a boy 21 +5. Spoil 1 Qal'r addition Pois coil bobbin tta, #
1 go w9. The push i # 8 is driven through the companion piece 8a to produce a sound
corresponding to the input folding of the voice coil 113 &. On the other hand, at this time, with
the vibration of the upper F # part 9, the voice coil Pobin ub4uM is shaken, this K. A voltage
corresponding to the number 1 is generated from the voice coil tab. The low-pass filter 13 of the
compensation coil from this voice coil bobbin tob passes through the low-pass filter 13 and
returns to the input 12 of the gain -12, and the additional amount 1 <9 The gain is reduced by 1)
and added to the voice coil tea of the speaker again, so that only the low-frequency component is
output in an enhanced manner. Therefore, in place of the filter 1 filter area 13-filter, to
supplement only the band health to be enhanced. If it is known, that one wave 11; As mentioned
at the end of the season, in the speaker with multi-gease coil, this device is combined with the
output of ts ?, g of output ? A) fr <and one voice coil, and corresponds to the other part of the
voice coil. Voiceco 2 (4). Is it generated from Since + is made to return the input r of the furnace r
amplification through the low-cut through red filter (11 m high filter), only the ? fII number
band can be removed by the condition of the filter It is possible to get the effect because it is
enhanced and output. Simply by changing the filter described above and K, the effect is that wall
tension of a specific frequency is possible with ? simple circuit networks.
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