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(2,000 yen) 1. −。 1. -° 8, Patent Application Office President "Hajime Miyake Yukio 1, title
of the invention 3, patent applicant Tokyo 1-chome, Nihonbashi Horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-8(110) Toba Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (6671) Japan Patent Office Open Patent Gazette Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-9416 [Phase] Japanese Patent Application Publication No.
1.22 examination request unclaimed (all three pages) specification 1, the title of the invention,
the title of the invention acoustic transducer 2.411 claims scope The diaphragm of the condenser
type acoustic transducer and the polymer piezoelectric tripolar film An acoustic transducer that
is used and configured to increase the bias voltage as the diaphragm approaches the fixed
2, inventor
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a novel capacitorphonetic-sound transducer that uses a polymeric piezoelectric film as a vibrating film. In the
conventional p capacitor type acoustic transducer, a bias voltage is applied between the vibrating
membrane and the fixed electrode, and a change in capacitance of the capacitor 2 due to the
displacement of the electrode attached to the vibrating membrane is converted to a current. To
change the alternating current voltage to the displacement of the diaphragm. In these acoustic
transducers, since the bias voltage is constant during operation, only the change in capacitor
capacity due to the displacement of the vibrating electrode is used. The present invention uses a
polymer piezoelectric mono-film as a vibrating membrane of a capacitor, and the quantity of
electricity by changing the bias voltage by using the change in film surface potential caused by
the vibration of the film. It is an acoustic transducer with high sensitivity that can be added by
the change of the capacitance and the capacitance change of the condenser due to the
displacement of the vibrating electrode. This will be described below with reference to the
drawings. FIG. 1 shows an example of a micro 7 phone according to the present invention, in
which (1) is, for example, a polyfluorinated 1 ° vinylidene difluoride film which is polarized to
give piezoelectricity, and one side thereof is made of eg gold, silver, aluminum etc. A conductive
film is deposited to constitute the vibrating electrode (2). The surface of the film (1) to which the
electrode is not attached faces the fixed electrode (3), and the electrodes (2) and (3) are
connected to the bias power supply (4) to form a pair of capacitors. The voice exchange is taken
out from the terminals S5 and S5 '. (6) Expansion condenser, (7) is earth. In this case, when the
piezoelectric film of (1) is stretched, the polarity of the potential generated on the surface of the
fixed electrode side when the piezoelectric film is stretched agrees with the polarity of the
surface of the fixed electrode opposite to that of the fixed electrode. In Fig. 2, when a flat film like
a is displaced by vibration as 1 ', the piezoelectric force of the extension accompanied by the
displacement causes the bottom of the film to be positive and the soil to be negative. For
example, the vibration electrode is also connected so as to be an anode. The bias applied to the
capacitor is V + ΔV, where ΔV is the voltage generated by the bias power supply voltage V1. In
Fig. 3, the diaphragm of the microphone in the normal condition 0) is displaced as shown in (b),
and the capacitance of the capacitor made up of the vibrating electrode and the fixed electrode is
changed from 01 to Q and I. Assuming that the bias potential V changes to V + ΔV, voltages vO
and 7o / before and after the output terminal are as follows.
4 ° Oo + O + where Co is the capacitance of the capacitor, which is clamped between the
terminals. In the conventional condenser microphone, although the change of the via-semi
position is Δv-0, the sensitivity of the capacitor of the present invention is increased because the
bias potential is increased by ΔV by the displacement of the vibrating membrane. In the above
description, although the bias voltage is added from another power supply, another DC power
supply is not necessarily required if a fixed electrode is a reflector. Although the microphone has
been described above, in the case of the speaker as well, the piezoelectricity at the time of
extension of the vibrating membrane which occurs along with the proximity of the vibrating
electrode becomes an attractive force between the electric + il pole which further increases the
amplitude. Piezoelectricity at the time of contraction works as a traction force and improves the
efficiency of the speaker.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a principle view of an acoustic transducer
according to the present invention, wherein 1 is a high-ratio piezoelectric film, 2 is a vibrating
electrode, 3 is a fixed electrode 4 is a bias power supply, 6.6.5 '. Is a terminal. FIG. 2 is an
explanatory view of a relationship between a bias potential and a piezoelectric potential of the
acoustic transducer of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of changes of a
capacitor capacity and a bias voltage before and after vibration of the acoustic transducer of the
present invention. 1 or more $ T-Leaf λ Bridge J ((2 (11) EndPage: 25, list of attached
documents (1) 1 description (2) drawing 1 (3) request duplicate 1 copy 6, other than the above
Procedure correction May 20, 1955 Patent Office Secretary Hideo Saito 1, display of the case
1974 patent application No. 56272 2, name of the invention 2, name of the invention person
with correction of the sound converter 3 case Related applicant 4, agent zip code 103 Tokyo
Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi-Horidomecho 1-chome, Minato-ha Chemical industry Co., Ltd. Internal
telephone 662-9611 (large representative) H 2 line Shin-(6671) patent attorney Shiori Osamu 5,
correction order Date of I am correct to "consisting" that there is a voluntary summary book (the
11th page 3 line 10 "composed" is "composed". (The 21st page, line 10, "More tremor" is
corrected as "more tremor". (3) The same page, line 17 "6.6. "6 terminals are terminal" and "6
terminals puden, sir, 5. Da corrects as ",". EndPage or more: 3
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